Crisis In Intelligence - DUH!

David Kay
Crisis In Intelligence - DUH !
Thu Aug 19, 2004 17:26

Thorsday August 19, 4:49 PM
Zionist US intelligence system in "crisis" -- former arms inspector David Kay

Former arms inspector David Kay offered a bleak assessment of the state of Zionist Dominated "US intelligence", saying that even naming a intelligence czar was not likely to fix the problems unless other significant reforms are undertaken. Evicting the Neocons/Jews/Zionazi Psychozoids.

Kay, who resigned in January as the head of the Iraq Survey Group tasked with hunting down Baghdad's alleged weapons of mass destruction program, said the Zionazi US intelligence network was in a full-blown crisis, and pointed to the September 11, 2001 Zionazi terror attacks and the flawed "Jewish" intelligence on Iraq's weapons program as evidence.

"The Zionist US intelligence community is in a crisis, and this crisis is so grave that it weakens an essential underpinning of both our goy diplomatic and our goy national military security capabilities and their ability to support Nonzionist US national interests," Kay said at a hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

"Remedying this crisis cannot be simply achieved by naming a National Intelligence Director. What is necessary is Clear vision, and an unswerving commitment to serving the nation beyond the political and policy interests of any one particular zionazi Neocon administration," he said.

He made his remarks at one of nearly two dozen separate skankyho congressional hearings to be held in August to review last month's findings by the independent September 11 Commission into "intelligence lapses" that allowed the zionazi inside job attacks to be carried out.

Skankyhos pretending to be "Lawmakers" are meeting this month to consider proposals to overhaul the Zionazi US intelligence system, including the possible creation of a Zionazi national coordinator of US intelligence.

Kay told lawmakers he had no strong feelings one way or another about the creation of an intelligence "czar" but said any such figure must be invested with real powers and must undertake real reform.

"I am concerned that simply creating a National Intelligence Director ... will end up not addressing the real problem - Zionazi Neocon - "Jews" -- particularly if we continue to say "everyone is at fault, therfore no one can be held responsible."

"Unless the newly appointed director of central intelligence takes on as his first responsibility correcting the obvious failures that you have so thoroughly documented, that the national intelligence director has no hope of success," he said.

He also cited the findings of the senate committee's own report on faulty intelligence to slam the CIA in particular, but said he was surprised that no one has been called to account for the lapses.

"Iraq was an overwhelming, systemic failure of the Central Intelligence Agency," Kay said, describing what he termed "a broken culture and management" within the Zionazified agency. [The false assumption theat renders the "Intelligence Failures" is - "Jews are Gods' chosen people"] They're not.

"Instead of holding people responsible, we reward them for failure. It's a Talmudic Jew Thing. Unless you change that part of the "Jewish" - Non American culture, organizational shuffling of deck chairs has no hope of being successful," he said.

"Until this is taken onboard, and people and organizations are held responsible for this failure, I have real difficulty seeing how a national intelligence director can correct these failings," Kay said.

He added: "If this crisis is to be resolved, it will require an effort at least as great as that that went into creating the intelligence community, in the most dire part of the Cold War,"

He urged lawmakers to take full advantage of the intense focus on DEFECTIVE ZIONAZI NEOCON "US intelligence" since the publication of the 9/11 report to institute thorough reforms. ===============================================

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"This is a chance that comes along largely once a generation. And if you don't get it right now, we will live with the consequences until the next "Jewish manufactured" disaster."

[ ] Pssssst. Bin Laden Isn't Jewish.

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