Coming elections to be "monitored"

Coming elections to be "monitored"
Thu Aug 19, 2004 19:13

This is on the website. I've looked for more news sites to pick it up but as yet, not a whimper! If this is nothing more than a "net rumor" I apologize for posting it, but if it is TRUE, then every "red blooded American" must be made AWARE!!! The Dem's started this action, & now the Gop is OK with it?!?! Where is Paul Reveere? If this international body does come in & then declares our elections a "FRAUD", (whether for Dem or Gop)all turmoil will break out!!! IF this follows through, & if there is another "terrorist attack", then "MARTIAL LAW" is hurdling down the pathway!!
ALL PATRIOTS NEED TO HAVE "" BEGUN NETWORKING!!! All are to be advised that if you are not aware of the government programs named "CARNIVORE" & "ESCHELON" then all phone, CB,Fax,Cell phone, WI-FI,payphone, & internet transmissions are & have been MONITORED FOR MORE THAN FOUR YEARS!!!
What has fallen upon America, growing like a slow cancer, would make Hitler/Stalin & Mao weep for joy & it CERTAINLY IS MAKING SATAN HAPPY! What Horror is coming America's way has no precedence!!! The Holocaust would be a picnic compared to what is coming to America!
Find below the post regarding the elections.

State Department Caves In To One World Order Crowd; Takes Step Toward U.N.-Approved Elections

The sovereignty of the United States could be placed in the hands of an international body of 55 nations should irregularities arise in the November presidential election. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was invited to monitor the election by the Bush Administration's State Department --not to see how it is done correctly, but rather to identify problems and determine conflict resolution. Imagine having countries like Russia, France, and Spain determining the outcome of an American election.

Certainly, this is a move by the Bush Administration that falls into the "What's With This?" category. The "what" originated July 2nd when 13 Democrat Congressmen sent a letter to United Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan requesting election monitors in November. They said in the letter, "We are deeply concerned that the right of U.S. citizens to vote in free and fair elections is again in jeopardy." This attempt to yield United States sovereignty was wisely rejected by the U.N., which said any request for election assistance would need to come from the executive branch of the government.

The U.S. State Department appeased the one-world order crowd by making the request to the OSCE. California Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee applauded the action, saying, "I am pleased that the State Department responded by acting on this need for international monitors. We sincerely hope that the presence of the monitors will make certain that every person's voice is heard, every person's vote is counted."

Insider's Take: France, Germany, Russia and the former Russian so-called republics wouldn't know a fair election if it bit them in their socialist manifestos. People are always looking for a so-called higher authority of men to legitimize their actions. The Bush State Department is setting a very dangerous precedent by inviting other nations to judge whether U.S. elections are fairly conducted. Worse yet, the leftists are relieved that socialists, rather than the U.S. citizens as governed by the Constitution, can better choose America's president in the event of irregularities. Whether it is the Bush Administration or the Democrat Party, the human secular rejection of God as the basis of law and as the governing hand of the people results in bondage and judgment. Galatians 5:1 says, "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." We simply must stand in the liberty of Christ, and by doing so, keep our nation free and strong—something it could never be if it were governed by Western European socialists.

I tell you now I believe in The Lord Jesus Christ & accept Him as Lord & Savior!! I also state here that The Lord Jesus Christ was born in the flesh of the Virgin Mary! I also state that I am preparing for the WORST BATTLE EVER TO FALL ON AMERICA!Prophecy states that America is not in the final "power spheres such as "the king of the North", "King of the South", "Kings of the East" etc.!!!!
Prophecy also states that "Isreal" will be enslaved & from there will make it's way back to Isreal!!
I do not know if I will be alive to see that happen. I will pray that God Almighty will forgive me of my sins & hope for the best, BUT, in the meantime, there will be a MANY ANTI-AMERICAN SON OF A BITCH THAT WILL RECIEVE ONE HEAD SHOT AFTER ANOTHER!!!What the American military & American Militia has taught me will be FULLY EMPLOYED!!!

This board needs to regroup, be aware of the "Big Brother" monitoring & FOCUS ON WHAT IS IN FRONT OF US & WORRY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO US AFTER THE DUST SETTLES!!!!!

Keep The Spirit of 1776!
Jesus Christ is Lord & Savior!
You've gotta stand for something or You'll fall for anything!
Keep Your Powder Dry & Your Eyes on The Sky!

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