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Subject: Ken Vardon have any kids or grand kids? ... have idea can send as appreciation for BANNER ON DU posting.
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 10:33:12 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
From: Ruth D. Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.

As a radioman new to the Carrier.. we were sent to find 'Relative Bearing Grease' or the famous 'Frequency Stretcher' and even the 'Falopian Tube for a WRT-2 Transmitter' all over the ship. Was tipped off actually by another senior petty officer and spent nearly a WEEK out of the Radio Gang sleeping in one of the locked areas and reporting to the Chief each day three times a day with signatures from all over the ship. Chief caught on and asked how long we had known... "First day upon arrival Chief!" and he just smiled then made me work OFF the time sluffing off.

Now that APFN has joined NAAV in getting this message out... let me tell you a quick story then make an offer to give you something this old man cannot get started perhaps and can benefit your children and grandchildren if patented properly. My switching to Distilled Bottled Water in Gallons makes me think clearer than we have in YEARS!

Once upon a time a Radioman Petty Office watched the civilians come aboard for cruises and one in particular came in with an ET to repair a SideBand Transmitter WRT-2 if memory serves me from Collins.

For FOUR entire days this civilian sat behind an ET working on the replacement of various modules on the transmitter that went down for reasons suspected as being on a board. For FOUR days he said nothing to the ET then on the Fourth day the ET asked him how long he was going to just watch him... the Civilian replied "Until you follow the instructions and get this repaired!". Needless to say the ET was upset and the ET said "If you are so G.. D..ned Smart -- Think you can fix it when in Four Day I have not been able to do it?". Not saying a word the man rose up out of that chair, reached over to the modules in front of the ET, told him to pull this one and replace it with the new one... "Poof!" it worked. The ET then asked "How did you do that?" and the old man told him softly "I have the FIRST ONE at my home as we designed the unit from scratch!" From then my respect for Civilians who came onboard for check rides went through the roof!

Now for the item to consider:

America and the World depend upon FUEL or OIL for transportation. The prices are through the roof and destroy any hope of saving money because we spend it on fuel. A few years back my thoughts came to the common mode of transportation in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES... Bike or Walking. Some cultures do not drive just bike or walk miles to work or school. A former Secretary of Defense and Law Firm Originator in Washington and West Virginia LOUIS ARTHUR JOHNSON (January 10, 1891 - April 24, 1966) was the second United States Secretary of Defense, serving in the cabinet of President Harry S. Truman from March 28, 1949 to September 19, 1950. Mr. Johnson was an avid Golfer with wooden shaft clubs who loved to come up with ideas and he shared many moments with his young caddie who's step father was the PRO at the Clarksburg West Virginia Country Club.

One day Mr. Johnson pointed out a fact.... Golf balls ROLL DOWNHILL on their own. Such created, in the mind of his caddie, a comparison with a small wheel on the front of a bicycle with larger wheel on the back making it perhaps easier and like a Car with a small wheel on the FRONT the vehicle could actually be sent ROLLING DOWN A HILL with little or no effort. He laughed and said that it was better to use the level seating arrangement than to design a forward inertia movement vehicle which nearly propels itself with very small effort. Luis died April 24, 1966 and we lost contact with STEPTOE AND JOHNSON LAW FIRM or the family when in the Military other than visiting as his guest Washington DC and staying at one of the suites he had reserved at the Mayflower Hotel.

Think about what Mr. Johnson used in his brilliant mind: Building something with smaller wheel on the front and repositioning of weight stress forward to propel using minimal force. IF you care to find out more just let me know and we will relinquish any claim to you and your organization or you and your family for several of these related ideas which SCHWINN might join the German Car Makers using instantly. Part of it involves the old PEDAL VEHICLE kids race up and down the road with every day. Light weight Plastics strong but easy to get moving and with design allowing minimal force but maximum speed with body protective from wind and rain. NO A/C. NO ENGINE USING GASOLINE. USING SOLAR PANELS FOR LINK TO POWER WITH CHARGE REPLACED LIKE THE OLD CRANKS ON THOSE WWII RADIO'S WHICH DRIVE A SMALL MOTOR ASSISTING DRIVERS. ONE DRIVER ONLY VEHICLES OR SPECIAL BIKES.

Visited Sun City Center in Florida testing backflow prevention assemblies and noticed how many PEDAL a three wheeler bike to the store and get exercise in the same trip. Think about the change from CARRY WEIGHT EVENLY BETWEEN WHEELS and concentrate on contacting someone from MIT or wherever to check on this principle of change. MAGLEV battery powered unit or whatever the POGO STICK model was that had wheels and gyro is nothing to this idea but similar operation with same technology perhaps and a battery backup for when one gets tired or needs to concentrate on stopping or starting this new method of transportation. How many Bikes can be parked downtown in ONE PARKING SPACE?

Review the old CHINA and HONG KONG pictures... see the Bicycle even used in Russia and the people are healthy, courteous and carry a pump and sealing for tires to share!!! Amazing we can finally talk with each other while piloting our own BIKE! Seem interesting?

Crank UP the ideas before we both die! Share it with the World, put the idea in your family name if not APFN and let someone start designing a NEW BIKE, even solar powered with screen which pulls down like a golf cart top to protect from wind and rain for the driver. Warm climates can sure use one. Snow.... another problem solved by ICE RACERS with special tires..... but that is something else.


Louis Arthur Johnson is fondly remembered as a friend to my family and mentor!


Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
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