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The Smearing of Ted Gunderson
Part 1

By Ken Adachi
May 1, 2000

If you know who late night radio talk show host Art Bell is, you probably already know that he recently retired from one of the most popular night time radio talk shows in America, Coast to Coast with Art Bell. Art lays the reason for his forced early retirement squarely on the shoulders of two individuals, Ted Gunderson and David Hinkson, because of a brief conversation between Hinkson and Gunderson about Bell on the night of December 9, 1997. Art has told his radio audience that his personal life has been devastated because of that exchange and that he felt compelled to retire from radio and vindicate his honor in a public trial. The conversation in question was carried on the Armed Forces Network (AFN), WWCR, KHNC, and other stations via short-wave radio. The entire transcript of the relavent two minute Gunderson/Hinkson conversation is attached to this article. It is a verbatim copy of the transcript submitted to the court in Nashville and titled by Gunderson's attorney as "Exhibit A".

A press release titled Art Bell Prevails in Defamation Hearing, posted April 28, 2000 by Rowland Network Communications, said that Bell's 'two-year battle' to vindicate his name had taken a 'significant step forward' and that attempts by radio host Gunderson and radio stations WWCR and WNQM to dismiss the lawsuit were rejected by Judge Marietta Shipley after lenghty oral arguments in a Summary Judgment hearing on April 28 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The release continued:

Art Bell filed his defamation lawsuit in the Circuit Court for Davidson County
after Mr. Gunderson and David Hinkson accused him of molesting children on
a program aired worldwide on WWCR, a Nashville-based short wave radio
station. Citing the emotional harm that resulted from the false charges, Mr. Bell
announced on March 31, 2000 his retirement from radio broadcasting.

Art Bell's lead counsel, Gerard P. Fox of Los Angeles, added:

"When a person has been defamed, there is no putting the genie entirely back
in the bottle. However, the Court's ruling today that Mr. Bell has provided
sufficient evidence to allow the case to be decided by a jury goes a long way
toward restoring his reputation. This day in Court has reaffirmed Mr. Bell's
confidence in our judicial system."

I believe this embroilment between Bell and Gunderson/Hinkson has been manufactured or manipulated into existence to discredit Ted Gunderson. Whether Bell is willingly participating in this smear effort or is an innocent dupe whose emotions have been manipulated to follow this course of action, I don't know, but his behavior does not fit the alleged 'crime'. Personally, I like Art Bell. I've been listening to his show on and off since 1995 and I always enjoy his interviews. It never occured to me that I would be writing an aritcle concerning Art Bell.

Let's review:

Art is a well known radio personality. During the April 28 summary court hearing in Tennessee involving Bell and Gunderson's attorneys, Gunderson's attorney stated that Bell's show was carried by more than 480 radio stations and had an estimated audience of nine million people. Regular listeners to the show have heard Art boast about the number of newly affiliated radio stations that have signed on to carry his show and those numbers seemed to have gone up steadily with each passing year. By all accounts, Art Bell seemed to be at the zenith of his radio career.

A question now begs to be asked: Why would a man at the very top of his chosen career, enjoying more popularity and earning power than he had ever achieved in his entire life, suddenly decide to throw it all away because of a two minute exchange between two individuals spoken on an obscure short-wave radio broadcast out of Nashville, Tennessee?

Another question: Before Art decided to discuss this incident on his show, how many of those nine million listeners in his audience, do you suppose, knew anything about the two minute conversation between Gunderson and Hinkson?

Very, very few I would think.

So why draw attention to it? When you are a well known radio personality with a large following, do you assist your critics by airing their accusations to your audience? Do you give them national exposure that they could not otherwise obtain?

Even more perplexing, why quit over it? Especially when you've been telling people for years how much you love the job. Yes, I've heard Art's on-air explanation of his son's apparent abduction and sexual abuse. Art said that stress over his son's situation is what caused him to suddenly quit his show last year. But the accused man in that case was convicted and imprisoned for life. Art came back to host his show and everything seemed to be hunky dorey until this: a two minute short-wave broadcast exchange that occurred more than 2 years ago, that now drives Art into early retirement and is accompanied by a three month long railing against Gunderson & Co.? This stream of events and Bell's strange conduct just don't add up. Is there more going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to?

What I'm observing is unreasonable and illogical conduct on the part of Art Bell coupled with a national chorus of booing from Bell fans aimed at Gunderson and Hinkson before the facts are even known.

For example, we have a press release from Rowland Network Communications, which is owned by Keith Rowland, Art Bell's web master, that states that "Mr. Gunderson and David Hinkson accused him [Bell] of molesting children on a program aired worldwide... ".

Is that what happened?

Let's examine the transcript from that 'notorious' broadcast:

Transcript of December 9, 1997 broadcast of Ted Gunderson radio program with guest David Hinkson on AFN, WWCR, KHNC and other stations and via short-wave radio

After a discussion between Ted Gunderson ("TG") and David Hinkson ("DH") regarding the case of Ms. Linda Wiegand, who has accused her ex-husband in a custody fight of molesting and raping her two young boys, the program went to a station break. The following is a transcription of the broadcast after the break.

TG We're back and my guest today is David Hinkson. I was telling you about the Wiegand
case, Dave.

DH I'm going to tell you something, Ted, I thought was interesting. You do a lot of research.
You're an investigator, right?

TG Right.

DH Okay, if I saw some paperwork, or somebody credible said they saw some paperwork, but
we didn't have copies of it in our hands, pertaining to an indictment that had been squashed
pursuant to a payola, how would you verify that?

TG Well, I'd go to the courts.

DH Okay. Art's my understanding he recently paid to cover up his indictment. Now I can't
prove it, but it was a credible source. Can you do a little research on that for me?

TG yeah, let's talk to, we'll.., we can talk. What court district is it in?

DN Pahrump.

TG Well, the record should be right there in Pahrump.

DH I was told, okay, that he bought his way out of it.

TG Well, then, if he bought his way out of it, there's a good possibility that the right person was
paid off and the records have disappeared.

DH I won't say anymore than it has to do with the subject you're talking about with Wiegand.

TG Oh, that's interesting. Now, I'll tell you about Art Bell.

DH He's not friendly towards me. I'm not saying too much here am I?

TG Let me just tell you about...We tried to get him to take Linda Wiegand and put her on his

DH That's why he won't.

TG What happened was, I had his home phone number, and I called, and his wife said: "Well,
he's asleep, he'll be up in an hour" and I said, "Have him call me." That was about ten days
ago. I haven't heard from him yet. So, I gave the number to Linda. Linda called. And said,
you know, "I'd appreciate it if you put me on your show. We got to protect our children. I
need to get my children out from behind that situation." And he got mad and hung up on her.

DH Ah, ha!

TG She called him back and said: "People don't hang up on me." And he said, " I will not put you
on my show until you tell me who gave you my home phone number." And so she called me
and I said, "Tell Art Bell that I gave the home phone number to you." She said you [sic] told
him, and she hasn't heard from him since.

DH Well, the only thing I'll say about this so-called indictment. And I'm not accusing. I want
listeners to call Art Bell and ask him to his face "Were you indicted? Did you cover it up,
Art?" I'm not accusing him. I'm just telling you a credible source showed me the stuff.

TG [Unintelligible].. You need to get all that, you need...

DH I'm asking you to prove my hearsay. That what I'm telling you is correct.

TG OK, listen, we have a caller. Ruth from West Virginia.

[End of transcript]

I don't read any accusations of child molestation here. What I read is guest Hinkson bringing up the topic of Art Bell. I read Hinkson hinting at the idea that Bell has squashed some sort of indictment and I read host Gunderson RESPONDING to Hinkson's statements and questions. Drawn into the conversation about Bell, host Gunderson then relays a couple of anecdotes about Bell not returning his phone call and giving Art's home phone number to Linda Weigand. But that's ALL I read. Gunderson, especially, is saying NOTHING that's out of line here. Hinkson has brought up the topic of Art Bell and Hinkson is proffering allegations about Bell, not Gunderson.

Based on this brief exchange, however, Art Bell now paints Gunderson & Hinkson-from Coast to Coast-as the Bad Guys Who've Ruined My Life and walks away from a job he absolutely loves.

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture???

Of the two villains, I know very little about David Hinkson. I believe he has a web based business and sells a product called Water Oz. I've never met him. I've never spoken to him and I have no idea about his ethics, morality, honesty or lack thereof.

I know much more about Gunderson.

Ted Gunderson retired from the FBI in 1979 as Senior Special Agent-in-Charge for Los Angeles after spending 29 years with the Bureau. Over the years, he had risen in the ranks from Special Agent to Special Agent Supervisor, to Assistant Special Agent -in-Charge for New Haven and Philadelphia, to Chief Inspector, to Special Agent-in-Charge for Memphis and Dallas, and finally to Senior Special Agent-in-Charge for LA. Following retirement from the FBI, Gunderson founded an international security consulting and investigation firm called Ted L. Gunderson & Associates out of Santa Monica, California. Gunderson was hired as a Security and Anti-Terrorism Coordinator for the 1979 Pan American Games held in San Juan, Puerto Rico by Attorney General Griffin Bell, and again in 1984 for the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Gunderson has received a variety of awards like "Law Enforcement Officer of the Year" and has appeared on a number of TV shows including "48 Hours", "Hard Copy", "Geraldo", "Inside Edition", and "Larry King Live". He also has a weekly short-wave radio show carried by WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio) called The Ted Gunderson Intelligence Report.

I first saw Ted Gunderson at a talk he gave a couple of years ago in Orange County, California on satanic ritual abuse involving children. At that talk, he mentioned the case of Army physician, Dr Jeffrey McDonald, who had received three consecutive life sentences for the murder of his wife and children. McDonald had insisted that his family had been killed by a group of people who entered his home and murdered his family in satanic rituals at Ft. Bragg, NC on February 17, 1970. Gunderson believed in McDonald's innocence and eventually found the "mysterious woman with the floppy hat" who had essentially corroborated McDonald's story and said that she was among the group who entered McDonald's home and committed the murders. The court discounted her confession and the woman soon wound up dead.

Irregularities committed by the government in the McDonald case are simply staggering. While under government control, evidence had been altered, destroyed, disappeared, and hidden from the defense. Recently, the Judge ruled that DNA testing could be done on the remaining artifacts, but did not allow the defense to be present when the court opened the envelopes which were supposed to contain 15 items of evidence. Only U.S. Department of Justice and FBI representatives were allowed to be present during the court proceedings. Five of the 15 items scheduled for examination of DNA were missing from those envelopes. That's barely the tip of the iceberg in the McDonald case. Anyone who carefully examines the voluminous evidence gathered by Gunderson and others, can clearly see that Dr. Jeffrey McDonald was framed. The evidence shouts out at you.

Gunderson has vowed to never give up on McDonald, convinced that McDonald is an innocent patsy taking the fall for satanic ritual participants whose capture could lead to the exposure of highly placed government and civilian individuals that are involved in these abhorrent activities, as has been recently alleged in the JonBenet Ramsey case.

At the Orange County presentation, Gunderson also talked about the New World Order and said that he saw too many things in the field that substantiated the information he had read in books about the NWO such as that explained in Pawns in the Game by William G. Carr. The kidnapping and use of young children by the elites of the NWO as sacrificial ritual victims and sex slaves particularly bothered him.

Gunderson's interest in the ritual abuse of children entered a new phase after he was asked by a group of parents in 1991 from the McMartin Preschool in the city of Manhattan Beach, California to oversee the investigation and excavation of the areas beneath the classrooms of the school where the abused 2-4 year old children insisted they were taken through trap doors and tunnels leading into an underground room used for satanic rituals. Despite two trials and an investigation that lasted over 7 years (1983-1990), prosecutors claimed that they could not find evidence of tunnels. During the first trial, the parents of the involved children were not allowed access to the school site. They were only permitted to probe for tunnels in a lot adjacent to the school. The kids always said that the tunnels were under the school.The first trial ended with Mrs McMartin being acquitted while her grandson, Ray Buckey, was deadlocked in a hung jury. During the second trial of Buckey, ownership of the McMartin school had changed hands and the parents now had an opportunity to access the the site.

Gunderson obtained permission from the new owner of the school to dig and assembled a team of professional archaeologists to excavate the areas under the school. As expected, they discovered the tunnels exactly were the kids had said they were located. All of the underground locations had been carefully back filled, but to the seasoned eye of the archaeologists, the evidence was ample and glaring. After uncovering the tunnels, Gunderson called the District Attorney's Office of Los Angeles County and they sent an investigator named Perez to inspect the site.

Investigator Perez would not accept the opinion of the team's leader, Dr. E. Gary Stickel (of UCLA) that the team had found tunnels. Among a ho

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