Today Bush ordered Congress to stay in session
Sat Aug 4, 2007 01:45

Today Bush ordered Congress to stay in session till it passes a new
spying law because the secret FISA court ruled Bush's secret spying
illegal. Just what we need - more Bush spying! Congress should do the
same thing to Bush that Bush did when Congress issued subpoenas - ignore
it. Hopefully the Democrats won't be stupid enough to give Bush more powers.

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FISA and Fear Mongering

Keith Olbermann covers the breaking showdown between
President Bush and Congress. Can you believe that Mr.
on is complaining about Congress taking their August break
instead of giving him the rubber stamp he’s looking for his
wiretapping program? Note the playing of the fear card.
Jonathan Turley joins Keith and tries to make sense in this
Bizarro World confrontation, and the complicit Congress isn’t
spared his scorn.
VIDEO: - Countdown:



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