To Begin now a Worldwide VisualPrayerNetwork, Immediately.
Sun Jul 22, 2007 17:28

The development of a Globally implemented on-line, and VisualPrayerNetwork.Org as is now extremely needed to keep this moving forward as that this is now being registered as a non-profit entity in Olympia Washington at the State Department of Licensing to be a non profit Globally implemented This program is now being set up to be an on-line visual prayer program that will enable anyone any where in the world to be able to log onto this soon to be on-line presence. It is taking some time as that I am permanently physically disabled due to the organized crime bureaucracy that now controls the entire Northwest and the entire United States government and I am now being forced to be financially also disabled via what only can be partially explained here as to what has been keeping this from happening:
While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in.
but this is being held into motion and I have had to continue going forward with it on contributions from concerned people who envision the importance of what this means for placing the vision of our planetary destiny upon the visionary visual prayer networks to be made available worldwide as soon as is possible. Einstien cleary mentioned that the entire universe is merely composed of being only that of being slowed down light that is perpetually trascending through accumulative transcendent light densities. In 1998, Art Bell of  tried an experiment by having his more then eighteen million listeners visualize for five minutes visually seeing it rain in what was at that time the advent of more then four years of dry spell in the State of Texas and within eight hours of this having occur-ed the largest rain fall that has ever happened did occur and it was the greatest rainfall that was ever recorded in the entire history of the State of Texas. So Art Bell being speculative as to whether this had anything to do with the record breaking rainfall thus then once again tried this same five minute visualization by his many millions of listeners to visualize rainfall in the drought stricken State of Florida and once again within eight hours the largest recorded rainfall on record occur-ed there.

It is time for all of the people of this entire planet to understand that this is our last chance to work together to take back the control of this planet's planetary human destiny.

The e-mail address on this post is no longer valid and the e-mail is or at it is time to take back control of this planet for all of the people and by all of the people of this entire planet.

What needs to be done immediately is the putting together of a very high integrity board of directors of people who have extremely high ethics and responsibility. What is immediatly needed is the combined team work and help to properly and lawfully manage this global Visual Prayer Network and to manage it responsibly so that this program will transcend into becoming a very real presence on the Internet for all good, ethically responsible people to learn to become aware of their own importance for their participating, and visually contributing toward the creating of a means for their being enabled to visualize simultaneously (with rest of this planet) through their own combined self visualised prayer contribution every (elevin minutes after the hour twenty four hours a day, everyday of the week and allowing for the infrastructure of this to be utilizable and contributable by all people worldwide) where all of mankind can change the course of all of their futures, all of their communities, and all of their children's future destinies forever. The first phase of this visualprayer program will to be to lead mankind to visually pray to see that all of the Depleted Uranium Particulate that these reptilian illuminists have scattered throughout the entire planet without any proper warrant, that this Depleted Uranium just simply vanish from all of the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, and where ever else that this globalist (Windsor-Nazi-Zionist-Rothschild) reptilians have implemented the planned dispersal of this deadly debris that has has been wrongfully and deadly scattered. We have to move as quickly as possible on this matter due to the fact that this micro nuclear particulate is now being toxically set forth throughout the entire atmosphere of this planet. (And they want to disperse it now in California very soon and they have already dispersed this mass eliminations material throughtout the entire state of Hawaii and Washington State. This will be the first implemented phase for the global VisualPrayerNetwork and we will be also going to be guiding this program toward helping to alter the deadly scope of this material from further contaminating the children of all countries where already more then four hundred thousand Middle Eastern and Iraq children have died from their exposure to this wreckless (reptilian) and irresponsible nuclear particulate contamination. This incredible combined worldwide visual power that God has given us must be set into motion quickely and that our combined simultaneous visual prayer can be used wisely to help all of the entire planet to rebuild and to ragain our planetary destiny after this Bush-Cheney-Rothschild-Rockefeller-Windsor reptilian Globalist implemented agenda to wipe out the entire human race is cancelled and reversed on them.



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