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ALL SANE AMERICANS MUST WATCH THIS AMAZING VIDEO and the photos it publishes !!!!!

9/11 Deniers Speak - Exposing the 9/11 "Truth" Movement and Loose Change

(Also recommended for crackpots)

Well researched, well produced, long overdue.

Also, Posted here
is a response to a local news article about featuring of the propaganda known as "Loose Change":

Regarding your article about the ignorant and dishonest punks who published: “Loose Change” in which, among other absurd statements, they described “Kevin Ryan” as being an “expert” on the subject of “certification” of “steel” used in structures to supposedly withstand fire temperatures “around 2000F for several hours”.

[More of my comments are published here: ]

Kevin Ryan is not an “expert” in the matters about which he spoke. Kevin Ryan is merely a “chemist” who was employed to study “water” at a division of Underwriter's Laboratories. [This and other easily verified facts ought to be mentioned in any subsequent articles about “loose change”]

Kevin Ryan committed deception and was justifiably fired. Kevin Ryan falsely asserted:
“We know that the steel components were certified to ASTM E119. The time temperature curves for this standard require the samples to be exposed to temperatures around 2000F for several hours. And as we all agree, the steel applied met those specifications.”

Apparently, because it did not suit his DECEPTIVE PURPOSES, Dylan Avery did not bother to look up what the ASTM E119 standard actually is. ASTM E119 does NOT test “steel” nor “steel components” per se as Mr. Ryan had implied. Rather, ASTM E119 time-temperature tests evaluate whole building assemblies that include fire-proofing or fire-resistance:

“ASTM E119, Standard Test Method for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials, is used to determine the fire resistance of a complete assembly. For example, a wall system fire rating is measured by constructing a 10 foot by 10 foot section of a total wall system: framing, cavity insulation, sheathing, siding, gypsum wall board, etc. The wall section is installed vertically on a gas furnace, and the wall is exposed to a standard temperature curve for the time period for which a rating is desired, i.e., one, two, three, or four hours. Failure points during time of fire exposure are:

“• Flame penetration through the wall section;
“• An unacceptable temperature increase on the unexposed side of the assembly;
“• Structural failure or collapse of the assembly.

“Therefore, a one hour fire resistance rating is taken to mean that a structure incorporating the tested wall construction will not collapse, nor transmit flame or a high temperature, while supporting a design load, for at least one hour after a fully developed building fire.”

The chemical and physical or thermal properties of the framing steel members are standardized and known, or are tabulated in catalogues, and determining such are not the object of the ASTM E119 testing. Rather, it is the functionality of the fire-proofing or fire-resistance of the whole assembly that is tested. After you crash an airplane into a building, the ASTM E119 test results become totally irrelevant, because you have changed the structure, at least by removing the fire-proofing or the fire-resistant wall and ceiling materials. [Accordingly, UL spokesman Paul M. Baker stated, "UL does not certify structural steel, such as the beams, columns, and trusses used in the World Trade Center"] The ASTM E119 certification is intended to estimate how long the structural steel WILL BE PROTECTED FROM EXPOSURE to temperatures around 2000F.

There is no “structural steel” column that is going to continue to support the weight of a heavy tall building after being directly “exposed to temperatures around 2000F for several hours”.

See also:

A fire in a Madrid steel-frame building collapsed 10-story steel-frame sections of the building -even without a plane crash weakening those sections-, and almost brought down the rest of it, which had to be torn down. “At its peak, temperatures reached 800 degrees Celsius (1,472 F)” )

ASTM E119 certification does not purport to impart super heat-resistant properties to structural steel. See also

Kevin Ryan’s own words indicate that he really knew nothing at all about the ASTM E119 testing that his “company” supposedly performed on WTC “steel”, and that he had no right to misrepresent it’s significance. Hence, he was incompetent and presumptuous, and he deserved to be fired, or even sued for fraud, or even criminally punished. He was certainly not an “Expert” as fraudulently characterized by Dylan Avery

The only thing Kevin Ryan was certainly right about is that structural steel in the standing WTC buildings did not actually “melt” (to a molten liquid) before the collapse of the WTC buildings. It did not have to. “It does not take a great amount of heat to cause steel and iron to expand, and when beams and columns begin moving something has got to break.”

More of my comments about 9-11 Conspiracy Theories are published here:

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