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The evidence indicates that 9-11 was an inside job, using Remote
Controlled Airplanes and demolition bombs in the World Trade Towers
(see the online documentary 911Mysteries -- the online version is
here in three parts ), pulled off by traitorous elements within the
US military that are loyal to the nation usurping the name "Israel"
and to the worldwide Jewish Supremacist / Freemasonic financial
Network. The purpose was -- and remains -- to initiate World War III
by tricking Americans into supporting an series of attacks on the
Arab world, to then keep US troops in the Mideast dying to protect
Israel for the next generation, while the agenda for tyrannical
Judeo-Masonic World Tyranny is pushed forward. For the most up-to-
date documentation: -- Our initial documentation
pages are still available: our 9-11 Cover-up Introduction page --
where you'll find the link to the our 9-11 Cover-up page. -- More
documentation on 9-11 can be found in Section 5 at our 2004
documentation page by clicking here. Since we were aware of news and
events which where hidden from the American people by the 5 Big TV
Networks, our webmaster was the first public figure (congressional
candidate) in the nation to explain the above scenario to the
general public over the major electronic media -- via radio ads he
and his supporters placed on major AM talk stations like WLW (700AM)
and WKRC (550 AM) in the midwest. These radio ads told hundreds of
thousands of people driving to and from work that the "official Big
Media" 9-11 cover story was false, and that the purpose of the 9-11
attacks were to trick Americans into 50 years of war in the mideast.
At that time we stood alone in the non-internet public arena. Most
of those who discuss the 911 Deception never mention Judeo-Masonry
(some call it Zionism) as the power behind the Ruling Elite and the
Big Media. We here at and adopted
this stance publicly in October, 2001 regarding the phony 9-11-01
Big Media/Government cover story. Among others who exposed the 9-11
Big Media Cover Story, in late 2005 the website
website began producing radio programs regarding this subject and
other subjects listed below. By late 2006, even mainstream media
surveys consistently showed that 30% to 70% of the American people
believed there has been a major cover-up of what really happened on
9-11-01. -- To fill in the missing pieces -- which so many others
will not touch -- follow the links on this page. For instance,
listen to the 1961 speech by the American patriot Benjamin Freedman
who was early in life a Jewish operative inside the Ruling Elite,
but came out and devoted his life to warning the American people.
That Freedman speech can be found here. All the articles at on 9-11-01 are must reading. And here is a
list of other websites with much excellent information on various
subjects related to the "Seven Lessons" on this homepage.



The 5 Big TV Networks and Every Major Radio Station in the USA is
now owned or controlled by anti-Christ Jewish Supremists; this is
why the 5 Big TV Networks covered up the truth about what happened
during the 9-11 Terror Attacks, and blamed certain Arab "patsies"
who were set up as the scapegoats of 9-11 by the covert cells within
US and Israeli intelligence. These Jewish-Supremists who run the Big
Media outlets continue to maneuver the citizens of the USA towards
the next step in their agenda for world domination, i.e. expanded
war in the Mideast and gradual moves towards a Communist style
police state here at home. The coalition for the New World Order
tyranny is an alliance between the top leaders of secular World
Jewry and the Upper Echelons of Freemasonry. For documentation
please go to: Who Runs the Media?



As we stated in 2002 and 2004 on radio ads over 700 AM WLW radio and
550 AM WKRC radio, the next step in the Judeo-Masonic Agenda for
America is to engineer another "inside job" terrorist attack of some
kind. The Jewish-controlled networks will immediately blame it on
the Arabs again, and the Ruling Elite will then try to implement a
draft of some kind of young American men and young women. They will
also try to use their next terror attack as an excuse to expand the
war in the Mideast and to further curtail constitutional freedoms in
the USA, i.e., to implement a Communist-style Police state in the
USA, just as happened in Russia in 1917 when the organized worldwide
Jewish Network took over that country. Self-inflicted or quietly
engineered "terrorist" attacks have been used for almost a century
by the Rulers of Judeo-Masonry to trick Americans into war. These
contrived or engineered terrorist attacks include the attack on the
Lusitania to jump-start World War I, FDR's engineering of Pearl
Harbor to trick the USA into World War II, the non-existent Gulf of
Tonkin incident engineered by LBJ to escalate the Vietnam War, and
the "go ahead" to re-annex Kuwait, once a part of Iraq, given to
Saddam Hussein by President George Bush the Elder through ambassador
April Glaspie. For documentation on how the Ruling Elite has
engineered or fabricated terrorist attacks to trick the people of
the USA into war many times, click here. Be sure to look
at "Stranger than Fiction".


4. Votescam Conspiracy Against America (all key elections can be
fixed). 98% of all ballots in the USA are counted in secret by a few
private mega-companies, with citizens and candidates barred from the
count by police guard. -- Yes, this is a conspiracy.

The Jewish-controlled TV Networks work hand in hand with about 4
computerized "vote-counting" mega-corporations, including Diebold,
Triad, Election Systems and Software (ES & S), and Sequia. 99% of
the USA's 3100+ counties have -- unconstitutionally -- delegated the
vote counting to these privately owned mega-corporations. (That last
fact should indicate that the National Committees of the Republican
and Democratic parties are also controlled by the same Judeo-Masonic
Ruling Elite which controls the Big Media. -- For how could there be
3100+ local county governments STUPID enough to allow private
companies to "count" the vote in secret? -- away from the public,
the candidates, and the news media?) Every key election can be fixed
by these privately owned mega-corporations. W. Bush was the chosen
front man for 2000 to 2008. If Hillary Clinton is the chosen front-
gal for 2008 to 2012 -- there is nothing the American people can do
about it as long as the current computerized votefraud mechanisms
remain in place. (See item #7 for the solution.) See -- important links on this website are: How A
Private Company Counts our votes on Election Night (eye-witness
report in Chicago, Illinois on Election Night 2004 -- same scenario
happens in 99% of the counties in the USA on election night); An
Expanded Explanation on exactly what happens to frustrate the
rights of American voters on election night in 99% of the counties
in the USA; and -- A House without Doors (exposing a specific case
in which the Big TV Networks and the AP wire brazenly warped exit
polls and election results to perpetrate votefraud against Pat
Buchanan in the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucus.) For a 4 minute
Video, go to -- (full DVD also available
there) also, look for "Hacking Democracy", first aired on HBO and
now available on DVD from many sources. Everyone should own
both "The Right To Count" DVD and the "Hacking Democracy" DVD, and
lend it out to your friends, as well as opinion molders and leaders
you know. Finally, the solution is explained here: How Our Votes
Should Be Counted Every Election.


5. Money issuing power of the privately owned Federal Reserve Board
explains the immense power of the few who constitute America's
Ruling Elite

While the above four points may seem preposterous to those new to
this subject, it must be understood that this Judeo-Masonic Ruling
Elite tricked the US Congress into unconstitutionally delegating the
all-important power to issue our nation's money to one of their
private companies, the deceptively named Federal Reserve Board
(found in your white pages under private companies, NOT in the
government section). Once the Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite could issue
money in secret (the Fed has never been audited by Congress since
1913!) this crowd could begin to set up endless think tanks to plan
scenarios, and fund tens of thousands of people and projects to
advance their agenda. It took about 50 years after 1913 to lock up
Major Media, another 20 years to begin implementing the computerized
votescam (ability to steal any key election from a centralized
location, fully in place by 1988), and it took until the 1990s to
take over working control of the Federal government, Congress, and
the Supreme Court. Once you understand this money-issuing power,
then you can begin to understand how a relatively few people can
have generated so much momentum. Read about the secretive, sinister
FED here. -- read how the money system should work here: The Money
Myth Exploded


6. The Reasonable Access Law is still a tool to break through Big
Media Censorship and Suppression of News on major AM & FM radio
stations, and on FCC licensed TV stations.

This law, and the surprisingly excellent supporting federal court
decisions which upheld it in 1996, requires FEC licensed radio and
TV stations to carry the ads of Federal Candidates (i.e., candidates
for US Congress, US Senate, or President of the United States)
without alteration or censorship of any kind -- and -- the stations
must run the ads in the time blocks (i.e. noon to 3 PM) specified by
the candidate (who is subject to the same rules the stations apply
to business advertisers) -- and -- the stations must give the
candidate the equivalent of the lowest price which they have charged
a business in that calendar year. It would be good if a candidate in
each major city in the USA would use this Reasonable Access Law to
break the censorship of the Big Media on some issue, and to tell the
people about item #7, the Precinct Strategy. Read about the
censorship-breaking Reasonable Access Law here. A real life history
of using the Reasonable Access Law to break the Big Media Censorship
by the "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress campaigns of 2002, 2004, and
2005 can be found here.


7. The Precinct Strategy is the only peaceful means left to take
back the USA from the New World Order Ruling Elite

The Precinct Strategy is a simple strategy, eminently do-able. It is
designed Everyday Americans, like you and me, with a time commitment
of between 5 and 30 hours per year. (To read about the entire plan
and join your influence to that of other Americans in this realistic
action plan, go to .) The Precinct Meetings
take place in each county -- in your county -- around February to
May of the even years (i.e., May, 2008). It is at these countywide
precinct organizational meetings that the parties in power (almost
always the local Democrat and Republican parties) choose their local
party leaders. These local party leaders determine (almost always)
who are the candidates on the ballot in November, i.e., pick the
candidate who will be elected to office in November. And then those
elected go to city hall, to the state capital, or to Washington D.C.
to make the laws. And those who make the laws largely determine your
country's future. Back to the precinct system where it all begins:
these local party leaders also determine how the votes will be
counted in your county. So, in practical terms, the only way to put
honest men and women on the ballot in your area in November, and to
ensure an honest, public count of the ballots on election day -- it
to use the precinct system to election honest party leaders in the
local parties in your own county. (Third parties have their place
even now to raise issues and educate the public, but until an honest
vote count can be restored at the county level, third party
candidates are effectively checkmated for the next 1000 years.) A
good first step to take back the USA would be for thousands of
Americans spanning most of the counties in the nation to at least
find out where their county precinct meeting is for either the local
Democratic or local Republican party, and then go to observe it in
2008. It would be better if each of us would get on the ballot for
the precinct office in our local neighborhood (this usually takes
about 5 signatures gathered from your neighbors). -- If we area
elected at the spring primary, then we become a precinct executive
in our party and go on to participate in the county precinct
organizational meeting. (1/3rd of the precinct positions in the USA
are vacant, so just getting on the ballot and voting for yourself
often ensures victory). --- What the country and the world
desperately needs -- is for hundreds of thousands of normal
Americans to simply ATTEND one of the county organizational meetings
(precinct meetings) in their own counties in February through June
2008. Call the party headquarters of one of the parties in power in
your own county (invariably this will be limited to the Democratic
and Republican parties). Ask them where the meeting is (it will
usually be an a VFW hall or a local convention center) -- and attend
it. You will be amazed that these are the virtually unknown meetings
where the party leaders are elected who could restore an open and
honest vote count to your county, and who could nominate honest and
alert candidates for the November election. These even-year precinct
organizational meetings (which are held shortly after the spring
primary elections in your county) are where all normal people and
all alert Americans must turn their attention, -- because how our
votes are counted, and who gets to be on the November ballot for US
Congress and local office -- are basically determined at these
gatherings. Expect opposition from almost all the well-known groups,
which groups are by 2006 basically obedient arms of either the
Democratic Party or the Republican Party -- both of which parties
are now controlled by the same Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite at the
top, and those who have been installed into positions of influence
in most local areas are the operatives of the national Judeo-Masonic
Ruling Elite. That's why we need normal Americans at the county
level to replace the agents of the evil Ruling Elite with people of
conscience -- who will restore and protect true freedom under God.
To join your influence with that of other Everyday Americans in a
realistic and effective plan, go to this website:

Thank you.

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