Fwd: Israelis Caught Red Handed Planning 'Arab' Terrorism
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Subject: Fwd: Israelis Caught Red Handed Planning 'Arab' Terrorism
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My brother rushed in to turn on the TV when he heard that this story
was breaking and hailed me into the room. My immediate reaction was
that this was either total propaganda that didn't happen at all or
another "false flag" operation promoted by the greatest deceivers on
earth; the same who appear to exposing their motives in this phone

Somebody needs to press Rense for more proof of the veracity of this.
Is there a tape? No one should need reminding that tomorrow is the
14th, but if nothing comes down, this exposure will be accepted by
many as the reason why it didn't.

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Date: Aug 12, 2006 9:38 PM
Subject: Israelis Caught Red Handed Planning 'Arab' Terrorism
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It certainly has the 'air' of legitimacy.. Of course, this isn't the
kind of information where one puts his or her by-line. Interesting
that it states there are "lots more" and that there will be another
one on the 14th...

If this is, in fact, legitimate, it gives several extremely
interesting references to different institutions, people and

Israelis Caught Red Handed Planning 'Arab' Terrorism
The Voice of the White House

WASHINGTON, DC -- "Here, as promised, is an interesting conversation
that somehow accidentally got intercepted and transcribed. There are
lots more where this came from!"

Transcription of telephone conversation on August 3, 2006

Israeli Embassy, Washington D.C. Telephone Number (202) 364-5582.

unidentified individual at AIPAC , Washington D.C., Telephone Number
(202) 639-5201

Commenced 1821 hrs, concluded 1826 hrs.

Speaker A: Reuven Azar - Counselor for Political Affairs, Embassy of Israel

Speaker B: Unidentified individual located at AIPAC headquarters

A. Well, things are going as well as expected, better perhaps than
expected. There is military progress there (Lebanon) and we have
wonderful cooperation here.

B. For sure, but don't forget the dangers in having too much
cooperation. All right for this moment but in the long run, this can
certainly backfire on us. You know, we are seen as being too much
influential with the Bush people.

A. I wouldn't worry too much about that. The media is certainly not to
worry about and most Americans really do not care about things there
(Lebanon) The main point is that by the time the U.S. makes itself
felt at the UN, we will have accomplished our goals and established
the buffer we need.

B. Absolutely butthere is still the future to think about.

A. Who cares? Once we establish the buffer, the rest is just shit. It
will all be hidden soon in the coming press reports of Arab 'attacks'
on the U.S. This is for the voting in November. You know, 'many Arab
groups will for sure attack American targets.' They (the U.S.
Government) will choose so-called target areas where they need the
most support. We don't need to worry about Miami, Skokie or Beverly
Hills after all. (Laughter) and this is a little crude but the public
here is terribly stupid and the warning color days worked before,
didn't they?

B. Yes, but there are second thoughts on all of that. If you go to the
well too often, there are problems. People lose interest.

A. The British are being such swine about this, aren't they? They are
causing trouble about the bombs these days.

B. Just a few troublemakers. The press here does not cover that and
who reads the foreign media? Most Americans can't read anyway. But
there is danger that the U.N. might be motivated to move a peace
keeping force into Lebanon and this might negate our purposes.
Hesbollah must be utterly wiped out and Syria must be made to
realizewith force if necessarythat it cannot supply the terrorists
with more Iranian rockets. Maybe an accidental airstrike on Syrian
military units could say to them to mind their own business. We have
done this before.

A. It is too bad that we cannot teach Tehran a lesson. The ultimate
goal would be to have America attack Iran but I am afraid the American
military is dead set against this

B. They are all Jew-haters up there.

A. For sure, but we know that Americans can bomb the shit out of
Tehran and hopefully kill off a number of the militants, probably
disrupt their atomic program and teach all of the area that the U.S.
means business. We support them, they support us. But they cannot send
in ground troops and if we did that, our losses would not be borne at
home. As it is, there are the usual malcontents bleating about the
Lebanon business.

B. They are just afraid they will get a rocket on their house and
there are the same ones here. The Lieberman business is not that good,
after all. Yes, of course he is a liberal Democrat but his support of
us is too obvious. He could be a little critical too. We see the Bush
people doing this, just to keep the people quiet. Yes, they say, see,
we too are actually critical of Israel.

A. But not too critical, right?

B. No, never that. Too many pictures of dead jerks for example. We
need to see more pictures of grieving Israelis, mourning lost sons and
children. Can't we get more of those? ... the Arabs.

A. I feel sorry for the American media. Their instincts are to defend
dead Arab children

B. But nits make lice, don't they? Who mourns dead Israeli children?

A. I'm sure there would be more on this but not enough children are dead.

B. Not yet, anyway. But if they rocket Tel Aviv

A. Well, then, for sure.

B. We should have pictures all ready if that happens. Do you think it will?

A. Tehran directs that part of the business. We don't have as much
inside gen on them there

B. The ...ing Russians are on their side.

A. We have always had trouble with those Slavic pricks. First weapons

B. The Chinese assholes also do this, don't forget.

A. No one around here will forget that, be assured. The time will come
when we get them too. Say we cut off their oil from the Gulf? What
then? They will dance to our tunes then, not Tehran's.

B. If we had oil

A. But we do not. The filthy Putin has the oil. They should get rid of
him while they are at it. Our people almost had it but he forced them

B. They can always come back. The people here would really support
this. We put our people back in after we get rid of Putin and then a
guaranteed flow of oil to America.

A. And Russia is off the chessboard too.

B. They all want that badly here, too. Cheney is the strongest
supporter of cutting the nuts off of RussiA. The military
here are against fishing in troubled waters.

A. They can't be replaced, Bush can't sack them all.

B. Set an example. Sack a few more of the assholes and the rest will
shut up. They always do. So, send me your latest list and I'll see
what I can do here.

A. Send someone to pick it up. The mail here is awful. It will take a
week if some black doesn't steal it, throw it away or wipe his
ass with it.

B. Tomorrow for sure.

A. OK. And one other matter. We feel very strongly that if the
current people get kicked out in November, as it looks like they
might, we owe them to help them stay right where they are. It has
taken a long time and much money to get all the ducks lined up and we
don't want to have to start in again. We can generally rely on
sympathy from the Democrats but they will not support any more
military ventures over there. That's for sure.

B. Then what do you suggest?

A. The terrorism card works wonders. We were going to release a
statement that Arabs were going to attack an El Al plane on takeoff,
with rockets.

A. Probably leftovers from the CIA businesses in Afghanistan.

A. Let's not get into that now. But this scare would only affect
flights to Israel and we don't think it would have any impact on the

B. Well then, why not have these attacks aimed at American aircraft?
Where would they attack from?

A. Say at the perimeter fence lines at airports. Or better still, why
not a plan cooked up to smuggle explosives on board transatlantic
flights to or from America? Something clever that will catch the
public imagination.

B. That stupid bomb in the shoe routine?

A. Don't knock it. It worked, didn't it? We can always find some
suckers with a bent to this we can fill up with real enthusiasm and
then turn them in, complete with plans. They actually believe they are
going to paradise and ... virgins and we have another propaganda
coup. Let's give this some effort. You know, a terrified public will
not want to change horses in mid stream. So far, the Rove people have
a good line: If you're against the Republicans, you're encouraging the
evil terrorists sthick.

B. Well, they did that with the alert warnings and it workedmore or less.

A. Face it, they aren't too bright here. They ran it into the ground,
had to fire Ridge and Ashcroft, one of our very best friends ever, and
put those things on ice. They need to discover a huge plot but in

A. You know, as you said, infiltrate a group of crazies, plant things
on them, call the FBI

B. Oh, they do that themselves. That business in Florida was pathetic

A. But it worked, didn't it?

B. For about ten minutes at six o'clock for about three days.

A. Well, think about it and get back to me.

B. Right.

A. What's the situation with your two people? Are they going to be
tried or not?

B. Probably not, as far as the Bush people are concerned. But it is up
to the courts and we are very careful not to ... with them. They
are expected to have the charges thrown out soon

A. Well, I'll pray for them. I have to go now so I'll get back to you
later. Don't forget to send someone for the list

B. OK.

(Conversation terminated)

This is just the tip of a very large iceberg. Other inside information
will be published in upcoming editions. On Monday, August 14, I will
put up a complete listing of all members of Congress who have received
money from AIPAC, state by state, amount by amount.

Dear old crazy, and defeated, Lieberman, shrieking with rage at seeing
all his extra income flowing down the drain, has received over
$227,758 so far from AIPAC . Tell me, children, what did he do for all
that money? There are many more names and amounts to entertain you as
well as to give you a concrete guide as to your voting in November

As far as the recent stories about "terrorist attacks" coming from
England, don't believe them. It is well known around the White House
that this invented story is designed to offset the crushing defeat of
the Administration's darling liberal, Lieberman. This theme, by the
way, according to position papers circulating here, is the main theme
of the November elections. The thesis? Why the Iron Trio of
Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld have protected, and will continue to protect,
innocent America from evil terrorist threats.

Of course, if you vote Democratic, all bets are off and armies of
rabid Muslim (read non Christian) fascists will at once invade
America, to rape, loot and pillage while setting off bombs in the
Des Moines Public Library. Please note that in spite of all the shit
the Bush people have spread around about "proctecting America" there
has not been one proven incident of any real terrorist group caught or
no attack thwarted. The WMD lies were the father and the "terrorist
threats" and the illegitimate child of this corrupt and dangerous


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