Bob Scheidt
"We the People ... with Socialist Security Numbers"
Fri Aug 20, 2004 07:02

Having a Social Security Account Number is a choice that every individual makes for hisor herself. This one choice causes one to be "subject to" or "liable for" the tax we call the "INCOME TAX" ...

The person holding the SSN is the "BENEFICIARY" as well as the "CON-tributor". The Socialist Security Administration is the "BENEFACTOR" ... So what would Jesus say about this ?

"The kings of the gentiles exercise "lordship" over them; and they that exercise "authority" upon them are called "BENEFACTORS". But "YE" shall NOT be so."

Jesus was simply addressing "contract" law. If you take benefits (or apply for future benefits) from the government you become subject to the law of reciprocity, or there ain't no free lunch !

The term contribution or contributor implies a voluntary condition. So, it's up to you.

I know lots of people that say it's impossible to live without a SSN, and do "business" or operate their life. I agree it's difficult, not impossible. However, when you want to dance with the devil you have to pay the piper.

I would venture to guess that 90% of the "We the People" participants are card carrying Socialists ... and that means they are subject to or liable for the tax that we "call" the income tax even though that (income) tax is not imposed upon their income. The tax is imposed based upon the activity conducted by the entity/person, and the income or wage amount is merely used to measure how much "tax" is owed.

In the Roman Empire the slaves were numbered and the number was hung about their neck so that they could be identified, here the slave number is now issued at birth and may soon be implanted for identification purposes. We live in a time of Orwellian "new speak" ie., "freedom is slavery" "war is peace" "SECURITY IS TERROR" ...

This is the hard part to stomach, but it is true. As soon as you are issued a Socialist Slave Number, you become property of the government, a (small subsidiary) corporate entity, and your "BIRTH CERTIFICATE" is recorded at the "DEPARTMENT OF "COMMERCE" in Washington D.C. [District of Christ-killers] ... and YOU ARE NOW, GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, better known as G.I. (Government Issue).

From the moment you are tatooed with that Socialist Slave Number you belong to the government. When you get a job you are basically being rented to the "employer" by the government because you are theirs and you "OWE" the rental fee (TAX).

I agree with the "We The People" foundation that there is an inordinate amount of fraud connected to the implementation and use of the Socialist Security System, that's why I got out.

However, there are many ways that we are sucked into their system of fraud. Licensing, use of the currency system (Fed. Reserve), or any situation wherein we receive a benefit or potential benefit from the Corporate Authorities that have replaced our Republican Form of Government through the many "REORGANIZATIONS" or "BANKRUPTCIES" that have occurred over time, beginning in 1932. (And may have begun in the 1860's under Lincoln.)

We Americans are contractually illiterate, always looking for the easy way out, and continually signing things we don't read ... then we get upset with the system when we have only ourselves to blame.

Again, I applaud the "We the People" Foundation for their tireless efforts to expose the "Income Tax" fraud for what it is. The problem is that when we join it, it's like buying a condominium, wherein upon purchasing the condo you become obligated to the "rules" of the complex and you become a part of the "association" by contract and therefore subject to the "policies" and rules.

"We the People" of America need to re-establish the Republican Form of Government that was the original intent. We need a massive coalition of the informed to suck it up, and disassociate from the corrupt system that was implemented under bankruptcy, and remove the "receivership" that has ruled over us for many years now.

It may not be easy at first, but when all of us determine to do it, it will become easier. The only reason the government agencies today are able to abuse everyone is because most people have contractually agreed to the abuse through SS, whether they know it or not.

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