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Google Alert for: "Crisis in the Middle East"
Wed Jul 26, 2006 00:58

Google Alert for: "Crisis in the Middle East"

Maliki's mission in the US
Christian Science Monitor - Boston,MA,USA
... But Mr. Maliki Tuesday returned the favor of Mr. Bush's surprise trip to Baghdad six weeks ago at a time of deepening crisis in the Middle East, with the ...

Time for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon
Guardian Unlimited - UK
... aggression in Lebanon. Today, world leaders will be meeting in Rome to discuss the crisis in the Middle East. After Israel's relentless ...,,1830058,00.html

Crisis in the Middle East; foreign languages in college
Austin American-Statesman (subscription) - Austin,TX,USA
Americans' frustration at our government's response to events that are out of our government's control — terrorist acts, hurricanes and, now, war between ...

In Middle East conflict, other crises, conservative media find ...
Media Matters for America - Washington,DC,USA
... On the July 24 edition of CNN's Paula Zahn Now, host Paula Zahn asked: "Now, is the crisis in the Middle East predicted by the Bible? ...

If this chemical warfare keeps up will be have people like this movie?

This maybe a Sci/Fi, but so was the movie "1984"

The Backstory - The mutants have a story. Yes, they're people too, you see.
Their families were the residents of the area back when the U.S. was doing nuclear
tests in the desert, and they refused to leave their homes. That's why they're attacking ... for revenge.

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