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Subject: Breathing 23,000,000 radioactive DU particles measured in England says a lot and WOMEN AND CHILDREN can stop ALL WARS!
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 08:38:02 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
From: Ruth D. Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.

Precisely. No marches in the streets by women and children demanding a STOP to the saber rattling and stupid wars of Men looking for an identity or power. Men looking to make trillions selling weapons of mass destruction without even the United Nations stopping such manufacture and sales by countries who have to find some use for the Depleted Uranium stockpiles. Perhaps these special products could be made into slabs for roads all across the world. Just do not have an accident because it would cause the car to explode if scraped on DU covers.

Some males really got upset when another male suggested that only women and children could stop this WAR atmosphere world wide. Imagine the problems the males would have... no food made for them... no cleaning of their homes, clothing, vehicles, lawns... no assistance with sex, children, food, transportation.

Again... women can stop it! Look what happened in the United Nations when the women and children were getting slaughtered! Men sat there doing NOTHING like the world did with Hitler killing 6 Million Jews and others in another WAR! WAR is impossible without women and children sacrificing for the efforts of any Nation. 'Rosie the Riviter' comes to mind in America and all across the World during the last WAR! The women of all ages plus children took it upon themselves to keep this Nation going. They sacrificed so the males fighting everywhere had new shoes, clean socks and underwear, clean uniforms, plenty of food three times a day, plenty of water, soft drinks and beer or other beverages consumed during their play times as well as provided sleeping quarters at the best ships and bases our money could buy and sustain. Each contributed and sacrificed but this World is different and using different WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which should no longer be tolerated or hidden!

Rosie and all the 'ROSIES OF THE WORLD' allowed the men to get involved, have the nice things the women and children deprived themselves of for YEARS to see a country WIN A WAR! The next WAR will be so very different as it has proven already that MALES do not care about people... only things! A country with Nuclear Power has to find a way to remove large quantities of radioactive waste and what better way than to sell it to ALLIES or those who would pay dearly for the power that depleted uranium weapons prove.


The children could easily get involved demanding their fathers and brothers as well as any male STOP the killing... stop using DU weapons of mass destruction... refuse to talk with the adults and males at all areas of contact... refuse to do anything but demand a STOP worldwide before it is too late.

You YOUNG PEOPLE OF THE WORLD AND WOMEN have the solution and can stop the mad behavior when you have had enough. Listen to the other WOMEN AND CHILDREN, especially in the battle areas.

Notice the MEN run in and out, killing anyone without seeing them by using those expensive smart bombs and Depleted Uranium weapons purchased because the ONE WITH THE DU WEAPON is the winner at every turn in KILLING POWER! God Help US if the other side obtains the same weapon and turns them on US or our Allies.


Regards to your Queen. She really needs to be encouraged to join in get involved and stop this madness! IF the Nations had female leaders perhaps WE ALL COULD BENEFIT from new inventions for mankind instead of wiping out mankind and womankind plus innocent children Worldwide by Depleted Uranium Contamination. It is ONLY BEGINNING! See how many deformed babies and deaths both male and female, young and old start being linked to Depleted Uranium exposure.

We have our 12 shirts radiac yellow with the DU logo as seen on worn daily.

We have our 24X24 inch radiac yellow and DU logo signs on sides and rear of our Van driven daily.

We wear our shirts radiac yellow and DU LOGO daily! Against WAR... you bet! Afraid to fight... my medals tell a different story but Veteran's are Ordered to fight Wars or conflicts! Never challenge a decorated Veteran of this Planet about would they sacrifice their entire life for Peace! The question now is "Will YOU and all humans sacrifice your life for peace?"

Ruth is 76 and I am over 65.... the problem will be yours, your children, your grandchildren and unborn male and female old or young... Ruth and I will leave a light on for you! Remember the problem is caused by those who brought US 09/11/2001 and we cannot get people to wake up from the realization that America and certain Allies have this great secret about Depleted Uranium. Remember an old War Dog's definition of WAR CRIMINAL! "The ones who lost!" It is time to call for prosecution of WAR CRIMINALS MALE AND FEMALE!


Ask Dr. Doug Rokke about the possibility that many thousands upon thousands of civilian casualties plus animal and fish population, streams, rivers and all bodies of water including swimming pools can become contaminated. Imagine the food chain... fish eat particles... fish are eaten by fowl and humans, fowl are eaten along with animals of all kinds... people see insects and birds plus fish dying all over the world along with people and wonder COULD WE HAVE STOPPED THIS MADNESS? The answer is YES when it does not send you to hospital dying from a smothering disease like MESO DEATH as the particles will become encapsulated and cause scar tissue on lungs of all ages... how many particles encapsulated before those lungs get no air?

Hence the PLAGUE OF 2006 designation!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a decorated MALE veteran of one
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042

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From: Veronica Chapman
Date: 08/14/06 02:50:55
To: Ruth D. Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
Subject: Re: Fw: RE: PDF Converter Professional 3 from Scansoft and SUPREME COURT OF THE U.S. Petitions/BRIEFS IN BOOKLET FORMAT

Hi Ralph,

Measurements taken at Aldermaston in 2003, just after 'shock and awe', indicated that we all breathed 23,000,000 radioactive particles.

Taking care is not that easy, when you need to breathe.




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