Brett Wagner
US using 'dangerous new form of weapon'
Mon Jul 24, 2006 00:24

US using 'dangerous new form of weapon'
From Brett Wagner, president of the California Center for Strategic Studies:

A couple of weeks ago I sent you an urgent email titled "The Most Shocking Thing I Have Ever Seen."

Since then, the California Center for Strategic Studies (CCSS) has been gathering additional evidence that the U.S. government has deployed a very dangerous new form of weapon in Iraq, apparently without congressional approval.

We have now set up an online petition calling on the U.S. Congress to oppose the development and deployment of the "pain ray" and the "death ray":

The petition also serves as a rough draft for prospective legislation.

Enclosed at the bottom of this email is an op-ed I've written which is going out all across the country next week. It will fill you in on most of the details. Thanks to our efforts, this story is probably going to be VERY BIG very soon.

Over the past week I've placed a number of phone calls to my usual contacts on Capitol Hill, and several key congressional staff members are interested in setting up a joint meeting for me to brief them on these issues. (We've worked with many of these same staffers on previous legislation.)

We believe there is a very good chance we can introduce legislation right after the August recess, but it's very important that we get the ball rolling SOON.

A few on the Democratic side of the aisle also believe this could become a very big issue in the November elections, for all the obvious reasons: mismanagement of the war in Iraq, a dangerous new precedent, etc.

(That's not to say this should be a "political issue" – but the reality is, in Washington everything is political to some extent.)

Opportunities like this to make a real difference in the course of Human Events are the primary reason why we launched our think tank 7 years ago. Since we are a small tightly-run organization, we rely almost totally on contributions from regular people like you – that means we do not have any funds set aside to pay for this trip to Washington.

Please consider making a contribution today, so that I can begin making all the necessary travel preparations to go to Washington (booking a flight, lodging, etc.) as soon as possible.

Please don't wait for someone else to help us – we need you!

You can make a tax-deductible online contribution to help out with our efforts by clicking on:

Or by mailing your tax-deductible contribution to:

The California Center for Strategic Studies
4882 McGrath St., Suite 230
Ventura, CA 93003

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"From the 'pain ray' to the 'death ray':
Have direct energy weapons already been deployed by U.S.
forces in Iraq?"

By Brett Wagner

Nothing in my training or experience as a national security specialist prepared me for what I witnessed last month when viewing a newly released documentary news video concerning an extremely controversial new generation of U.S. weaponry which may have already been secretly deployed in Iraq. This sort of thing is not for the faint of heart.

For the past few years the U.S. military has been developing new technology based on "directed energy" yielding two new types of weapons.

The first, "Active Denial System," has been nicknamed the "pain ray" -- and with good reason. It fires out millimeter waves -- a sort of cousin of microwaves, in the 95 GHz range. The invisible beams penetrate just 1/64th of
an inch beneath the skin, directly affecting the nerve endings, and a 2-second burst can heat the skin to 130 degrees. Charles Heal, a widely recognized authority on nonlethal weapons who has dubbed the ray the "Holy Grail of crowd control," likened it to having a hot iron pressed against the skin.

Deploying the pain ray would be a clear violation of international law, which prohibits weapons whose primary intention is to inflict pain. Earlier this year, a U.S. military commander in Iraq requested that, despite the ban, the weapon be deployed immediately. But following the efforts of our organization and others opposing that request, Washington has indefinitely delayed any deployment pending further testing and analysis.

The second form of directed energy weaponry fires out microwaves, a form of energy well known for its use in modern kitchen appliances. I have nicknamed this weapon the "death ray" -- and with good reason. Exposing mammals to microwaves is known to make them explode.

The documentary news video in question, which was released online recently (16 May 2006) by a major Italian news service, examines evidence that the U.S. military has deployed – dating back to the 2003 battle for Baghdad Airport – a new generation of weaponry likely based on firing microwaves. Viewer discretion is advised: even as a former professor for the U.S. Naval War College, this goes way beyond my comfort zone

Judging from the reported effects of the weaponry, it likely includes "speed of light" technology defying the generic term "laser" and it is my professional opinion that it also likely includes the use of microwaves, judging from the descriptions of bodies that seem to have inexplicably exploded.

However, I cannot imagine the scientific explanation for the cadavers that reportedly shrunk to the size of approximately one-meter in length after being exposed to some sort of ray (the cause of death) and then inadvertently struck by bullets. Neither do I have an explanation for what one eyewitness describes as a bus transformed "like a cloth, like a wet cloth" and shrunk to
the size of a Volkswagen. To me, it sounds like a very intense form of microwaves.

The statements by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and General Myers excerpted from a 2003 archived press conference are especially revealing:

JOURNALIST: Mr. Secretary, can I ask you a question about some of the technology that you're developing to fight the war on terrorists, specifically directed energy and high-powered microwave technology? When do you envision that you can weaponize that type of technology?

DONALD RUMSFELD (appearing noticeably uncomfortable with the question): In the normal order of things, when you invest in research and development and begin a developmental project, you don't have any intention or expectations that one would use it. On the other hand, the real world intervenes from time to time, and you reach in there and take something out that is still in a developmental stage, and you might use it.

JOURNALIST: But you sound like you're willing to experiment with it.

GENERAL MYERS: Yeah, I think that's the point. And I think we have from the beginning of this conflict… I think General Franks [commander of U.S. forces in Iraq] has been very open to looking at new things, if there are new things available, and has been willing to put them into the fight, even before they've been fully wrung out… And we will continue to do that.

Also noteworthy was the inclusion of footage, albeit very brief, near the end of the documentary of the "pain ray" being tested on a person identified as an American soldier. The person exposed to the ray obviously experienced excruciating pain before ducking quickly out of the line of fire.

The closing remarks in the documentary by highly-respected military analyst William Arkin echo my widely-publicized concerns regarding the implications of
the pain ray for use in crowd control in the U.S. – and the potential threat to our basic civil liberties, such as our First Amendment rights of peaceable assembly and to petition the government for a redress of our grievances (not to mention undermining the norms expressed by Sixth Amendment prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment).

These types of weapons pose a dire threat to the world as we know it and their deployment must be prevented at all cost. At the very least, they could ignite a new global arms race, which in turn would lead to increasing global instability or worse.

We simply must not allow this "Brave New World" to enter our own.


Brett Wagner is president of the California Center for Strategic Studies ( ).

Additional research was provided by CCSS analysts Jacob Shepard and Clay Fordahl.

(The video cited can be viewed in English, Italian or Arabic by clicking on

The California Center for Strategic Studies is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax exempt educational institute as recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and is incorporated in the State of California.


Traprock Peace Center, Leuren Moret and Doug Rokke Mislead Public on Depleted Uranium

by Robert Holloway

Leuren Moret - An Expert on Depleted Uranium?

There is a great deal of false information on the Internet about depleted uranium. One such retailer of false information is Leuren Moret. Let's take a close look at an instance where Ms. Moret has had ample opportunity to correct false information, at my request, and has failed to do so.

Ms. Moret recently published (August 9, 2005) an article in the Battle Creek Enquirer on depleted uranium. The article was republished online at the following URL:

In the article Ms. Moret makes the following claim and I quote exactly:

"In some studies of soldiers who had normal babies before the war, 67 percent of the post-war babies are born with severe birth defects - missing brains, eyes, organs, legs and arms, and blood diseases."

I have asked Ms. Moret by email to supply the source for her claim but she has not responded. The above claim is similar to other claims that she has made for several years. But reflect on this claim for a minute. If it is true, it is the sort of claim that would have been picked up long ago by the major news organizations and it would have caused a national scancal. The figure of 67 percent is far above the background rate of major birth defects of less than 5 percent. Did Ms. Moret make this claim up out of thin air? I think not. The background of this claim is that in the mid 90s, there was at least one newspaper account of anecdotal claims of excess birth defects in children born to a unit of the Mississippi National Guard.

However, this situation was thoroughly investigated in a scientific study by the Centers for Disease Control. A scientific paper on this study was published in a research journal. An abstract of that study can be found on the website of the CDC. Here is a quote from the CDC website:

>>>>>>>>>>In 1994, CDC collaborated with the Mississippi Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to investigate reports of adverse birth outcomes among members of two Mississippi National Guard Units that served in the Gulf War. This investigation found no increase above expected rates in the total number of birth defects or in the frequency of premature births and low birth-weight babies. The frequency of other health problems, such as respiratory infections, gastroenteritis, and skin diseases among children born to these veterans also did not appear to be elevated.


Penman A, Tarver RS, Currier MM. No evidence of increase in birth defects and health problems among children born to Persian Gulf War veterans in Mississippi. Military Medicine 1996;161:1–6.<<<<<<<<<

I informed Ms. Moret more than a year ago that she was using old and outdated information in regard to her claim about birth defects. She did not respond but continues to use the same misinformation. The fact that she does not respond on this problem calls into question her desire to present truthful information in regard to depleted uranium. If Ms. Moret wishes to respond to my comments, I will place here comments here. How about it Leuren?

Upon further checking on the Internet, I found what may be the source of Leuren Moret's 67 percent figure. Here is a quote from The Nation, of March 7, 1994:

>>>>>>>>>>>>Susie Spear, a health writer for the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi, reported that among her local unit of the National Guard severe birth defects had affected thirteen of fifteen babies conceived by veterans or their spouses since the end of the war. Since then, a Veterans Administration survey of 251 parents statewide has revealed that 67 percent of their children conceived since the war are afflicted with illnesses rated severe or have birth defects including missing eyes and ears, blood infections, respiratory problems and fused fingers.<<<<<<<<<<<

I should note here that a survey can hardly be described as a study, as Moret claims. And I believe that there is substantial doubt as to the accuracy of the 67 percent figure. It seems that if the survey were really conducted, there is no written record of it now, other than the Internet references quoted by the activists. It is also interesting that Leuren Moret does not give references for this information in her own Internet publications. Seems to me Leuren, that your 67 percent figure is just another urban legend.

The story goes on. Here is something that Michael C. Sullivan reported on the Internet in 2003 on this curious 67 percent figure.

>>>>> One of the more startling statistics still worming through the internet and the British press is the claim that a study of Gulf War veterans showed the 67% had children with severe illnesses, missing eyes, blood infections, respiratory problems and fused fingers. [SH]

The same figure showed up in the 1999 BBC story by Kirby: In one unit, 67% of children born to US Gulf veterans had severe illnesses or birth defects." [BBC1] Internet searches revealed that this stat, with a bit more detail, shows up on many peace and environmental activist sites. In a study of 251 Gulf War veterans families in Mississippi, 67 percent of their children were born without eyes, ears or a brain, had fused fingers, blood in infections, respiratory problems or thyroid and other organ malformations. [LM] I wrote to the author and was informed that her source was an article by Laura Flanders in The Nation from 1994. I quote:

"And now the effects of Gulf war Syndrome are carrying over to a new generation. Last December, Susie Spear, a health writer for the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi, reported that among her local unit of the National Guard severe birth defects had affected thirteen of fifteen babies conceived by veterans or their spouses since the end of the war. Since then, a Veterans Administration survey of 251 parents statewide has revealed that 67 percent of their children conceived since the war afflicted with illnesses rated severe or have birth defects including missing eyes and ears, blood infections, respiratory problems and fused fingers." [LF]

Uranium Munitions = Depleted Uranium



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