by Soumaya Ghannoushi
Driving the world to insanity
Sat Aug 12, 2006 16:43


Time Bomb
The crawl on MSNBC Thursday night read Terror in the Sky: Mass Murder on an Unimaginable Scale! Well, no; and I mean no to everything.

Driving the world to insanity

With their insane myopic policies, Bush and Blair are wrecking our lives, destroying our world, driving it further down the precipice of chaos, violence and bloodshed.

Are we fated to spend the rest of our lives suspended between grief and foreboding, between the scenes of carnage and devastation over there, and fear of the same visited on us over here, between George Bush's crusades and Osama bin Ladin's holy wars? Is there no way out of this spiralling madness?

The bitter truth Bush and Tony Blair are bending backwards and forwards to hide is that a common thread exists between what goes on in Beirut and Baghdad and what goes on here in London and Heathrow. Blair preaches freedom, peace and progress while trampling on these values at home and abroad, turning our society into a huge prison of surveillance, policing and suspicion and the world into a chain of ever-raging battlefields. In the space of five years he has taken our country to three wars, from Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Lebanon, and God knows what other gate of hell he will open next. The whole world stands united in demanding an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon, including all European states, while he, against his cabinet's advice, the foreign office, parliament and the public, insists on trailing Ehud Olmert and Bush in their brutal war of aggression.

With their insane myopic policies, Bush and Blair are wrecking our lives, destroying our world, driving it further down the precipice of chaos, violence and bloodshed.

It is no use burying our heads in the sand and claiming that what goes on over here has no relation to the chain of catastrophes to which we have been dragged against our will over there, from Lebanon to Iraq, and from Afghanistan to Palestine. A stream of reports by British and American intelligence services, leading thinktanks, such as the Economic Social Research Council, and leaked Foreign Office memoranda, confirm the link between British and American foreign policies and the current wave of terrorist bombings.

Chatham House, a respected London based independent thinktank on foreign affairs, found that a key problem for the UK in preventing terrorism is that the country is "riding as a pillion passenger with the United States in the war on terror" and that the Iraq war has given a "boost" to al-Qaida's recruiting abilities.

As the former head of the Bin Ladin unit in the CIA put it, "To deny that there is a link between our foreign policies" and terrorism "is madness itself".

In this globalised age dominated by the power of the image, the notion of geography has almost been stripped of content. Tragedies in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and other faraway lands enter our homes and settle into the fabric of our daily lives. They can no longer be kept away, to rage in distant lands and devour obscure nations. They inevitably spill over our shores, cities and villages, lay bare our vulnerability and put an end to our sense of immunity.

Our world is trapped between two insanities, caught between the anvil of state terror and the hammer of group terror. If there is any glimmer of light amidst this sea of darkness, it comes neither from Bush and Blair's wars of conquest in the name of freedom, nor from al-Qaeda's holy battles in the name of Jihad. Both must be combated if we are to emerge out of this monstrous pit of hatred, fear, violence and chaos. Only then can we move towards a better, more peaceful world.

by Soumaya Ghannoushi



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