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American Civil Liberties Union

Dear Friend,

We always like to think someone gets a lot out of joining the ACLU.
But it's never included getting a full season DVD set of a television
show --until today!

It's been one year since we launched our ground-breaking television
series, The ACLU Freedom Files. Our vision when we started the series
was to strip away the headlines, sound bites and easy clichés about
our work, and show the world the effect of civil liberties on real
people every day.

The ACLU Freedom Files dramatically demonstrates all the ways that the
ACLU's work impacts real people -- work that is made possible by the
support of our members.

I'm pleased to offer you the opportunity to join the ACLU today and receive
the entire first season of the show in our newly released two DVD set with
a gift of $45 or more:

In addition, because we know so many ACLU supporters share our desire to
get our message out beyond our "core" audience, we are offering you a way
to donate an additional set of Freedom Files to your local library. For a minimal
additional charge to cover our costs, we will send this second set to your local
library in your name.

You'll be doing more than becoming a card-carrying member of the ACLU --
you'll also be helping to spread the word about the importance of standing up
for freedom.

The personal stakes have never been higher in our efforts to defend
freedom. And every episode of Freedom Files brings that point
home ... from the compelling story of Bryan and Christy Rehm, parents
who were part of a lawsuit to keep intelligent design out of the
classroom, to the bitter reality of Le'Quan Simpson and Kayla Dandiles
who were swept up in the drug wars.

In dramatic fashion, the series makes it clear what's on the line when
the government seeks to stifle dissent or when racial profiling turns
into a daily assault on someone's dignity.

Our TV series has provided us with an unprecedented opportunity to
capture public attention, and teach and mobilize new audiences around
pressing civil liberties issues that threaten people all across
America. By making a contribution today, you will receive this
captivating series, and you will stand with us in the fight to protect
civil liberties.

All of us at the ACLU are so proud of this series and of the work it
represents. Please support the ACLU today to receive your DVD set.
Also consider ordering a set for your library so that more people have
access to these brave stories. Join the ACLU and get
your own copy of the ACLU Freedom Files today:


Anthony D. Romero -
Executive Director

ABA Task Force Finds Recent Presidential 'Signing Statements' Bad ...
Ms. Magazine, CA - 2 hours ago
A task force of the American Bar Association (ABA) released a report yesterday highly critical of recent presidential 'signing statements'. ...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 -

The American Bar Association (ABA) is calling for Congress to pass a bill that would invoke a judicial review of President Bush�s legal authority to use signing statements that have challenging at least 750 laws since his presidency began, according to U.S. News.

Signing statements are additional notes that the President adds to a bill before it is signed into law. They have been used since the early 1800�s, but they were historically used as a mechanism for the President to explain his interpretation of a controversial law or to proclaim the President�s perspective on an issue. However, President Bush has been using signing statements to actually rewrite and override laws. In one example that brought attention to the issue, Bush signed a torture banning bill but at the same time he added a signing statement saying that he has the right to not enforce the bill � effectively voiding the complete purpose of the bill. Bush has issued over 130 signing statements during his presidency thus far.

A congressional task force is currently considering what action should be taken to limit the President�s use of signing statements. Some members of the task force are proposing a resolution asking Bush not to use signing statements and other members have proposed to give Congress the right to sue Bush for the signing statements, but the ABA says that stronger action needs to be taken. Without a complete review of laws already passed by Bush the affects of his actions will go unmeasured. Furthermore, critics argue that without constitutional checks and balances on the President, the very foundation of the government is at risk.

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