Lebanese President Accuses Israel
Using White Phosphorous Bombs in Lebanon
Wed Jul 26, 2006 01:28


Lebanese President Accuses Israel of Using White Phosphorous Bombs in Lebanon

by Democracy Now (reposted)
Tuesday Jul 25th, 2006 7:54 AM

Independent journalist Dahr Jamail, who exposed how the U.S. used white phosphorous bombs in Iraq, says Israel is using the same tactic in Lebanon. We speak to him in Beirut.

While Human Rights Watch is accusing Israel of using cluster bombs, the Lebanese president Emile Lahoud says Israel is also using white phosphorus. Lebanese doctors have reported witnessing the effects of white phosphorus on their patients. Independent journalist is in Beirut and has spoken to some of those doctors. We reached him earlier today.

* Dahr Jamail -Independent journalist. Dahr Jamail spent the last week on the Syria-Lebanon border and the last several days in Beirut.

Israel Dropped Cluster Bombs on Civilians in Lebanon in Violation of Geneva Conventions
by Democracy Now (reposted) Tuesday Jul 25th, 2006 7:55 AM
Speaking from Beirut, human rights investigator Peter Bouckaert tells Democracy Now: “We’re very concerned that Israel is using these indiscriminate weapons it’s unacceptable and a violation of the Geneva Conventions because these are indiscriminate and very very dangerous weapons.”

The United Nations has launched an emergency appeal for the international community to help the people of Lebanon. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland said $150 million is needed urgently. A total of about 800,000 people have been forced to flee their homes. Food, water, fuel and medical supplies are running out in parts of the country. The UN says entire communities have been cut off because Israel has systemtically destroyed the country's networks of roads and bridges. Meanwhile, questions are being raised as to whether Israel is violating international law. On Sunday, UN High Commissioner Louise Arbour told CNN Israel’s actions in Lebanon could lead to the prosecution of its military commanders. Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch says Israel is shelling civilian areas with cluster bombs. On Monday, Democracy Now reached Peter Bouckaert. He's the emergencies director for Human Rights Watch, currently in Beirut. He talked about the humanitarian situation on the ground, as well as the situation for Lebanon's hundreds of thousands of refugees.

* Peter Bouckaert-Emergencies Director for Human Rights Watch


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