Global Warming Crisis - Blocked By U.S. Tax Code 501(c)(3)
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Part 1, 2 - Global Warming Crisis - Blocked By U.S. Tax Code 501(c)(3)
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Part 1, 2 – Global Warming Crisis Issues Blocked By U.S. Tax Code 501(c)(3)

Arctic Melting, Ozone Hole (NASA), War Industry, 501(c)(3) and more:

Wars, war industry, war machinery create extra Fossil Fuels, Greenhouse Gases, Fires (Arson) etc. Wars are drying up, heating up, burning up Planet Earth causing more Global Warming Emergencies.

Wars, Weapons, Bombs, Missiles Poison the Air, Water, Earth, Trees, Crops = Self-destruction of World.

Bush calls terror fight WWIII – May 6, 2006 –,10117,19043507-38198,00.html

National Debt (over 8 trillion dollars) -

U.S. Tax Code 501(c)(3) - Nonprofit organizations, including religious groups, have to be neutral concerning political issues/campaigns or they can lose their tax-exempt status.,,id=96099,00.html - Exemption Requirements

Part 1 (update) - Water Shortages (Drought), Violent Storms (Hurricanes) & More – Global Warming Crisis:

Fossil Fuels, Greenhouse Gases, Fires (Arson), Removing Trees and Greenery Heat Up Planet Earth, causing the Melting of the Arctic, Antarctica and high altitude Mountain Caps. Water Shortages (Drought), Violent Storms (Hurricanes) are some devastating results. - Schneider,Stephen H. “Greenhouse effect” World Book Online Reference Center. (2003, 2006)
(Page 2- Studying the greenhouse effect. They may need until the 2010’s to gather enough data. But certain models suggest that the 2010’s may be too late to avoid some damage from global warming.

Check into –


Water Shortages, Drought, Violent Storms - Global Warming Crisis
Date: 3/27/2006 3:59:19 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time


Im HOPEFUL,12374,1035219,00.html - Melting glaciers spell water crisis (9/4/2003) - Arctic sea ice ‘thins by almost half’ (12/7/2000)

(DERM - Department of Environmental Resources Management - Violent storms and more) (Ref. Information from Miami-Dade County Commissioner Katy Sorenson’s office - 2003) (Violent Storms – Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma – 2005) - NASA News Archive, 11/27/2002, ALBEDO, page 3 (The Arctic ice reflects the sun’s hot rays back into space. Where the Arctic ice had melted, the sun’s rays go down and heat up land and oceans. When the Arctic ice is melted, gone, the sun’s rays will heat up, burn up Planet Earth.)

(Ref. ALBEDO - Dictionary - The fraction of incident electro-magnetic radiation reflected by a surface.) - NASA NEWS ARCHIVE, 6/29/2006, SCIENTISTS FIND ANTARCTIC OZONE HOLE TO RECOVER LATER THAN EXPECTED

(Ref. slick-d, 3/21/2002, FW: Antarctic ice shelf collapses in largest event of last 30 years)

(Ref. slick-d, 3/21/2002, FW: Navy report shows polar cap is shrinking fast)

(Ref. Miami Herald, 6/6/2002, 11A, Mt. Everest Ice declines sharply)

(Ref. Miami Herald, 1/2/2003, 13A, Studies: Global warming altering plant, animal life)

(Ref. Miami Herald, 1/12/2003, 16A, Global climate change looked at as a source of African crop failure)

(Ref. Miami Herald, 1/18/2003, 22A, A sizzling year: 2002 second hottest on record)

(Ref. Miami Herald, 8/30/2003, 3A, Heat claims more than 11,000 lives in France)

Elements which change the earth are coral reefs, earthquakes, frost, glaciers, oceans, rain, rivers, Trees, volcanoes, wind. (Ref. World Book Encyclopedia)



Part 2 (update) - Have Wars and Martial Law or Save Planet Earth from a Global Warming Crisis?

More Global Warming Emergency References: -

Global Warming Story by NASA Scientist – On “60 Minutes” TV (3/21/2006) - The Great Coral Reef Disaster (5/14/2006)

Wars, Space Wars, Unnecessary Space Missions – Ozone Holes, Financial & Global Warming Crisis: - Global Network – No Weapons in Space!,,2087-1938132,00.html - Polar bears drown as ice shelf melts (6/19/2006) - Arctic wildlife feels the heat (8/12/1999) - Humanity blamed for ice loss (12/6/1999) - Warming to Cause Catastrophic Rise in Sea Level? (4/26/2004) - Ice Caps In Africa, Tropical South America To Disappear Within 15 years - Ohio State University Research News (2/18/2001) - Thawing Permafrost Could Unleash Tons of Carbon (6/15/2006) - Fossil Fuels Said to Damage Ocean Life (7/5/2006)

The Arctic’s, the Antarctica’s and high altitude mountain’s ice melting fast. (Ref. Fossil Fuels (the Burning of Oil, Coal, Gas, Natural Gas), Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Dioxide, Destroying of Cooling Trees, Fires (Arson) etc.

Suggestion – The military can inform and help with the Global Warming Crisis. , Miami-Dade County, Florida

Part 2B - Sun To Heat Up, Burn Up Planet Earth (Ref. NASA - ALBEDO) (3/11/2006) Miami-Dade County, Florida

1. Trees are a protection from the sun’s hot rays, drying winds and windstorms.

(Ref. Hurricanes, Violent Storms) Trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. = Trees = Global Cooling. (References in World Book Encyclopedia)

(Diseased and healthy Citrus Trees cut down in South Florida.)

2. Fossil fuels, the burning of oil, coal, gas and natural gas cause Global

Warming. Deforestation (cutting down trees) cause Global Warming.

Arson (fires) also add to rising temperatures and Global Warming.
The sun’s rays, rising temperatures heat the land, oceans. (Ref. Mountain

Ice Caps and Glaciers Melting, Water Crisis, Volcanos Erupting)

3. Due to Global Warming, the Arctic’s and/or Antarctic’s melting ice

cause ocean levels to rise and ocean currents to cool. (Ref. Gulf Stream)

4. High frequency sounds and massive vibrations cause earth cracks, also

Earth’s Axis to shift. (Ref. Earthquakes, Earth Changes, Climate Changes)

5. The above information is in reference to Hurricanes, Volcanos Erupting, Earthquakes, Tsunamies, Mountain Ice Caps and Glaciers Melting, Water Crisis and other Planet Earth Emergencies.

6. Some Emergency References are from: NASA (ALBEDO),

Miami-Dade County Government (DERM), MSNBC, BBC NEWS,

National Geographic News, Miami Herald, World Book Encyclopedia,

OHIO STATE RESEARCH NEWS, Seasons and Tilt of Earth’s Axis.


Thank you:

To Art Bell, Whitley Strieber – for the Global Warming information on Coast To Coast AM Radio,

To Truthout – for many Environment and Global Warming issues,

To APFN and to all the helpful, concerned, caring people, past and present, who are speaking out about the Global Warming Emergency,

To the people who wrote articles (with references) about the Global Warming Crisis to help save Planet Earth,

To Al Gore and his movie on Global Warming, An Inconvient Truth.

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