World War 3 or Will Israel Accept UN Resolution 1701?
Fri Aug 11, 2006 22:06

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Subject: World War 3 in the making......
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 17:49:37 -0400
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Yes, my dear fellow Americans, our government is helping to instigate World
War 3 in the Middle East by supporting and endorsing the racist,
militaristic, fascist state of Israel to invade Syria and Iran- which will
inevitably draw in Russia and China and ignite the next World War.

Even now, they are orchestrating us to accept Martial Law and a fascist New
World Order Police State here in America by coercing us to become their
slaves at our airports, by forcing us to submit to ridiculous 'no carry on'
baggage rules and regulations. Next will be FORCED ID background checks
which will ultimately end our sacred privacy rights guaranteed to us by LAW
in the US Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

I predict that a CIA-sponsored Al-Qaida terrorist attack will strike the
American infrastructure before November of this year- most likely a nuclear
explosion over an American city. This will give the ultra right wing JEWISH
Neo-Cons who currently control this country the legitimacy and pretext to
invade Syria and Iran with Israel, as well as give the green light to
implement full scale Martial Law in the USA (something they have long
dreamed of).

You see my dear Americans, your government considers YOU their #1 enemy.
And unless you WAKE UP Now and arm yourselves FULLY to protect our liberty,
freedom and independence, YOUR country will be no more. Understand?

-Mack Donahue
American Citizen
Ft Collins- Colorado


"Love is the only force
capable of transforming an enemy into friend"
Martin Luther King Jr. 1929-1968

"In the 25 years I have been in Washington I have never heard anything so extraordinary and the truth told so eloquently by someone like this [Walid Shoebat]."
-Frank Gaffney Jr. President, Center of Security Policy, Washington DC

"Walid is a very remarkable and very courageous human being.
This is a sick world.… and you are one of the lights."
- Dennis Prager, noted columnist and talk show host

8/10/06 - INTERVIEW: Walid Shoebat

INTERVIEW: Cont'd....


"The only way to win, is with a CULTURE WAR!" Abbie Hoffman

Middle East Facts
"Dedicated to spreading the truth about Israel and the 'Palestinians' (who incidentally didn't call themselves that and didn't have a national movement before 1967). It will also help to dispel the myth that Israel is the 'root cause of terrorism'."


WW111 Started on 9/11 and there are no Rules of Engagement, August 17, 2005

The author does an excellent job of pulling together all that has taken place around the world nd makes it possible,if not somewhat difficult,to get an overall picture of what is going on.The only caution I have for the reader, is not to let the details,names and locations cloud up the greater picture.

Will Israel Accept UN Resolution 1701?
Israel News Agency, Israel - 13 minutes ago
Tel Aviv ----August 12, 2006.....Minutes ago the United Nations Security Council passed by a vote of 15-0 UN Resolution 1701. ...
UN Resolution 1701 says it. ...

Will Israel Accept UN Resolution 1701?

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Tel Aviv ----August 12, 2006......Minutes ago the United Nations Security Council passed by a vote of 15-0 UN Resolution 1701. The UN resolution calls for an immediate cessation to hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah terror forces operating throughout all of Lebanon.

Will Israel accept this resolution? The Israel Foreign Ministry says that it is likely that when the Israel cabinet meets on Sunday in Jerusalem they will adopt this resolution drafted by the US, England and France. Even the Hezbollah representative in the Lebanon government states that he would accept this draft which would establish an arms free buffer zone in south Lebanon, that Hezbollah would return the Israel soldiers that it kidnapped that started the present war and that Israel would withdraw all of its forces from Lebanon.

Before the UN vote took place Gideon Meir, the Israel foreign ministry's chief spokesman said: "We did everything in our hands to allow the diplomatic process to succeed, but in the last 12 or 16 hours the resolution has deteriorated to an extent ... that there is no choice for Israel but to go out and extend the operations approved two days ago." Meir made it clear the door remained open to diplomacy and that the IDF could change its plans at any time.

As this analysis is written, the Israel government has given a green light for the Israel Defense Forces to expand it ground operation in Lebanon with the objective of clearing Hezbollah out of an area which reach 19 miles up to the Litani River from the Israel border.

After sustaining over 3,000 missile attacks in an unprovoked war, Israelis are not about to embrace a toothless resolution which would once again place Israel's security on the doormat of UN UNIFIL peace keeping troops and the Lebanon army. Yes, Israel wants peace but not at the expense of losing a secure border.

Although Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is said to accept the resolution, no Israeli would accept the fact that after 4 weeks Katusha rockets are still falling on Israeli cities. That we would make the same mistake a second time of withdrawing from the Lebanon border after stating that Israel would disarm the Hezbollah without any help from any outside party.

Hezbollah would love to accept this resolution. It would give them time to regroup. This has been their strategy for years, attack - speak peace and attack again.

As any surgeon faced with a patient who is suffering from malignant cancer, his job is to clear it all out.
To leave any malignant tissue behind would define a failed operation.

Olmert may accept this resolution, but don't bet that the Israel Cabinet will.
Israel is at war with an Islam enemy which is funded and backed by Iran. Iran has openly stated that Israel must be wiped off the map. This war is not about Hezbollah. This war is about Iran and Syria.

Until the threat to Israel's very existence is eliminated, until Iran and Syria are confronted, Israel must not allow our reserve troops to come home only to be be called up once again in a few weeks or a few months.

Israel must carve out all tissue of this malignant cancer or be perceived by the Arab world as being impotent. In Arab culture, an Israeli withdrawal at this time would not spell peace, it would only serve as an invite to eliminate Israel.

Until Teheran and Damascus agree to a true and lasting peace, Israel has the right to defend herself.
UN Resolution 1701 says it. The Israeli public says it.

If the people of Lebanon truly want peace in their land, they must speak to Syria and Iran, not Israel.
The IDF has a mission. The Israeli people are watching and so are the Arabs.

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