Congress v. Bush
The FEMA list of Presidential Executive Orders
Tue Jul 25, 2006 16:26

The FEMA list of Presidential Executive Orders

On February 16, 1962, President John Kennedy signed several Executive Orders which would allegedly give certain dictatorial powers to appointed bureaucrats in the event a "National Emergency" should be declared by the President — whichever president is sitting in office at the designated time. At the president's discretion "in any time of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis", the E.O.'s could theoretically be enacted.

These E.O.'s signed by Kennedy would give authority to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to control: communications, energy, food, fuel, farms, transportation, highways, railroads, inland waterways and seaports, health, education and welfare, drafts citizens into work forces under government supervision; relocation of populations, designates areas to be abandoned as 'unsafe'; relocates communities, and controls all public storage facilities.

On February 27, 1962 Kennedy signed E.O. 11051 designating FEMA as the authorized agency to implement the above orders, and which authority can be re-designated by the original authority.

President Nixon signed E.O. 11490 combining all the above to be enacted in one fell swoop; on July 20, 1979 Carter added a few minor amendments to them; and, in June, 1994 then president Bill Clinton signed E.O. 12919, which appears to encompass all of the E.O.'s.

We have found no Executive Orders that would nullify any of the above, so it appears they are all considered to be on the books at the time of this posting.

Given there is no Constitutional authority for any president to declare a "National Emergency," we have wondered how the orchestraters of this plan expected to successfully execute the E.O.'s.

The plan for total control of every aspect of our lives has been under construction for a long time. As you read these executive orders, bear in mind that they mean nothing by themselves. They are not law, nor can they become law by and of themselves.

However, under legislation that is currently pending in most (if not all) states, they could potentially take on significant meaning.

The Emergency Health Powers legislation, pending in state capitols all across America — if passed — would give the governor the power to declare a state of health emergency by executive order. He then would be able to hand the reigns of power to whomever he chooses — including the state's emergency management agency, which could essentially act as an arm of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Apart from — and sometimes combined with — these Emergency Health Powers Acts are varying forms of "anti-terror" bills that are virtually redefining the words "terror," "terrorism," and "terrorist."

States are busy right now, creating their own versions of the federal Office of Homeland Security. These state offices will oversee the process and details of the implementation of these orders. That is why it is so critical to get the legislation stopped in the states. For more information, or to read the bills we've compiled, go to the War on Americans is in the States section of this website.

After you're done reading these executive orders, you might wish to print them out and take them to your state legislators, to emphasize to them the importance of defeating the bills that are currently pending, that would be the final piece needed to implement the controllers plans.

And now, the list:

* Executive Order #10995: Seizure of all communications media in the United States.

* Executive Order #10997: Seizure of all electric power fuels and minerals, public and private.

* Executive Order #10999: Seizure of all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control of highways, seaports and waterways.

* Executive Order #11000: Seizure of all American people for work forces under federal supervision including the splitting of families if the government finds it necessary.

* Executive Order #11001: Seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, public and private.

* Executive Order #11002: Empowered the postmaster general to register all men, women and children in the U.S.

* Executive Order #11003: Seizure of all airports and aircraft.

* Executive Order #11004: Seizure of all housing and finance authorities to establish Forced Relocation Designated areas to be abandoned as "unsafe."

* Executive Order #11005: Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, public and private.

* Executive Order #12919: Signs June 3, 1994, by President Clinton. Encompasses all the above executive orders.

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Congress v. Bush
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nation Of Laws: Ignoring Congress


The Bush administration's disregard for the Constitution is showing.

An American Bar Association panel issued a report Monday on the administration's practice of negating new laws with signing statements that create so many exceptions the president turns congressional intent upside down. The panel, which includes prominent conservatives, said the administration has taken the practice so far that some actions are "contrary to the rule of law and our constitutional system of separation of powers."

As the White House argues, the practice isn't new. But the administration has turned the use of signing statements into a part of its broad attempt to restore presidential powers to pre-Watergate levels or beyond. By the panel's count, the Bush signing statements challenge about 800 provisions of law, more than in all U.S. history.

It's no coincidence Bush has only one veto. Panel member Bruce Fein, who served in the Reagan administration, told The Washington Post a signing statement "is an absolute veto, because the Congress has no power to override him." As another panel member, former FBI Director William Sessions, wrote in a P-I Op-Ed July 12, "Our country's framers intended that no single person would have complete and unilateral control over government." Disobeying that principle threatens liberty.

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