J. Croft
Tue Aug 7, 2007 12:06

Upper class college indoctrinated liberals are mainly in and around major universities and cities. They make all the politically correct noises about equality and social justice but when’s the last time you heard of white upper class liberals giving the poor minorities the time of day? The very thought of associating with those they patronize and deliver a never-ending series of cheap platitudes terrifies them.

They’re otherwise harmless, but the politically correct have a tendency to go into government, corporations and the media and applying their college warped beliefs on us all. They don’t realize their professors are charged with warping their brains, to turn them into politically correct drones of the beast.

Yet they don’t care, so long as they have their SUV’s and trendy downtown housing and coffee houses where they can spend ten bucks on a cup of coffee with cream. You can laugh at their stupidity but at their heart they’re as racist as anyone-as they’d rather blow their money being trendy than using their economic power to honestly fight for all.

But I guess being a whole class of posers and sellouts is easier than facing the fact they’re RACISTS, who would rather sustain their given fantasies rather than seek Truth and take responsibility and join the real fight.

“Black power” RACISTS makes Black folks powerless

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson; both purported to be men of God, with followers and lots of money coming their way, but when’s the last time you seen either of them try to solve the root problems of urban decay, crime, broken homes, the never-ending flow of drugs?

(The root problems are, I have to repeat, that rich elitists long ago screwed black folks by luring them from Southern farms to urban factories-and then shipped those plants overseas. With no replacement jobs of equivalent income, much less a return to self-employment they became trapped and hence urban decay. Crime is inevitable as are broken homes as the stresses of daily survival become too much. In such a enviroment setting up a drug trade is no problem.)

So, I ask again, what has Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson REALLY done-beyond exploit any and every possible racist insult? Where are those two jackals when a city council votes to build another ...ing billion dollar stadium for some jackoff while the cities rot and the citizens are forced to live there? That’s RACISM-against their own kind!

All I hear is some noise about “reparations”; trying to take more money from average folks and foster more race hatred, more racism. That’s RACIST.

Mexican RACISTS want to destroy two nations to create a third world hell hole

Latino communists want to carve their own little bolshevik workers paradise out of Mexico and the American Southwest into “aztlan”. Never mind about fixing Mexico-kicking out their “elites” and making a fresh start for that cursed nation-no! That would make too much sense.

They’d rather be used as tools just so they can carve their own racist empire; exploit Mexico’s poorest instead of helping them, sending them on a life-threatening trek across inhospitable desert and attempt to demographically conquer that same useless land. Where’s the sense?

What the hell do they think will happen to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tuscon, Las Vegas if they actually succeed? They really think the water’s going to keep flowing? And without water, all those desert paradises are going to be reclaimed by all that desert.

In the meantime, what kind of government will be instituted? The same kind of corruption, tyranny and government by thuggery that has kept Mexico in third world status instead of becoming the world class contender that nation could be! They would condemn their own to continued oppression just so they can rule.

Yeah, La Raza is RACIST-especially against their own!

And who are the biggest racists of all? Again, the people manipulating everyone else to hate each other. Inbred psychotic bluebloods-otherwise known as the “elite”-all the nobility, all the CEO’s and Politicians that have centralized and monopolized power in their own hands and have always had their foot on everyone’s necks. They are the ultimate racists and the world is their plantation! Rockefellers, Rothschilds, DuPonts, Warburgs, Vanderbilts, Morgans, Bushs, Foleys, Spectors, and anyone else who literally gets royal treatment merely by having the right last name.

They’re bred to rule and to view everyone else as property to be used and used up. They’re the puppet masters whose fingers control their overseers who administer their corporations their government agencies.

They in turn control their house n!ggers who issue tickets, arrest, fight their wars… tell you who to hate

They’re the ultimate racists. And they would have you ignorantly look at someone JUST LIKE YOU but with a different hue of skin, different culture and hate solely on that, blame them for the problems you have that aren’t their fault!

So stop hating who you’re told to hate.

I’ll tell you who to hate. Here’s a list:

*Anyone who’s been in and out of government and corporate circles their entire lives

*Tired “activists” who come out for a scandal like crack fiends when the dope man walks by

*College professors with their bigoted heads up their asses their entire lives

*Communist operatives posing as “activists”

*Any and all house n!gger, state n!gger tool of the beast who refuses to see Truth

*Anyone who’d rather worry about what’s on TV tonight or what their favorite team’s doing than seek Truth and do something about it

*Anyone who think their family bloodlines alone entitle them to be the ones making the decisions.

And what should you do with your hate? Use it as motivation to fight for all of us! How? I have 40 essays detailing just how to do this at http://freedomguide.blogspot.com .

You can find out the Truth at the following websites-AND I’D HURRY WHILE WE STILL HAVE A FREE INTERNET:




You can begin the path on becoming independent of the beast by getting yourself in shape; financially, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Financial Freedom involves getting out of debt and eliminating the materialistic dependencies that are presented as fashionable. It also means ultimately having your own sources of income that don’t involve being a wage slave of some megacorporation… owned by the inbred trash that have always oppressed us.

Go to www.dailyreckoning.com www.silver-investor.com and www.gold-eagle.com to start your financial education. And buy some silver and gold, preferably silver!

Physical Freedom involves getting your body into shape; eating organic, working out, purging all the toxins and learning how to survive and fight. Rense.com is good to find out how to purge and purify your body, while www.awrm.org is the militia site to go to for learning how to fight. www.rwva.org is where you go to learn to use that tool of Freedom, the rifle.

Mental Freedom involves more than learning how the world is, it involves learning how to THINK FOR YOURSELF. It involves becoming your own leader because that is what it takes to financially and physically Free yourself.

Ultimately, you can’t Free your mind if you’re not Free spiritually. This means finding your way back to God. God your Father wants you to be Free-not to be slaves of the beast, of violent, inbred psychotic bluebloods who run the corporations, the central banks, the government, the media that fills your mind with crap.

Father’s waiting for you. Find a quiet room to be uninterrupted.

Still your mind. Close your eyes.

Gently ask for Father, and LISTEN.

Listening to Our Father in Heaven is something you have to work on, because the mind will intrude. Like anything else, if you apply yourself you can do anything. And that’s the key to defeating the RACIST “elites” and their minions and dupes and making a future for all of us.

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