Bush Wants Brain Chips For Citizens
Wed Aug 15, 2007 22:56

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William Powell 14 Aug 2007 at 9:35 pm
Another very well written article, the picture fit perfectly. Heathen, communist, radical, extremist, or terrorist, it’s all the same tricknology used to justify the vanquishing of any opposition to the status quo. I’m glad there is someone who is willing to write about the historic vilification of those who seek justice. Thanks!

# Shayne Nelson 15 Aug 2007 at 1:20 am
How can you refer to the ‘coming police state’? Any country with 180,000 people in its Homeland Security Ministry, with effective abolition of the right of free speech, and which has already legalized unlimited invasion of privacy and has abolished ‘habeas corpus’ is already there.

# Michael Welsh 15 Aug 2007 at 1:33 pm
Not only are they into brainwashing, they want to turn us into virtual slaves, with their technology.

Bush Wants Brain Chips For Citizens

Warrantless Searches And Orwellian Double Speak

The Bush administration tells us the main reason for warrantless wiretapping and searches is, warrantless searches and spying are necessary in order to keep us safe from the terrorist. They imply if we don’t have anything to hide it should not matter if they conduct warrantless searches and that no mater what political party happens to be in power, now or in the future, that this newly granted authority will not be misused. This same line of thinking is parroted mainly by the conservative, bootlicking pundits, bloggers and by what has become known as the graduates of the Joseph Goebbels School of Broadcasting and Propaganda on talk radio.

The intelligence communities involvement in warrantless searches by intercepting and monitoring generated signals (energy) such as email, faxes, etc., has a long history that is steeped in ongoing fraud and conspiracy.

Back in 1981 I was involved in a secret government black budget program to intercept and monitor (without a warrant) people’s thoughts. Basically what they were doing was they were intercepting and monitoring the signal (energy) that is generated by the brain, when a person has thoughts. That was documented to some degree through ABC News 20/20, when they stumbled onto their black budget project.

When Geraldo Rivera was at ABC News 20/20 back in the 70’s he interviewed some people that went to a land development in northwest Arkansas, called Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District (Holiday Island was at one time or another connected with, McCulloch Properties, Pratt Properties, Pratt Holding Company, MCO Properties, MCO Resorts, MCO Holdings, and others, see section below titled MCO Properties and Charles Hurwitz).

The people Geraldo interviewed on 20/20 claimed they signed some papers at Holiday Island that they had not read, lost everything they had including homes if they owned homes, cars, businesses, they even lost their identity, as they had no records in government databases, such as drivers licenses, birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc., after having signed papers at Holiday Island, and they also claimed they never got their day in court, and all they were left with was their Bibles. The people that were being interviewed also claimed they could work but didn’t get to keep their pay if they were paid by check, and that people from Holiday Island kept doing things to them that made them paranoid. Bagabonds without a home is what I think Geraldo referred to the Holiday Island victims as, Geraldo tried to confront someone that was connected with Holiday Island, about all this. Their comment was, no comment.

Wireless Surveillance
Microchipped Guinea Pigs

At one time Holiday Island had a fair amount of people touring their property, from all over the country. One would naturally assume that the people Geraldo was interviewing on 20/20, that claimed the people from Holiday Island “kept doing things to them that made them paranoid”, came from various parts of the country. That means that whoever it was, doing things to these people, as they claimed, had a large network of people working with them or for them.

In 1981 they were still presenting documents at Holiday Island for those people that they singled out, that was written in a secret code or foreign language, (note the people Geraldo interviewed claimed they signed papers at Holiday Island that they had not read) and they told people, something along the lines that implied it was to verify who you are. No one said, if you sign this your giving up your rights, freedoms, liberties, access to the courts, property, privacy, volunteering into a black-op experiment to monitor your thoughts, and you agree to keep this secret, etc., etc.

People would naturally be very suspicious and think it very odd to say the least, if they were signing papers written in English, to buy property, and then someone came up with a paper for them to sign that was written in some sort of secret code or foreign language, that they could not make out by reading it. There would be very few people that would ever sign such a paper, under those circumstances, of their own free will and accord and no reasonable person would expect, under normal conditions, that anyone presented with such a paper or document would sign it.

At one time Holiday Island would give you $50.00 and a night’s lodging in a motel if you agreed to take a tour of their property. What I recall was, the paid for motel office was not opened for the most part, as if they didn’t want any other guests or business. The motel didn’t appear to have anyone else staying there or very few people if any, even though it was in the middle of tourist season. The motel was located in the tourist town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

They isolated their patsy that they singled out for a reason. More than likely, so they could implant them with a microchip. Then they continued their fraud and conspiracy to cover that up, in case they were ever exposed, by hypnotizing their victim, so they would sign a paper the next day at Holiday Island, that was written in a foreign language or some sort of secret code that I referred to above, and was substantiated through ABC’s 20/20, on the show in question, when the people they interviewed stated that “they had signed papers at Holiday Island that they had not read”.

You might find it interesting to know that shortly after having visited Holiday Island in 1981, I noticed a mark that looks like a scar, that was caused by a fairly deep cut, on my right hand, below my little finger. But I never cut myself there.

Adventures With The Spooks

My experience and adventure in dealing with Holiday Island and those connected with it, are somewhat different, than the people that were interviewed by ABC News 20/20, regarding that land development in Arkansas, in part for the following reasons. When I went to Holiday Island in 1981 I had forgotten that I saw the ABC News show about Holiday Island. Driving back to Kansas from Holiday Island I remembered that Holiday Island was documented by ABC News 20/20. Once they realized that I knew that, they more than likely were somewhat spooked.

Shortly after having visited Holiday Island I found a note in my apartment saying something along the line that the objective was to create paranoia and it was signed CEPO. Rather that was the actual name of the program or operation they were using, or rather CEPO was being used as a cover in case they were ever exposed, I don’t know.

It was several years later while looking things up on the internet I came across someone with a private business, that claimed in his qualifications that he had at one time worked as a contractor in a CIA program called CEPO and that program had to do with detecting rather or not a person was telling the truth. Regardless of that, I thought they were monitoring my thoughts, from almost the very beginning, from the way they were acting and what they were doing, It wasn’t that hard to figure out they were trying to screw with my mind by what they were doing and the means they had to do it with.

If you think about what I just said, it fits in with what the people Geraldo interviewed said, when they claimed that “the people from Holiday Island kept doing things to them that made them paranoid”. That’s makes sense, because if someone knew your every thought and knew your every move because they were intercepting and monitoring your thoughts and decided to use psychology on you, it would naturally make you paranoid as they played with your mind, played on your fears, etc., as they tried to control and manipulate you.

As far as the vanishing documents that disappeared out of the government databases, the only way I have ever heard of (from experts) to get to get records (such as birth certificates, etc,.) out of government databases, like the Holiday Island victims claimed on ABC News 20/20, is to expatriate (to leave one’s own country, banish, exile, to withdraw (oneself) from residence in or allegiance to one’s native country, also : to renounce allegiance to one’s native country) from America.

The people that would have benefited the most and had the means to make the Holiday Island victims files vanish out of the governments databases, would have been the CIA. If they were ever exposed, they could then claim that the people they were intercepting while monitoring their thoughts without a warrant, were not really American citizens and they had a document that was signed by the alleged victims to prove it, and therefore, they were not violating constitutional protected rights of American citizens. Being the CIA has never been required to reveal their methods, they would not have to explain how they obtained the document from the alleged victims.

The number one suspect behind this illegal, unethical, secret operation that I write about and that was substantiated through ABC News 20/20 when they stumbled onto them, would be the CIA and their network.

From known facts, the most reasonable, logical explanation for what happened to Holiday Island victims was, the CIA was using American citizens to test their thought monitoring technology on, in an experiment or program. They were using the land development to work out of and were using the land sale transaction as a cover for their operation.

The New World Order Network

Whatever Holiday Island was at the time, or the companies that owned or controlled it, they were not afraid of the Arkansas government or the Federal Government coming after them, even after having been investigated by the Federal government and after having been exposed on national television by ABC News 20/20 when they stumbled on to them and documented Holiday Island back in the 70’s. That should tell you something.

It should be obvious by now, that the CIA and their network were not afraid of the oversight committees (a dog and pony show for the American people) that was set up in the 70’s to watch over the intelligence community around the same time this black budget program appears to have first come online.

So you have the CIA with its documented sordid past of being involved in, overthrowing governments, assassinations, drug running, spying on Americans, conducting human experimentation, corroborating with Nazi war criminals, working with mobsters, money laundering, and here recently being involved in the medieval practice of torture, sneaking around in society for 30 or so years, while having technology to monitor people’s thoughts, building up a network, while hiding behind a cloak of secrecy,

They used their thought monitoring technology to build up their network, by screwing with people’s minds and terrorizing them in order to manipulate them to do their bidding. Blackmailing others they found useful to further their cause, along with a segment of evil like minded defects they chose to let in their plot.

These people prey on society like a dangerous spreading cancer. Although their network that I and others talk about and warn you about seems to be made up of a wide cross section of the population, some of the most useful individuals that make up their network, that they use to mold society to their liking, are judges, politicians, civil servants, military officers, a segment of the intelligence community, and of course the press.

Later on in order to legitimize their covert operation and bring online their technologies for the surveillance society, they (the secret network within the Government and their comrades) staged and/or let 9/11 happen. Then they passed dangerous, draconian legislation trampling the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the rule of law and started a Global Never Ending War on Terror, that in truth, in fact, in reality, rests and is based on a foundation of lies and fraud.

These people are best described as double traitors. Not only are they traitors to their own country, they are also traitors to the human race that they seek to control, enslave, and exterminate.

Common sense should tell you that they never would have tried to pull off the made for tv attack on September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center had they not of had an embedded network in place to make sure the event happened, the personnel in place to suppress and cover up what really happened, and the means to put out prolonged propaganda in the form of spin and disinformation in order to keep the public distracted, misinformed, dumbed down, confused and terrorized by their continual fear mongering.

Considering the fact that the illegal Iran Contra affair, (known as the secret government within the government) was trading guns for drugs and went on for five years before it became known and it involved 1000’s of participants, it should not be difficult to fathom what I said above about having a secret network in place to cover for the real criminals that had most to gain from such an event.

Media Black-Out

What Holiday Island is today, the companies that owned it or were connected with it, or who owns it today, etc., etc. I don’t know, but when that story first broke on ABC News 20/20, in the 70’s, it must of been the buzz, in the political circles of Arkansas, as you can imagine.

Several years back I called what I was led to believe was the producers office for ABC News 20/20 and told them about the show in question and had them check their files to find out when it was aired. After a few minutes the person came back on the phone and said, she could not find information on it because she didn’t know what that show was categorized under.

In the mean time, you have Mrs. Clinton running for president and the controlled media spiking this story, in their attempt to fool the American public into thinking they are going to get something different and better, rather than the conservative neocons if they vote for Mrs. Clinton. In reality, if Mrs. Clinton becomes President the American people are going to get another person with very strong CIA ties, that is of the same ilk as Bush - Cheney.

Then there was the time I tried to contact ABC News about Holiday Island. As I remember it, sometime around August or September of 1981, I was planning on calling American Broadcasting Corporation in New York in regards to Holiday Island, being 20/20 did a report on them. I called information (or what I thought was information) to get their New York phone number and information told me the number was something like 212- blank, blank, blank, 2020. I thought it somewhat odd at the time, that they would have a main phone number that ended with 2020, plus it spooked me at the time because I thought the people connected with Holiday Island knew I was trying to give ABC News more information on Holiday Island and they were trying to prevent that from happening. So I called back, told information again what I was wanting and this time they gave me

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