911 maps - flight explorer

911 maps -flight explorer
Sun Aug 8, 2004 00:37

What do we know about the planes on 911?
A better way to say this, is how did we obtain this info?
We saw maps on CNN/FOX right?....
where did THEY get those maps?
This brings up a critical question.

After looking at a few maps from 911, some things clrearly dont add up. The maps do not jive with the transcript.
I have found oddities with all 4 flights.
The BIG question is how do these companies get their info? How did it get to the press in a few hours,and is it reliable?

The original maps i am speaking about are here by a company called Flight Explorer....
(There are also other maps done by a company called Flytecomm, there is an oddity there as well, i will get to that later)

I will only highlight a few points here you can read the new pages for the rest of the info.

There was a report about flight 93 filing a NEW flight plan. That is already known, what i found was that the estimated time of arrival changes, radically, twice. (once is understandable, beacause it filed a new flight plan)
The estimated arrival times starting at 2:15pm then it changes SOUTH of Pitt, well *after* it was hijacked and a new flight plan was filed to 10:28 it stays around that time, until the last blip which indicates 9:34 as the ETA, BUT it crashed much later than that. Why do the transcripts show a different time than the maps for the ETA and the destination Airport?
How could the ETA show 9:34 when it was well after that at the time of
the crash? Also, the map shows the plane going over 400mph at the time of the crash (93). This is when eyewitneses said it had slowed down?
Was it reporting a different plane? Perhaps a war games plane?
How hard would it be to turn off a transponder, and have a plane fly over another (hijacked plane) and confuse the radar? Radar will see only 1 blip, if the planes are too close to each other !

Another oddity I saw in the 911-commission report was that flight 175 changed its transpoder codes TWICE. Why would a hijacker do that?
It has been said they were turned OFF so that the plane could not be tracked, but changed, and turned off are 2 different things. Changing a tx code would only throw UP red flags to the flight controllers.
Not to mention, if they did not want the flights to be tracked, why let the passengers use cell phones?
Adtionally, I noticed that flight 93 was at 40,000ft at the time most of these calls were being made. (doing over 350mph)As a cell phone engineer, this seems impossible to me.

flight 77...
if you look at the Flight Explorer maps, flight 77 turns over Cleveland, the problem here is that if you look at the transcrips for flight 77, it is Indy radar that is looking for him. The transcrips show that 77 was LOST to radar for several mins. they had even thought it crashed. From my limited understanding, even if the transpoder is turned off, the plane should still be visible to radar, but the controllers in different cities talking to each other could not find it.

Now, this map below is from Flytecomm. This data shows flight 77 turning around in Indy?
Flytecomm Flight 77 NY times
Clearly there is a discrepancy. Why would there be a difference between these 2 maps, and the transcripts as well?
Isnt this what these companies do? track flights?

this is from the flight 77 transcript, though they are speaking about flight 11...
9:11:25 — Indianapolis Control, Dacos Radar Associate:
there's no flight plan in the machine right now and —9:11:28 — Indianapolis Control, Henderson Sector Radar Associate: yeah I just looked at that, too.

Does this support Gerard Holmgrens idea that flight 11 and 77 were never scheduled?

INDY radar? didnt the plane turn over cleveland?
Thats what we were told, and also what flight explorer shows?

Anyone know how these guys get their data?
Anyone want to email them and ask them why the discrepancy?
I am not accusing them of anything, but they could have been tricked?

For a full idea of the flight paths, and what may have happened. See the new pages here...



see Prof Dewdneys work on cell phone calls
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