Zionazi Terrorism - A "JEWISH PHENOMENA"
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THE TAKING OF HOSTAGES - [http://www.palestine-encyclopedia.com/EPP/TOC.htm]

The Zionist leaders were the first terrorists who established the practice of hostage taking in the Middle East. The following are examples:{ [http://english-cyprus.indymedia.org/newswire/display/176/index.php]

On June 18, 1946, Jewish terrorists kidnapped five British officers from the Officers Club in Tel Aviv. They were Capt. Spencer, Capt. Taylor, Capt. Warburton, Capt. Rea and F/Lt. Russell. On the same day, they kidnapped Major Chadwick.(21)

Major Chadwick escaped from his kidnappers on June 19, 1946. Capt. Rea and F/Lt. Russell were released by their Jewish captors on June 22, 1946, after spending the interim period bound, shackled and closely guarded by the terrorists in a cellar somewhere in Tel Aviv. F/Lt. Russell was thrown inside a large crate on the lorry where he found Capt. Rea who was gagged with adhesive tape and bleeding from a head wound. The two British hostages were placed later on in a cellar, guarded by four armed Jews; the officers had their hands tied and feet bound. Chains were placed on their feet and wrists. They were released on June 22, 1946.(22)[http://www.israelect.com/reference/WillieMartin/COM-3.htm]

The Zionist leaders were the first terrorists in the Middle East who hanged hostages. [http://www.israelect.com/reference/WillieMartin/1111.htm] - On July 12, 1947 two British non-commissioned officers were abducted in Nathanya by a party of armed Jews. On July 15, 1947, the British Colonial Secretary made a statement about the two British non-commissioned officers who were kidnapped, taken hostage and then hanged by the Jewish terrorists. He stated:

It is with deep regret that I confirm the reports which have been current during the past 24 hours that the two British sergeants, Paice and Martin, abducted at Nathanya on 12th July, have been murdered by Jewish terrorists. I received today the following telegram from the High Commissioner for Palestine: "Most deeply regret to inform you that the two bodies were found at 9 o'clock this morning in an eucalyptus grove at Umm Uleiga, near Beit Lid. They were hanging from two trees. Notices were pinned to the bodies saying that the men had been hanged by the National Military Organization as British spies. The first body was cut down by an Army captain, and as he bent over it a small bomb exploded, injuring him in the face. The surrounding area was found to have been mined."(23)

This ingenious method of terrorism was the product of the wicked minds of Menahem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. It was Begin in consultation with Shamir and the Hagana leadership who gave the order to hang the two British sergeants.(24)

On December 29, 1946, British Army Major Brett was kidnapped in the Hotel Metropole in Nathanya by a party of armed Jews. He was flogged with 18 strokes and subsequently released. The same evening, two British Staff Sergeants, Wright and Ventham, were abducted by aparty of armed Jews at the Arrnen Hotel in Tel Aviv and taken to the Zoological Gardens. Each was stripped naked and flogged with 18 strokes of the lash. On the same evening, five armed Jews entered the Cafe Tirzah at Rishonlezion and abducted a British Staff Sergeant who was taken away and flogged. He suffered severe bruises and abrasions and was admitted to the hospital for treatment.(25) Also on December 29, 1946, aBritish soldier, Private Gillam, was kidnapped from a cafe in Richon, and he too was flogged.(26)

The Hagana did not hesitate to kill hundreds of Jews to protest British policy in preventing illegal immigration to Palestine. The ship Patria arrived at Haifa in November 1947 with 1,700 illegal Jewish immigrants aboard. The Palestine Government decided to send the ship to the Mauritius Islands. On November 25, 1947, Jewish terrorists placed a bomb in the ship to prevent it from sailing. As a result, two hundred and fifty-two Jews were killed and many were injured. Menahem Begin confirmed that "the British authorities noted the fact that this was not an Irgun Z'vai Leumi operation; it was Haganah who had placed the bomb."(27)- [http://www.revisionisthistory.org/news.html]

The Jewish terrorists in Palestine under the command of Menahem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir invented a new method of international terrorism which had no precedent in history, namely sending parcel-post bombs and letter bombs to British officials in London. The first parcel bomb was sent on September 3, 1947. Yitzhak Shamir was the mastermind behind this barbaric method. It was addressed to a high official of British Military Intelligence whom the Zionist terrorist organizations suspected of collecting damaging information about them. i he parcel exploded in a post office in Howick Place, Victoria Street, London, seriously injuring two postrnen.(289) - [http://www.israelect.com/reference/WillieMartin/NOTAJEW.htm]

On May 3, 1948, a parcel bomb was addressed to Roy Farran in London. Farran was a member of the British Anti- Terrorist Squad in Palestine who returned to England. The parcel was opened by Rex Farran, his 25-year-old younger brother. Many of his organs were blown to pieces, and he died instantly.(29)[http://www.zundelsite.org/english/misc/links.html] -

It was established that the Stern Gang was responsible for this crime. Yitzhak Shamir was one of the triumvirate leadership of the Stern Gang.

The Stern Gang under the leadership of Yitzhak Shamir intensified its campaign of sending letter bombs to British officials. Between 4 and 6 June, 1947,20 letter bombs were sent. The first shipments of eight letter bombs arrived in London on June 4, 1947. One was addressed to Sir Stafford Cripps, Minister of the Board of Trade, another to Mr. John Strachy, Minister of Food, neither of whom had any connection with the Palestine question. Both letters were intercepted by Scotland Yard and the bombs were defused.(30)

Three more letter bombs were intercepted by Scotland Yard on June 5, 1947. One was addressed to the Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, who was abhorred by the Zionists for his balanced and fair stand on the Palestine question. Letter bombs were also addressed to Anthony Eden, former Foreign Secretary, and Arthur Greenwood, Minister without Portfolio.(31) [http://www.zundelsite.org/english/debate/victims/index.html]

The following are examples of the barbaric methods of terrorism committed by the Jewish terrorist organizations from 1939-1945:

(a) Placing bombs in Arab markets and cafes, killing many civilians, mostly women and children.

(b) Placing landmines and exploding them by remote control.

(c) Blowing up of buildings and police stations.

(d) Placing bombs in cinemas where many people were killed or injured.

(e) Placing bombs in railway stations, markets and govemment offices and exploding them, killing and injuring many innocent people.[http://www.radioislam.org/]

(f) Placing bombs in trucks and cars filled with explosives near buildings and exploding them, thereby killing and injuring many innocent people.

(g) Throwing bombs into passing cars and into Arab crowds, killing and injuring many civilians.

(h) Blowing up of Arab houses and hotels, killing hundreds of men, women and children.

Details of the Zionist terrorist crimes in Palestine from 1939-1948 are set out in Chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 of this encyclopedia. The authoritative descriptions of these crimes were obtained from the Foreign Office files, Colonial Office files and War Office files from the Public Record Office, Kew Gardens, Surrey England. The writer personally selected these files which were photocopied. Each incident recorded in these four chapters are verbatim records. They were taken from reports sent from the High Commissioner for Palestine to the Colonial Secretary in London and from the Officer Commander of British forces in Palestine to the Secretary of War in London. Unfortunately, not all documents about Jewish terrorism in the Colonial Office, War Office and Foreign Office files have been declassified. It was noted in the record: "Retained by the Department." The writer spoke with the Director of the Public Record Office regarding examining these files and he told him, "They will be classified for the next seventy five years." [http://www.israelect.com/reference/WillieMartin/ISAAC-13.htm] - ----- -- Where pray tell were the real "Israelites" while all this Talmudic/Zionazi terrorism was transpiring....? Worshipping the Talmudic Terrorists in "Amerika"... watching Talmudvision defile their children....The "Criminal Justice" system send people to prison for questioning the "Authority" of the IRS/ATF/FBI - .--- .--- .- - And ...the USS Liberty......Kahl,Weaver,Waco,OKC,911.....- "Reapeating the "jewish" lie ... they are Gods' chosen people...."ISRAEL"...Our only democratic ally in the middle east..!

In 1948 the Zionist leaders started to execute their premeditated plan to expel the Palestinians from Palestine and to usurp their homes, lands and all their worldly possessions. In implementing this plan they committed the following war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide as set out in Chapters 9 to 14 of this encyclopedia:

1. They committed hundreds of massacres throughout Palestine.

2. They erased 492 Arab small towns and villages and Bedouin localities from the map of Palestine and converted them into Jewish settlements.

3. They usurped Arab houses and apartments in twelve large towns and cities for settling Jews.

4. They committed looting, pillage, plunder and spoliation of the personal and real properties of Palestinians in twelve large towns and cities and 526 small towns and villages.

5. They destroyed, desecrated and usurped Muslim Holy Places in Palestine and violated the religious rights of Muslims.

6. They destroyed and desecrated Christian Holy Places in Palestine and violated the religious rights of Christians.

In 1967 Zionist leaders committed a war of aggression against neighboring Arab countries, occupying the West Bank and Gaza, namely the remaining 20% of Palestine. From 1967 to 1989 they committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and neighboring Arab countries as set forth in Chapters 16-33 of this encyclopedia:

1. Murder, massacres, systematic terrorism, kidnapping and other war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza and neighboring Arab countries.

2. Looting, plunder, pillage and spoliation and other war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed in the Gaza Strip.

3. Plunder and usurpation of Palestinian lands, natural and water resources and the establishment of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

4. Willful destruction of the Palestinian economy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

5. Demolition and sealing of Palestinian homes.

6. Collective punishment, curfews, checkpoints, mass round-ups and closures.

7. Establishing concentration camps and political prisons.

8. Torture and inhuman treatment of Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners.

9. Torture and inhuman treatment of Palestinian women.

10. Illegal administrative detention of Palestinians.

11. Illegal town arrest orders of Palestinian families.

12. Inhuman separation of Palestinian families.

13. Jewish settler terrorism against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

14. Brutal measures, including murder, beating and use of toxic gas to suppress the Intifada.

15. War crimes in Lebanon in the Zionist wars of aggression of 1978 and 1982.

16. Wanton bombing of Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

17. Mossad terrorism, including murder and kidnapping, against Palestinians and others in Europe and the Middle East.

18. Piracy and terrorism at sea against unarmed vessels.


In order to cover up their terrorism, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Palestinians from 1939 to 1948 and from 1948 to the present, Israeli leaders in occupied Palestine and their vociferous lobbyists in the United States managed to delude President Ronald Reagan, Secretary of State George P. Shultz and a majority of Congressional leaders into believing that international "terrorism" is the root of all evil. They whipped up a frenzy both in the American Administration and Congress on the subject of terrorism, intentionally branding Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims as terrorists. They succeeded in convincing both the United States Administration and Congress that the Palestine Liberation Organization is a terrorist organization and should not be a party to any peace process, thereby perpetuating an agreement made between Henry Kissinger and Y itzhak Rabin in 1975 and fulfilling Israel's determination to sabotage and frustrate the peace process. They know that without the P.L.O. no peaceful settlement to the Palestine problem can be achieved. It is a mockery to read in American newspapers that Israeli leaders such as Yitzhak Shamir, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon met with President Reagan, and that thereafter the White House issued a Press Release Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem stating that President Reagan and Mr. Peres or Mr. Shamir "discussed the evil scourge of terrorism which has claimed so many Israeli, American and Arab victims and brought tragedy to so many others. We agreed that terrorism must not blunt our efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East."(32)

President Reagan proclaimed, "Terrorists and those who support them, must and will, be held to account,"(33) yet President Reagan knowingly, or unknowingly, ignored the fact that his Israeli "strategic allies" were themselves master terrorists and war criminals and that his Administration was an accessory to Israeli crimes because it aided and abetted the Israelis in the commission of these crimes by giving them billions of dollars and large quantities of the most sophisticated weapons and by politically supporting them in the United Nations. George P. Shultz, the former United States Secretary of State, made himself a Zionist tool and became a Zionist champion for his steadfast campaign against terrorism, despite the obvious contradictions in his position.

Joseph C. Harsch, a highly respected American journalist, wrote an article in the Christian Science Monitor under the title "Preferential Treatment for Israel?" in which a few of these contradictions are spelled out:

The Department of State in Washington has denied an entry visa to Yasser Arafat, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), on the ground that he "knows of, condones, and lends support" to acts of terrorism and "he therefore is an accessory to such terrorism."

If this logic were to be applied universally, the Prime Minister of Israel would be refused a visa to enter the United States. Yitzhak Shamir was originally a member of a Jewish terrorist group called the Irgun, which was headed by former Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Mr. Shamir later moved over to the even more radical Stern gang.

Whether Mr. Arafat ever specifically sanctioned an act of terrorism against unarmed civilians is disputed. Israel, and the US government, assume he has. PLO spokesmen say that terrorist acts committed by Palestinians or their friends and sympathizers among other Arab communities have been done by fanatical individuals or groups over which Arafat has no control.

That Shamir and Begin have been leaders of terrorist bands that committed many atrocities is beyond question. Shamir himself has defended the various assassinations committed by the Irgun and Stern gangs on the ground that "it was the only way we could operate, because we were so small. So it was more efficient and more moral to go to selected targets." The selected targets in those early days of the founding of the state of Israel included Lord Moyne, British resident minister in Cairo in 1944, and the Swedish Count, Folke Bernadotte, on Sept. 17, 1948. Not all Begin and Shamir targets were so precise. T

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