Bush Should Resign to Avoid Trap for USA in Mesopotamia
Thu Aug 9, 2007 17:25

President Bush Should Resign to Avoid Trap for USA in Mesopotamia

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK * 8 AUGUST 2007 Citizen of the USA Stephen M. St. John addresses the international community in Washington and here in New York City, all members of the US Congress as well as other organizations and individuals, public and private, and points to George W. Bush's virtual admission of defeat in recent executive orders issued more than four full years after declaring "mission accomplished" in Iraq. Now this bankrupt and bankrupting loser seeks to bankrupt unnamed persons with a "constitutional presence" in the USA and perhaps a constitutional presence of mind to know that nothing but a national emergency will come from waging unjustified and immoral war in violation of international law, the Nuremberg principles and the Constitution of the USA. As Bush seeks Iran's help in securing Iraq as a platform from which to attack Iran, and as he seeks Palestinian and Syrian cooperation in a more comfortable illegal occupation for the Zionists, common sense dictates these policies will fail because of their manifest deficiencies and not because of certain unnamed individuals inside the USA whose livelihoods Bush seeks to destroy. Bush should stop looking around for dangers to his failed policies and look within himself. His Zionist Neoconservative advisers and enablers have brought him to this pass, and his hateful, Talmudic ideology has resulted in innumerable crimes and destruction of lives and nations. Things could actually get worse as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Zionist, refuses to partake of a whole smorgasbord of impeachable offenses and prefers to have Bush do the Likud's bidding with force or threat of force against Iran. Events can spin out of control -- a sheer delight for the psychos who advocate chaos as prelude to their imposed order. Citizen St. John invites President Bush to appoint him Vice President after firing Cheney, then to resign himself, for which action protected exile will be guaranteed to both while still subject to applicable laws.

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