Data-Mining: Banks now demanding personal questions for "se
Thu Aug 9, 2007 16:36

Homeland Security is becoming Homeland Tyranny.

The government is using your bank to "profile" you and everyone. As you read this recall that the PATRIOT ACT required, for the first time in history, the banks to collect your social security number as a condition of doing business, in their data-mining and profiling scheme. This writer's insurance agent told us that due to that policy an identity thief obtained that information (their SSN), from the inside, of their bank, and ripped them off for tens of thousands of dollars--which they did not recover, and for which they had no remedy! Data-mining through the banks and private corporations as a condition of doing business, as well as marrying that with REAL ID, is the means by which the fascists behind Homeland Security (the elite banksters) plant to "profile" every citizen of a "free America". ALL THIS PLEA OF "SECURITY" WILL RESULT IN MORE INVASION OF SECURITY AND PRIVACY, AND ID THEFT, THAN EVER BEFORE, IF YOU LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU.

What we really need is legislation called The Citizens Privacy Act, which outlaws the use of SSN number or financial numbers as a condition of doing business, by government or private business. Doctors are guilty of this too, they will not see a patient without their SSN. IT IS ALL DATA-MINING OF FREE AMERICANS.

How to Profile Americans 101--Use their banks to Collect the information for you as "policy".

(Spread this far and wide to warn others and get these type of policies repealed).

This is per a personal example with Washington Mutual credit card services, which PREVENT you from accessing your own, already authorized account online without setting up answers for selected "security questions". These are the questions you must chose from--all very personal!

When was your wedding anniversary?

What was the name of your first elementary school?

Who is your favorite character from history?

What were your wedding colors?

What was your boss's first name at your first job

What is the first name of your eldest child?

What was the name of your first pet?

What is your grandfather's middle name (your mother's father)?

When is your father's birthday?

You can learn an awful lot about a person personally by this information, no? Their values, their familial network, information by which to trace their history, etc.!

Your bank or credit card company ALREADY has your SS Number (which they should not), and sufficient personal information to verify your identity. (Credit agencies exist on this information, and hold you liable based upon it alone). All this does is REDUCE YOUR SECURITY OF PRIVACY BY EXPOSING MORE PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF TO THEIR COMPUTER SYSTEMS, which also now can be accessed under the PATRIOT ACT under any request of government.

THIS IS DATA-MINING UNDER THE "PLEA OF SECURITY" and a perfect way to INVADE YOUR PRIVACY AS A CONDITION OF CONDUCTING FINANCIAL BUSINESS. This establishes a VERY personal profile that might be of interest to "others" behind this scheme--i.e. government and Homeland Security. This is a fascist system!


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