by Devvy
Why Efforts to Recall Pelosi Will Fail
Mon Aug 6, 2007 13:55
August 6, 2007
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Why Efforts to Recall Pelosi Will Fail
Frustration in this country is growing faster than the latest bumper crop of poppy seeds in Afghanistan. The whole litany of abuses against we the people are presented and dissected every day in this country by articulate, informed, highly intelligent writers from all walks of life, many with impressive academic credentials, many from hard working Americans who have done their research and are very afraid of what's just over the horizon........
by Devvy

Do Americans Care About an Atlantic Union?
As I related in my last NWV article, economic integration of regional arrangements is part of the plan of the power elite to bring about a World Socialist Government (WSG), which will be a synthesis of Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism. Concerning the Communists' willingness to pursue the WSG, the following 3-stage plan was specified in their 1936 Communist International: (1) Socialize the economies of all nations (2) Bring about federal unions of various groupings of these socialized nations (3) Amalgamate the regional unions into a world union of socialist states.......
by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D

Are Americans Blackmailed With "Imminent Terrorism"?
Given the latest intelligence reports of Iraqi insurgents being smuggled in for AlQaeda attacks in the US, there is a significant possibility that the spectacular attacks planned for this summer or within 90 days could be done not only by AlQaeda and Taliban terrorists but also by or with the assistance of Iraqi insurgents coming across US borders and by or with the assistance of Iraqi terrorists already in the US. The FBI has said there are Iraqi terrorists sleepers already here who came to the US after the first Gulf War. So why aren't Bush and Chertoff enforcing the borders against illegals?
by Patrick Briley

Mother Nature Down For the Count, Part 2
”Indians way back when did not want to learn what they called the white man's knowledge because they believed such knowledge was forbidden...they may have been right...more right than they know…we may already be far too late to save the earth from destruction as well as the human race or most of the human race.” I nod my head as to Shadow Dancer’s wisdom.....
by Frosty Wooldridge

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