Wed Jul 26, 2006 10:34

The brutal assaults by Israel on Gaza and Lebanon without giving a damn for the deaths of innocent men, women and children clearly indicates that Israel does not believe in the "right to exist" of the Palestinians or the Lebanese.

Based on the clear evidence of the last few weeks, as the gutless world both Western and Arab stand by and do nothing to stop the carnage of Israels insane behaviour - Israel has forfeited 'its right to exist".

One has to wonder what the outcome would be if the Palestinians and the Lebanese had the same weapons as Israel. The only way to stop a bully is to give them back what they dish out - lets hope that somehow Israel gets what it deserves and has to crawl back into its hole.

Notice that once again the Bush Regime and the Israeli Government continue to call anyone who opposes them - "Terrorists". The joke is that at the United Nations they couldn't come up with a definition of "Terrorist" because all definitions clearly fitted the USA, Israel and well as the others.

As long as Israel camps on stolen Palestinian land the Middle East problem will continue. This problem could be solved quite simply if the Politicians who run our world were real people. The problem is that to be a Politician, in most cases, one has to be slimy,devious, deceitful and oblivious to human suffering - these are the people who cannot bring about reasonable and rational solutions to the worlds problems.

When I see people and especially innocent young children of any nationality being killed and maimed by bombs and rockets, I get very angry. What the hell is wrong with our world that our so called'leaders' can stand by and only offer false sympathy for those who have lost their lives.

And then you have Australia's nincompoop Foreign Minister Alexander Downer stating to the media that Israel is "not targeting civilians" - what rock is he living under.

Israel is committing War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity on a massive scale and must be stopped and brought to Justice once and for all - and if that makes me Anti-Zionist or Anti Semitic or whatever names they make up for those who oppose them -you better believe it, I'm guilty. Count me in - I want a new world (not NWO) that is peaceful and not run by War Criminals and MORONS who daily are killing innocent people without remorse and without retribution.

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