Hezbollah v Israel-- scripted diversion by the Traitor Caba
Tue Jul 25, 2006 16:52

July 25, 2006

Emergency Update

Federal Reserve continues to freeze U.S. / French Ameritrust commissions from the 1980's Leo Wanta, U.S./ French Intel, Russian Ruble, Black op program. Federal Reserve under Box control by British Queen Marc Rich, Benjamin Netanyahu aka Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Hezbollah versus Israel, a scripted diversion. It was Daddy Bush's bitch Bill Slick Willy Clinton, along with his alleged wife Queen Hillary Lesbian-in-the-closet Rodenhurst-Clinton that sold GPS spoofers to Iraq which then sold them to Hezbollah (hello Gary Best).
Again the clearing house for this was the Royal Bank of Jordan.

P.S. - Royal Bank of Jordan and National Westminister Bank of U.K. still in possession of stolen U.S. Treasury funds. Both banks now used by Mossad, Israeli Intell, and Rafael Eytan (faked death squad) to script terrorist attacks around the world.

P.P.S. Reign of Terror aka ethnic cleansing continues in Iraq with Rafael Eytan and Israeli Mossad directing under the radar screen the Shiite Militia's. The Bosnian-Gary Best Bridge.

PPPS - Mexican election stolen with U.S. software aka Choicepoint-Diebold.

Question: Does Katherine Harris have a Mexican passport? Note: Today's Israelis bombing in Lebannon targets alleged Hezbollah leader. Will his body if found be buried in an unmarked grave next to alleged terrorist aka British Intel agent Zarqawi? Answer: Call Yellowcake Chalibi now running local Beirut Iranian Mossad financed Funeral Home. Funeral luncheon to occur in basement of the Beirut branch of the Royal Bank of Jordan. Note: Monica Crowley gets drunk on French wine at MSNBC party. She is then seduced by transexual Ann Coulter aka Tranie Annie. Rumour has it that Dunblaine Pedophile Tony Blair, current U.K. Prime Minister, got to watch.

July 25, 2006

The Reagan Protocols

Message to Bushfraud:

Quit using other people's money to deliver arms to Israel for the purpose of civilian genocide in the Middle East.

Item: U.S./ French Intel, a.k.a. Interpol, now are demanding the immediate implementation of the Reagan Protocols. These Protocols never fullfilled, represent funds due French / U.S. Intelligence a.k.a. the Leo Wanta / J.P. a.k.a. the Russian Ruble operation a.k.a. the economic collapse of the old Soviet Union.

These U.S.Treasury Intel Operational Funds were stolen by the British/Israeli Marc Rich, former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Daddy Bush, Lord Alexander, DOV Trading Box Gang.

These stolen funds eventually helped fund Mena, Arkansas, Bush-Clinton Iran Contra, The Childrens Defense Fund and private offshore accounts in the name of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Reference: Daddy Bush's Pilgrim Investments in Hillary lesbian-in-the-closet Clinton-Rodenhurst Queen Melusina Bahamas Account.

We now see why Nancy Reagan continues to loathe the Bush Family. Are you listening Michael?

P.S. Again it was duly elected U.S. President Albert Gore Jr. along with Leo Wanta, Vince Foster, U.S. General Vernon Walters and French President Francois Mitterand that tried to have Marc Rich arrested in 1993.

It was the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate along with Benjamin Netanyahu that frustrated the arrest attempt; murdered Vince Foster and proceeded to raid the Ameritrust Account in Switzerland. Eventually Netanyahu had Rabin assassinated.

P.P.S. - We now see why Daddy Bush and Donald Gregg tried to frame Ronald Reagan on Iran Contra.

P.P.P.S. - We now see why Hillary Clinton Rodenhurst along with Ambassador Mark Irwin of the Seychelles Islands as well as former Independant counsel Kenneth Starr and Bob Book and Snake Woodward of the Washington Post tried to frame then Vice-President Albert Gore Jr.

Note: Why does the U.S. oil soaked British-Israeli media despise America's oldest ally of 200 years the Republic of France.

Answer They too the network corporate elite prosper and exist on stolen U.S. Treasury funds a.k.a. Allan Greenspan's piggy bank.

Note to Fox News: Repatriation of Treasury Funds will lead to massive unemployment lines and dissolution of your Network. Future employment available at portable outhouses at British Cricket matches. The Dunblaine Whorehouse has no openings


- - -
IF you are not yet aware, be apprised that International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies -- sources who are putting their very lives on the line, 24/7, for you and I and our loved ones to SAVE America and the World from Traitors-Treason-Tyranny
- - -

YES there are outstanding warrants for Bush's protected Chalabi and Bush/Clinton's protected Marc Rich and protected Viktor Bout

YES there are on-going 'suicid-ed' assassinations

IF you are having difficulty wrapping your mind around this treason, do your own research on the internet -- you will be astounded
- - -

Court Adjudicated Official Federal Whistleblower FIRED, after 31 years of Federal service, without any compensation, for Reporting On-Going Treason Threatening National Security, that of Extensive Briberies and Cover Up Conspiracies 'Giving Aid and Comfort' to Illegal Muslims -- Rewarding Numerous Felonies

Three (3) Illegal Muslims Sham Marriage Rings in Orlando area PRIOR to 9/11 - NO prosecutions

*** These illegal aliens who have engaged in numerous FELONIES of sham marriage, document fraud, perjury, bribery, forgery, failed to pay taxes, etc. have been REWARDED with green cards and our highest privilege of United States citizenship.

We Reap What We Sow

Our highest privilege of United States citizenship rewards these felons with easier travel on United States passports, voting privileges, the ability to hold public office, and the opportunity for a federal position with access to classified information.

These treasonous conspiracies are NOT about Creator loving, law abiding legal Muslims in the United States, but specifically address illegal Muslims who are being aided and abetted by treasonous officials, after committing numerous felonies defrauding the American People.

This is not a political issue of democrats vs. republicans vs. libertarians vs. independents, it is not an issue of black, brown, red, yellow, or white, nor is it an issue of Buddhist vs. Christian vs. Hindu vs. Jewish vs. Muslim...; it IS an issue of national security, it IS an issue of home security, it IS an issue of personal security.

*** While our very own men and women are ordered by the Bush Traitor Cabal to an illegal war against claimed 'seditious' Muslims [now in the quagmire of a foreign civil war],

only to return in body bags or with their arms, legs, hands and feet blown off, bodies burned and/or poisoned with radiation poisoning; and

while you and I, John Doe American citizens, loose our precious freedoms and privacy and our divinely inspired united States Constitution is shredded in the name of 'created’ terrorism,

this Traitor Cabal so easily manipulate zoned-out, sleeping Americans via their conspiratorial Orwellian, corporate-controlled LMSM (lying mainstream media),

expecting ignorant Americans will continue thttp://www.maryschneider.us

to give up their divinely inspired Constitutional rights and freedoms all in the name of 'security, security';

whether it be ‘security’ from state-sponsored bombings or the highly convenient ‘created’ HN51 bird flu;

expecting the American People to willingly accept martial law and a quasi tyrannical dictatorship through fear, fear, fear from their created 'terrorism' using Muslim patsies,

i.e. via the highly successful D.C. sniper template

*** Read up on what Hitler did with the ‘Reichstag Fire’ and to the German People’s constitutional rights - this 'created catastrophe' enabled the power to pass laws by decree, without the involvement of the Reichstag aka congress aka parliament -- sound familiar?

These same treasonous officials, destroying our divinely inspired constitutional rights and freedoms with their 'Patriot Act', spending our hard earned tax dollars, hundreds and hundreds of billions, in fighting, bombing, killing innocent Iraqi men, women, children and babies:

* who did NOT attack the USA on 9/11

* who did NOT have WMDs

* who have NEVER attacked these united States of America

all in the name of the Traitor Cabal’s 'created terrorism' to fight claimed 'seditious Muslims' (patsies);

while these Traitor Cabal conspirators are supporting, protecting and propagating these treasonous briberies and extensive cover up conspiracies of 'giving aid and comfort' to illegal Muslims here in these united States of America; [sleeper cell patsies?]

rewarding their numerous felonies with green cards and citizenship.

Who in the Illuminati NOW Traitor Cabal’s extortion-friendly Bush/Clinton, Congress, DOJ, FBI, DHS, OSC, OIG, DOD, the LMSM are knowingly complicit in these on-going treasonous conspiracies? See documents at: http://www.maryschneider.us or http://www.maryschneider.com


Disloyalty to one's nation; a person who reneges on an oath of loyalty or a pledge of allegiance, is considered to be a traitor.

Article Three of the United States Constitution defines treason as levying war against the United States or giving aid and comfort to its enemies.

Extensive TREASON in these united States of America is not a contained domestic issue, but has a far reaching, worldwide detrimental impact.

We here in America have a moral responsibility to the rest of the world when our actions have negative repercussions on their daily lives. http://maryschneider.us/treason.php

"We each must seek to be more aware of right and wrong in our daily lives and then, using our God-given Free Will, choose to earnestly strive to do that which is moral and righteous for ourselves and our fellow man, connecting ever more with our Father and Creator of ALL that exists." --Mary Schneider


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