Native terrorist group
Wed Jul 26, 2006 15:18

418. Native terrorist group (7/5/2006)

When the London bombing took place (7/7/2005), I immediately pointed out it was done by intelligence to justify coming bombing in US. (see "327. London bombing (7/12/05)") Feds had made so many terror warnings domestically but all went soured. So they let others do it. The London bombing was a three months deal. (From 7/7 first bombing to 9/24 the landing of hurricane Rita) I think the third bombing didn't carry out because my continuing revelation. Anyhow, we can see from its payment: On 7/6 London was awarded for the 2012 Olympic hosting, and there was the disarmament of IRA on 9/27) One thing alarmed me was they targeted at public transit system. I take bus as my traffic means.

For the 6/23 framed case, Feds threw out a terror cell. Muslims in US have already alarmed by hostility pushed up by Bush administration and it is hard to build up terror group among suspicious American Muslim. So they created native cell.

It is a typical Feds organized, Feds guided, Feds cultivated group. They brain washed the innocent young men. Let them believe they could change their life by joining Islamic movement. Those people used to be penniless, living in the bottom of society and hope for a change of their life.

Those men were innocent. They even believe the guider (informant) could introduce them a representative from Al Qaida. Think with your brain, if you want to contact an Al Qaida, do you know how to and where to find one? But the guider could find one easily like he had a magic lantern.

The group was said having sworn an oath of loyalty to Al Qaida. I don't think it was organized by themselves but by the informer or the "Al Qaida representative".

They had no weapons, explosives and money. Even the boots and camera to photograph a FBI office were provided by the informant. Who led and guided the group?

There were three mastermind: Al Qaida representative (informant); the guider (It was impossible that the Al Qaida representative knocked at door, saying Allah told him there was a cell here. There must be an introducer, so the guider was an informant too) and the ring leader Batiste. Media didn't say who is the informant which infiltrated the group, if that guider was Batiste, then there were only two mastermind. They were all from Feds.

I think Batiste is an informant. Feds used such kind of informants to monitor people; recruit gangs, drug rings and terror cells. Batiste recruits openly on street. His job is to repair house(?) A job informants preferred. If you still remember in my experience, they like to disguise as gardener, roofer, garage door contractor, drainage worker..... a job easy to search people's house covertly.

Feds (DEA, FBI) had created a drug ring in three years to frame a case on me. (see #142, 143, 144,150) After my revelation, the director of DEA stepped down. But similar tactic to create drug ring, terror cell is still going on. This time to justify the planned bombing in San Jose, they threw out a terror cell to make it look like native terror cell is common in America.

Eve and Adam were innocent originally. They lost paradise when they ate the apple introduced by a snake. In this world, Satan still do same thing without being punished. But people knew who is the evil.

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