Traitors in the White House
Mon Aug 14, 2006 12:52

Traitors in the White House
Submitted by shellynm on Sun, 08/13/2006 - 1:42pm.

This is a great editorial, but I feel that there's missing link. The administration doesn't personally collect on the massive oil and gas profits to any great extent, nor the war profiteering and tacitly allowed corruption engendered by its actions. What is fueled by their actions is the massive campaign contributions by the main beneficiaries of domestic and foreign policies alike. This money allows them to frame and sound-bite their way to endless victories, using terror mongering or swift boating, which in turn enables them to "get their share" of these illicit profits and so it goes, on and on, in an endless cycle. Privately financed campaigns increasingly makes the notion of democracy a farce, a joke. Will my senator sit down with me and hear my policy concerns, or will it be a large campaign contributor or their representative (lobbyist)? Even an essentially honest elected official can rationlize throwing a vote here and there to stay in office if he or she believes that they represent a greater good for the people than their opponent does. It is a system that simply breeds corruption. How else can you explain a Democrat voting for a bill that allows Corporate America to bring their profits home and be taxed at 5 1/2%? Who pays that kind of a tax rate? Not anyone I know. Only Pfizer and their ilk. If it isn't this administration, this time, it will be another, soon enough, that strangles our democracy to death. The system all but insures it. shellynm
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August 14, 2006


On Sunday, BuzzFlash posted an editorial accusing the Bush Administration of treason.

It is a subject worthy of a book.

Their priority is not to fight terrorism, as we have said many a time. Their priority is the accumulation of dictatorial powers, primarily by using terrorism as a tool for doing away with our civil liberties.

To such a Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush/Rove mindset, WE are the collateral damage in a campaign to achieve one-party tyrannical rule. They crave power, and they are the ultimate elitists.

Like a Pinochet, they believe that they are restoring some fantasy of "patria" to a nation of sheep, lost in the chaos of liberty and freedom.

To those that question the assertion that the Bush Administration is treasonous, we will return, yet again, to one of the most egregious examples of their betrayal. That is the exposure of a CIA operative specializing in the tracking of the illicit sales of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Neo-con "Tokyo Roses," such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, will argue that Libby was just indicted for perjury, and that no one has been legally charged with treason or outing a CIA operative.

This is legally accurate, but does not settle the issue of treason.

The Neo-con "Tokyo Rose" arguments regarding the Wilson affair are, as Stephen Colbert would say, filled with "truthiness," not truth.

This is the reality on the record.

The White House, with the authorization of both Bush and Cheney, approved the declassification of highly secret intelligence information to discredit Joe Wilson and to expose his wife. By exposing Wilson's wife, Valerie Wilson, they rendered her inoperative as a CIA asset who was an expert in following the illicit trafficking of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It has been speculated -- and not disputed -- that Valerie Wilson was even an expert on the subject of Weapons of Mass Destruction in regards to Iran.

Tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, well more than 2500 American GIs are dead, and thousands of U.S. soldiers are recovering from the most serious of war injuries. Why? Because the Bush Administration led us into a war with Iraq by lying to us.

What did they lie to us about? The chief lie that clinched the casus belli was the endlessly repeated assertion that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (which they did not actually have). Now, the Bush Administration has been saber rattling for a war with Iran. Why? Because they are attempting to acquire Weapons of Mass Destruction, according to the Neo-cons.

So here we return to the treason.

If you have initiated and conducted a three year ruinous war by telling the American people that a nation had Weapons of Mass Destruction, and if you are trying to pull America into another war because of a claim that a nation -- Iran -- might develop Weapons of Mass Destruction, isn't it treason to intentionally render useless a CIA operative who specializes in tracking the illegal sales and transfer of Weapons of Mass Destruction?

There is no answer to that question but yes.

In the course of the years since 9/11, there has been day after day of stories and findings that the Bush Administration is running only a headline propaganda war on terrorism, while shortchanging us on the details of implementing and funding anti-terror efforts in the United States and abroad. That, one can argue, may be due to either incompetence or intentional criminal malfeasanc; i.e., aimed at exacerbating the terrorist threat to use it as an excuse to gain more power by dismantling our freedoms.

But the Valerie Wilson affair goes beyond that. It is not just an issue of legal technicalities. The public evidence is more than sufficient to show that Rove/Libby/Cheney and Bush willfully outed a CIA operative who could aid us in knowing which nations or terrorist groups who wished us harm had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

To do such damage to our efforts to track illegal weapons that the Bush Administration claims are worthy of thousands upon thousands of lives and billions upon billions of dollars is treason.

Let the Neo-con "Tokyo Roses" play with technicalities.

We will repeat the bare truth: The "neutralizing" of a CIA operative specializing in Weapons of Mass Destruction was treason. The motive of the Bush Administration doesn't matter. Because of their actions in the Wilson Affair, America's national security is at greater risk based on their own emphasis on the significance of certain nations and terrorist organizations having Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The President, Vice-President, Rove and Libby have committed treason by the definitions of national security that they themselves have created. By their own standards, they are guilty of betraying America's safety and security.


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