: 8/7/06 "Crisis In The Middle East"
Mon Aug 7, 2006 21:30

: 8/7/06 "Crisis In The Middle East"

Lou Dobbs Tonight...

8/7/06 - Bush Press Conf. Sometimes the world
like to take the easy way.....U.S. Can't win this
war alone.... remmind people ....etc.

8/7/06 - Bush Press Conf....it's hard work
Remember how this all started....


Quick UN resolution on Mideast - Bush
Independent Online, South Africa - 5 hours ago
Crawford, Texas - President George W Bush said on Monday he wanted a UN resolution as quickly as possible to deal with the Israeli-Lebanese crisis and end the ...



Israel's attack on Qana in Lebanon on Sunday was "humanity gone mad", South African Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Aziz Pahad said.

The South African government on Monday condemned Israel's military action and called on the United Nations Security Council "to accept its responsibility" and do the same.

"We cannot except a feeling that we are all helpless while the world slowly but surely moves to a situation that would have catastrophic consequences for all of us," Pahad said.

The UN Security Council had an obligation to condemn Israel's "collective punishment", which he said violated international law and the Geneva Convention.

'It is not time to start debating the chicken and egg situation'
"Clearly, what we are seeing there is that both sides have violated International Law and the Geneva Convention. Our argument is that the level (of violence) is so different that we have to deal with the major element of this while dealing with Hezbollah," he said.

"It is incumbent on the stronger power to ensure that civilians are protected," Pahad added.

South African was convinced that the only way for a comprehensive solution was a ceasefire followed by negotiations to ensure lasting peace in the region.

"It is not time to start debating the chicken and egg situation, who first carried out an action and who retaliated," Pahad said.

Meanwhile he said government wished to have a meeting with organisations, including the Congress of SA Trade Unions, who had called for a boycott of Israel and diplomatic ties with that country to be severed.

"We as government are very keen that they collectively come and have a discussion with us, so that we understand their demands. But whatever action we take must contribute to finding a solution," Pahad said.

The raid on Qana killed 52 people, more than half of them children. - Sapa


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