t r u t h o u t | 08.07
Cindy Sheehan back at Camp Casey
Mon Aug 7, 2006 18:13

Cindy Sheehan back at Camp Casey to remind Bush and Co. that their hearts are connected to the innocent people of the world being killed by their thoughtless greed; John Edwards calls for immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq; Jimmy Breslin reminds us that Americans are still dying in Iraq; Norman Solomon on the media's love-hate for nuclear weapons; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at http://www.truthout.org

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t r u t h o u t | 08.07

Cindy Sheehan | Camp Casey: Hearts Connect
"This is the mission of Camp Casey this year: To remind George and the rest of his heart-disconnected administration that their hearts are connected to ours and the innocent people of the world being killed by their thoughtless greed. It is also our mission to remind the people of the USA who still support the carnage that their hearts are connected to the babies and children who are wantonly being killed," writes Cindy Sheehan.

John Edwards Calls for Immediate Troop Withdrawal From Iraq
Former vice presidential candidate John Edwards, who is considering another run for the Democratic nomination for president, said Saturday that the United States should start pulling troops out of Iraq immediately. The former US Senator from North Carolina told reporters America should "make it clear (to Iraqis) we are leaving, and the best way is to start leaving. We should take 40,000 combat troops out now."

Justice Kennedy Questions American Democracy
The United States is not making the case for freedom, democracy and Western law to the rest of the world, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy said Saturday. "Make no mistake, there's a jury that's out. In half the world, the verdict is not yet in. The commitment to accept the Western idea of democracy has not yet been made, and they are waiting for you to make the case," Kennedy said in an address to the American Bar Association.

Jimmy Breslin | Americans Are Still Dying in Iraq
With the news being dominated by endless television coverage of Israel and Hezbollah/Lebanon, Jimmy Breslin reminds us that Americans are still dying in Iraq. "By the way, there are many American soldiers fighting in the Middle East. In case you haven't noticed, they get killed. A lot of them get killed. The strategy for the Middle East is to keep Israel and Hezbollah/Lebanon fighting. Keep all attention on them. If they ever stop, then everybody would look at Americans dying."

Norman Solomon | News Media's Love-Hate for Nuclear Weapons
"In US news media, the implicit message is that American nuclear bombs are A-OK, and the fact that Washington's ally Israel maintains a large nuclear arsenal is supposed to be no cause for major concern," writes Norman Solomon. "Going deeper than nationalistic blind faith, some important questions should be considered. Last week, the Latin American writer Eduardo Galeano asked two of them: 'Who calibrates the universal dangerometer? Was Iran the country that dropped atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?'"

How the US Super-Rich "Dodge" Taxes
A Senate probe that has examined hundreds of documents and issued 74 subpoenas turns a spotlight on the murky tax dealings of some of America's richest citizens.

"Dead Zone" Reappears off the Oregon Coast
For the fifth year in a row, unusual wind patterns off the coast of Oregon have produced a large "dead zone," an area so low in oxygen that fish and crabs suffocate.

The Re-Balancing of Global Growth
Today is the official date for the handover of responsibilities from the US coalition to NATO forces in southern Afghanistan, where Taliban incursion and coalition failure to keep aid promises complicate NATO's task.

VIDEO | Tomas Young Goes to Washington
A Report by Geoffrey Millard and Scott Galindez
On the same day that Iraqi prime minister Jawad al-Maliki came to Washington, so did Iraq war veteran Tomas Young. Tomas, in a wheelchair that was being held together with duct tape, came with Phil Donahue. Donahue is filming a documentary about Tomas and the questions he has for Congress and the president. Truthout was there as members of Congress, including Senator Robert Byrd, came out to meet Tomas.

VIDEO | Murtha on Patriotism and the Cost of the War
An Interview by Geoffrey Millard and Scott Galindez
In Part 2 of our interview with Congressman John Murtha, we ask him about the attacks on his patriotism, the cost of the war, and his opposition to permanent bases in Iraq.

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