Romney Jokes About Cheating in Poll
Sun Aug 12, 2007 01:18

Romney Jokes About Cheating in Poll By Garance Franke-Ruta 11 Aug 2007 at Last night, at the pre-Straw Poll "Ronstock" concert at the Bali Satay House in Ames, a Ron Paul volunteer played back a recording of competing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney joking about cheating in a State Fair popularity contest, stuffing the ballot box in Ames, and dodging questions across the state... Romney also joked about stuffing the ballot box at today's Straw Poll. "At 7 o'clock they will count the ballots. We will stuff the ballot box, I hope," he said on the recording. And he joked about cheating in the Corn Poll, the bi-partisan State Fair popularity contest in which attendees are asked to "cast your kernel" by placing a kernel of corn in a jar for their favored candidate to show their support. "I was a little dismayed because I saw Barack Obama, he had a lot of corn in that Mason jar," quipped Romney. "But I was number one - so thanks for cheating!"

Romney Leadership Team Member Overseeing Straw Poll By Birdlady 09 Aug 2007 The Iowa GOP is facing possible suit over their use of the same Diebold machines that were just de-certified. They are claiming of course, that there is nothing to worry about since the voting procedure will be conducted with the assistance and oversight of the Story County Auditor's Office. If we look here, we see the Story County Auditor is Mary Mosiman. Mary Mosiman also happens to be on Mitt Romney's "Romney for President [Story County] Leadership Team"... It's also worth noting that according to this article, Romney's Commonwealth PAC gave State Auditor David A. Vaudt $1,000 in 2004.

Voting Machine Malfunction Causes Delay 11 Aug 2007 The results of the Iowa Republican Straw poll have been delayed for more than an hour tonight as officials recount about 1,500 ballots from one 'voting' machine. Mary Tiffany, a spokeswoman for the Republican Party of Iowa, said officials were forced to count ballots by hand after one of the 'voting' machines malfunctioned while tabulating. Optical scan ballots – not punch cards – are being used in this non-binding straw poll.

Judge Refuses to Stop Iowa Straw Poll 11 Aug 2007 A federal judge on Friday refused to issue an injunction to stop the Iowa Straw Poll after a lawsuit was filed over the constitutionality of the 'voting' process used at the event. "In the absence of some legal violation, the Republican Party can run their (event) however they want," Judge James Gritzner said in his decision, which quickly followed the hearing because the straw poll was scheduled to start Saturday morning. The lawsuit was filed late Thursday, and the judge said there wasn't adequate notice given to the defendants, who were served early Friday morning. The defendants included State Auditor David Vaudt, Story County Commissioner of Elections Mary Mosiman and Republican Party Chairman Ray Hoffmann.,2933,292991,00.html

Romney Solicits Straw Poll Votes from Democratic Campaign Staffers 11 Aug 2007 The campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney actively solicited Straw Poll votes from staff members of at least two Democratic presidential campaigns in the days leading up to the Straw Poll here in Ames. Multiple sources confirm that, days before the Straw Poll, paid staff members from the Mitt Romney for President campaign entered more than one Democratic campaign field office in Ames to invite the paid staff in those offices to vote for Gov. Romney at the event.

Romney Wins Iowa GOP Straw Poll 11 Aug 2007 As expected, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 'won' an easy victory in a high-profile Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll. Romney had spent millions of dollars and months of effort on an event that was skipped by two of his major rivals.



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