AUDIO: UN Resolution 1701... Sec. Rice on floor of UN
Fri Aug 11, 2006 22:32

8/11/06 - UN Resolution 1701... Sec. Rice on floor of UN


Cease Fire Draft Resolution Approves Unanimously
Author: National news National news | 8/11/2006

The U.N. Security Council 1701 has passed Lebanon cease fire by a 15-0 vote. Prior to the passage of the ceasefire, Condoleezza Rice outlined the ceasefire draft resolution that would end the war between Israel and the Hezbollah. Rice emphasized that a UN peacekeeping force would be deployed that would number approximately 15,000 from the current two thousand soldiers.

The ceasefire would require that there be a cessation of hostilities. Rice has noted that this war started six years after Israel left Lebanon and which was caused by the kidnapping of Israel soldiers and as she stated thousands of missiles hitting Israeli civilians.

Rice also blamed Syria and Iran for being an agent for the Hezbollah.

It has been reported that Israel will likely approve the resolution and so could Lebanon. It is uncertain if the Hezbollah will accept the resolution.

One sticky point is whether the International force would be sufficient to protect Israel should the Hezbollah or any other force begin to restart hostilities against Israel. According to news sources, the UN force in Lebanon would not in engage in military action

World War 3 or Will Israel Accept UN Resolution 1701?


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