America, It's Time to Watch the Shop
Sun Aug 13, 2006 14:56

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Subject: America, It's Time to Watch the Shop
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 09:41:38 -0700
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America, It’s Time to Watch the Shop

When a business is running well with a good, honest manager, an owner might
be able to relax and perhaps take a vacation. But when he discovers money
missing and mistakes being made, or even begins to have evidence that his
manager is a crook, the owner needs to stop everything and watch the shop.

For many years we were able to ride along knowing that our country was more
or less functioning.

That all changed on 911 when a special interest group in the government
staged an administrative coup d'etat. Terror was the tool to force us to
pass laws that were dangerous, to give up our rights for "security." But it
did not stop there--the insiders had already planned wars with a number of
countries that we were supposed to fight and pay for, and they had already
planned to merge us into a North American Union, where power would be
transferred to an unelected committee of 15 cronies.

Now they want Iran and Syria, and they want more--so terror will continue to
be fabricated.

As we give up more and more, the chances of turning this around become
smaller and smaller.

A series of fake pre-crime events since June and other key indicators
indicate that the insiders are ready to pull off a MAJOR TERROR ATTACK to
plunge the final knife into America.

Muslims are not the terrorists. The terrorists are within leadership
positions in Great Britain, the US, Canada, Israel and other countries. They
have many, many helpers in the media. This has taken decades to reach this
point, and they are going for the Gold: A One World Government Soviet Style

Please, owner of America, stop everything and watch your shop right now. You
are being robbed blind.

Please listen to the radio program at this website. Alex Jones is an expert
on the New World Order and on government sponsored terror.
Time is short. Please tune in today to educate yourself.

RADIO LINK click on the “infowars main link” radio show link

The 3 hour live morning show now repeats over and over throughout the 24
Live 12-3 PM EST; Replayed at 6PM, 9PM, 12AM, 3AM, 6AM and all weekend.


"Radio Your Way"

On Sunday, August 13 at 7:30 am and at 4:00 pm
Governor Tom Kean: From the New Jersey Statehouse to the 9-11 Commission
Alvin Felzenberg

Description: Alvin Felzenberg discusses his latest book on Gov. Tom Kean's New Jersey governorship and his work on the 9-11 commission. In a presentation about his new book, "Governor Tom Kean," Mr. Felzenberg argues that it is unusual for such a loyal Republican to be so successful as a leader during the time of a Democratic congress and Republican president. Mr. Felzenberg argues that it was Kean's successful bipartisan skills that enabled Gov. Kean to lead the 9-11 commission in spite of deep partisan divisions. He further examines Gov. Kean's successes in redistricting in accordance with the "one man, one vote" principle, his revitalization of urban areas in New Jersey that were destroyed by the 1967 riots, and his leadership in support of the environment, and education in New Jersey. Barnes & Noble in Princeton, NJ hosted this event.

Author Bio: Alvin Felzenberg was the spokesman for the 9-11 Commission and for the 9-11 Public Discourse Project. Recently, he was a fellow at the Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Mr. Felzenberg has worked on Capitol Hill, served in two presidential administrations, and in the 1980's, was New Jersey's Assistant Secretary of State. His writings have appeared in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, Weekly Standard, and the Christian Science Monitor. Mr. Felzenberg received a Ph.D. in politics from Princeton University and a M.A. and B.A. from Rutgers University.

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