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PHOTO: Northcom world map (which was removed several years ago from the Pentagon's website shortly after it was posted)

Is Thomas Barnett Bush's secret architect of plans for the new doomed 21st Century American Empire?

While doing some recent research I came across Barnett's blog. He actually responds to almost every post on his website - like some kind of evangelist or a boy sticking his fingers in the proverbial dike.

For readers not familiar with Dr. Barnett, he is a political scientist who works for the Pentagon and wrote the book "The Pentagon's New Roadmap."

Naturally, [controlled] editors have given him high praise. The rest of us "peons" can readily see it for it truly is, and the title of his book says it all. In past articles I've briefly referred to the negative impact the "roadmap" is having.

Barnett's 2 hour lecture on C-Span's "American Perspectives" all but came out and stated the government itself carried out 9/11, the stock market [controlled] crash and the anthrax letters. |More|

What the Hell is Going On?
Something is puzzling me. When this happens my mind doesn't rest. Whatever I may be doing, my mind keeps churning in the background and occasionally throws up a piece of the puzzle which I will look at and then set down; then back the mind goes to its churning with this new piece added. Eventually I come up with a hypothesis which satisfies my understanding. Until this happens though, the mind churns and churns.

I imagine other people have this feature. We worry at a problem or a mystery until whatever surface information we have matches up with information from the sub-conscious. Now and then we get "Eureka!"

Something has been on my mind for several weeks now. It's connected to Ron Paul's statement to the effect that the country is in "great danger" of the U.S. government staging a terrorist attack or a "Gulf of Tonkin style provocation", as the war in Iraq continues to deteriorate.

Then there was the article by Paul Craig Roberts in which he gets very direct about the possibility that the administration might be planning a false flag operation.

These people are both Republicans.

On the other hand there are commentaries from bloggers and other writers from all over the world about this possibility based on Chertoff's visceral antenna; recent "Al Qaeda" announcements, the usual fake Bin Laden video, all sorts of fuzzy news from Pakistan, the efforts to justify attacking Iran, Israel's intention to go to war with Syria and the buildup in readiness that is taking place at this moment.

Okay, let's pause a moment and think about something. Sure, opinion writers analyze events in the news and come up with a perspective on it and most of them also have some sort of political POV or affiliation that will color how they present it and determine what information they want to highlight along the way to making their case.

Less obvious are the reasons why members of the president's own party would make such a comment. Furthermore, these are not the only people connected to the Republican party that have indicated a willingness to believe that the government fabricates information and stages events to advance their agenda.

Here is the thing that is puzzling me. For these people to say what they are saying, they must have some information that the administration has been up to this before. They must have some intel that the administration has been involved in false flag operations in the past. I'm not talking about the common fact that the administration routinely lies. I'm not talking about things like Niger yellowcake. I'm not talking about manipulating terror alerts. There are many, many efforts such as this of which we are aware and any government will engage in acts like this to a greater or lesser degree. "Every ship of state sails on a river of darkness."

I'm hoping I can convey to you just what it is that is puzzling me. It is a difficult thing to do. I'm having trouble with it. What information do these people have that has convinced them to the degree that they would announce it? We don't have any sure and certain information that this administration has actually committed a staged terror attack, regardless of how certain many of us are that it has happened. We don't have the smoking gun.

Why do so many people of good reputation believe that the administration would do such a thing when there's no hard evidence that they have before? It seems to me that they in fact do know. Nowhere in mass media is there any honest dialogue allowed about 9/11. That door is sealed shut. Nowhere in mass media is there any revelation concerning the plethora of false information about Iran (except for Keith Olbermann). The news is rigidly controlled and manipulated to the advantage of corporations and criminal interests in the government.

It doesn't matter how much we suspect Bushco of involvement in 9/11. It doesn't matter what we think the government may have been up to and it doesn't matter that they have a history of saying and doing anything they want to achieve their ends. When it comes to staged terror attacks, our information is circumstantial. So, on what information are Roberts and Paul and others of their affiliation basing their beliefs?

One could say that all over America there are a large number of people who are convinced that the administration is going to stage a false terror attack. At the same time there's no concrete evidence that they have done this. It creates a real puzzle in my mind. It seems like I am seeing a ubiquitous conviction, a collective certainty that this administration can and will commit treason against their own country. Does this strike anyone else as being outrageous?

We know they've been up to bad things but surely, if there was the hard evidence, impeachment and worse would be an absolute certainty. But yet, we are certain. Do you see my problem? It is so difficult to present the picture I want to convey, that we are in a situation where we know something we don't know and for some reason everything continues on toward what awaits.

Here we sit, lacking the one vital thing we need to change everything, while at the same time so many people already know what it is. It can get mentioned in the paper and on TV, it can be discussed as if it were really happening, had happened and yet... it isn't being treated as if it were real. Major efforts are not underway to handcuff the administration and speed toward impeachment. Meanwhile the administration makes one step after another toward limiting individual rights, declaring martial law, seizing the possessions of anyone who opposes policy, attacking Iran and so on and so on. Step by step it proceeds. Everyone can see it but no one is doing anything but making a little noise here and there. It just moves forward. Do you not find this as strange as I do?

We know something. We know it the way a jury knows it when they find a defendant guilty due to a preponderance of circumstantial evidence. What is this curious thing that I can't describe that gives the sensation of moving through jello? It feels like sleepwalking, like swimming through liquid tar. People are actually talking about an act of treason by their own government and... nothing! Most of the country wants impeachment and there is just more aqua ballet through fluid Vaseline. It feels like science fiction to me. It feels like some kind of Stepford Wives meets the pod people.

There's some kind of metaphysical conundrum at work and I am moving through Jello myself as I try to present this elusive concept that just won't form for me. I'm all around it and some of you may be getting enough to see what I'm getting at. It's like being in a dream where you are watching something you can't participate in. You can't move very well, even when you try. It's slow motion, while something else is going at normal speed. The soundtrack is unintelligible due to excessive slurring.

In conclusion, why isn't impeachment the focus of the moment? Tell me why the entire country and the majority of the lawmakers aren't diligently engaged in this? There's not just one solid reason. There are dozens. We don't need no stinking, smoking gun. Is it mass hypnosis? Is it some kind of subliminal broadcast? Is it a gas or in the water supply? This might seem absurd to some but I can't seem to find any sane explanations for it.


Operation Cable Splicer

From SourceWatch

Operation Cable Splicer is a subprogram of the Rex 84 Program, which "was established on the reasoning that if a 'mass exodus' of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA. Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons."

Operation Cable Splicer is "the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation." [1]



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