Forclosures, how to stop them.
Mon Aug 13, 2007 20:14

Anyone who is facing forclosure should be aware of a legal strategy used in Jerome Daly v.First National Bank of Montgomery, Minn. In this case, Jerome Daly researched the true nature of the Federal Reserve System and concluded that he was a victim of fraud. In deciding not to make further payments on his mortgage of course the bank tried to forclose. He then tacked a notice of LIS PENDENS to his front door to notify any prospective buyers that there was a suit pending against the bank for fraud on the grounds that the mortgage was a fraudulent contract due to the fact that no money was ever loaned by the bank. Federal Reserve Notes are Fiat Currency as noted by Justice Martin V Mahoney,Credit River Township 7-9. 1968. The Jury sided with Jerome Daly and he kept possesion of the property.

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