911 cell phone calls were REAL

911 cell phone calls were REAL
Fri Aug 13, 2004 01:05

Before i get to the article, i wanted to say a few words.

I am a cell phone design engineer, and that is one reason for my initial interest in 9/11
On the morning of 9/11 i was on a rooftop with other engineers, real estate people and architects doing a "site walk" to decide if we were to use that building for our next cell site.
We were listening to the news on the radio, and heard about the cell calls. This immediatly threw a red flag up to me. I suspected they got the story wrong and meant to say airphones.
Most of the reports in the next 2-3 days continued to say cell phones, though, later stories started to print airphone editions of the same articles. This was after several people , myself included mentioned on the net, that cell calls couldnt have happened

still a few had to be cell phones Ed Felt is one of them, he supposedly was in a bathroom and called 911. (The 911 operator is under a gag order from the FBI).
Inside a bathroom isolates the signal, this adds 6-9db of loss (1/3 to 1/9th the power) so it makes it even less likely.

Olsons story changed 4 times, first it was a cell, then a seatback, then she was in a bathroom, then he didnt remember. the seatback phone cords do not reach to the bathroom, and she didnt have her purse so no credit card to use the seatback phone.

I have now determined that the calls may have been real.
They were just not made from the planes we were shown on the maps !
They may have come from a "shadow" plane underneath the recorded "blip", this was the real flight 93!

a cell call could have been made from a plane at 1000ft,

or alternatively, the real 93 may have had the TX code off, and another plane was being masked to be 93.

Most of the calls came from flight 93.
flight 93 was at 35,000ft for most of the flight and even up to 40,000ft for a breif period according to the maps from flight explorer. but IMHO those maps are total BS.
(about the maps)
Flight explorer got its info from the FAA, and i think it all resides now with the FBI?

Cell phone calls could not be made at 35,000ft going over 350mph.

Cell Phone Experiments in Airliners
(also a verly long technical discussion on this topic)

There were several calls that day reportedly from cell phones and seat back phones.
It is possible from these calls to determine the EXACT place each plane was at any given time. This could end several discrepancies as to what time flight 77 hit the Pentagon
(the time varies depending on what source you read).
It could give the EXACT path of all flights, as the transpoder codes were turned off, this has been somewhat of a grey area, especially for flights 93 and 77.
Most phones toiday are of the technology CDMA. In this technology the cell phone may "talk" to several gound stations (cell sites) at one time. Using triangulation, these calls can be pinpointed. With several calls happening at different times, this could provide very useful info.
It must be noted here, that the calls themselves are not recorded, but the time stamp, date, phone #, and electronic serial number (or ESN) of the phone is (for billing and other purposes).
This applies to CDMA phones (the most common in the US), but also applies to many other types. I do not know if the same applies to the seatback phones or not, but I would imagine that something similar is in place.
The calls information (for cell phones) are required by the FCC to be backed up, or reside in the "switch" at a local office for 3-5 years. (I forget the exact time, i believe the FCC may have changed it lately).

This could be a major breaking point in finding out what happened.
It would end discrepancies and theories such as plane swapping, remote control and the idea that some of the calls were faked or did not happen.

This page shows that the maps were different depending on what version you read.
its interesting that the data from 2 of the maps come from flight explorer, the same comapny for both maps, but the maps are different?

flight 77...
if you look at the Flight Explorer maps, flight 77 turns over Cleveland, the problem here is that if you look at the transcrips for flight 77, it is Indy radar that is looking for him. The transcrips show that 77 was LOST to radar for several mins. they had even thought it crashed. From my limited understanding, even if the transpoder is turned off, the plane should still be visible to radar, but the controllers in different cities talking to each other could not find it.
Now, this map below is from a different company called Flytecomm. This data shows flight 77 turning around in Indy?
Flytecomm Flight 77 NY times
Clearly there is a discrepancy. Why would there be a difference between these 2 maps, and the transcripts as well?
Isnt this what these companies do? track flights?

here are the flight explorer maps...

Another oddity I saw in the 911-commission report was that flight 175 changed its transpoder codes TWICE. Why would a hijacker do that? I heard they turned OFF the transpoders so that the plane couldnt be tracked?
BUT, they let cell hpone calls happen?

""hello, FBI, weve been hijacked"" ???

but WHY CHANGE a transpoder code? and TWICE?

it wasnt changed, there was another plane in the same area.
radar sees 2 planes within one mile of each other, as one plane.
One plane turns OFF the transponder code, another turns one on (maybe a war games plane?). Radar sees it as one blip, thinks it changed the code.

web pages describing the flight explorer anomolies...



cheers, now read on....


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