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Re: political prisoners in the United States:
Mon Aug 13, 2007 13:43

Re: political prisoners in the United States:

Steal This Radio #15

Mitchel Cohen interviews Ashanti Alston, former political prisoner
and member of the Black Panther Party, and currently co-chair of the
Jericho movement to free political prisoners in the United States:

Ashanti -- one of the few self-described anarchists among the Black
Liberation Movement -- takes us behind the scenes of a number of
activities in which he personally participated. Along the way, he
broadens the values of the movement to include animal rights, healthy
foods, and a deepened commitment to work with young people to support
their work today as well as to connect them to older generations of
radical activists.

Ashanti doesn't pull his punches, whether against the State or
concerning the misleadership of segments of the Movement, which makes
his views compelling listening.

You can email Ashanti directly (speaking engagements, interviews,
etc.) at .

This is Part One of a two-part in-studio interview.

This show will air on Tuesday, August 14 at 6 pm on,
and will be archived thereafter at where you
can also listen to all the other editions.

Mitchel Cohen


Abbie's typically smart quotes: "Democracy is not something you believe in or hang your hat on, but something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles and falls. If you participate, the future is yours."
"Something you do. You participate."

Abbie Hoffman
Noted American radical and one of the infamous "Chicago Seven."
His work confirmed for the subject the possibilities of employing improvisational techniques in the creation of "Happenings" with non-actors.

Abbie Hoffman

Videos of plane crashes at WTC on 911. Some VERY RARE!!

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