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Iraq Amendment Blocked, Reid Sets Aside Defense Bill
Wed Jul 18, 2007 18:29

t r u t h o u t | 07.18

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With Iraq Amendment Blocked, Reid Sets Aside Defense Bill
"After a rare all-night debate whose outcome was never in doubt, Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a vote on a Democratic measure to require US troops to withdraw from Iraq by next spring. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) responded by setting aside the fiscal 2008 defense authorization bill 'temporarily,'" report Adam Graham-Silverman and Josh Rogin of Congressional Quarterly.

Trench Proposed Around Kirkuk
"US and Iraqi officials Tuesday announced a ban on truck traffic into Kirkuk and proposed digging a trench around the northern city, where a series of bombs killed at least 76 people a day earlier," writes Tina Susman of the Los Angeles Times.

Death by Treachery in Karbala
"Not only were [Iraqi] police negligent in surrendering their guard positions to the intruders without firing a shot or warning the Americans, the report said, but investigators found strong circumstantial evidence that police officials gave the attackers key intelligence and may have been complicit in allowing an advance force of attackers into the compound," reports Richard Mauer of the Anchorage Daily News.

NOW: Do Abortions Endanger a Woman's Mental Health?
NOW introduces viewers to a new front in the effort to end abortions in the United States: claims of extreme negative effects on a woman's mental health.

Biofuel Demand Leads Mexico to Set Rules on GMO Corn
Reuters reports that Mexico, the likely cradle of corn cultivation, is planning to begin planting GMO corn as a response to their staple crop rising in price due to demand from the US for corn-based ethanol fuel.

EU Environment Chief Wants to Put a Price on Water
Darren Ennis for Reuters reports that in light of climate change's threat to water, the EU's environment chief said he wants water to become part of a "user pays" principle, making it similar to energy resources such as oil, gas and electricity.

Argentina: Where Jobless Run Factories
Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis for The Nation document Argentina's "explosion of activism in the wake of its 2001 crisis" by reporting on the movement of "recovered companies." Klein and Lewis write: "Almost entirely under the media radar, workers in Argentina have been responding to rampant unemployment and capital flight by taking over traditional businesses that have gone bankrupt and are reopening them under democratic worker management."

If This Is Such a Rich Country, Why Are We Getting Squeezed?
Heather Boushey and Joshua Holland report for AlterNet on the contradictory stories of the American economy, where the stock market continues to boom, but at the same time Americans are told their government is unable to pay for a "robust social net."

Democrats Attack Bush on Women's Health Issues
Leading Democratic candidates voiced their opposition to Bush administration and Supreme Court policies on abortion rights, sex education and contraception, reports Robin Toner for The New York Times.

Gloria Feldt | Birmingham Clinic Protests Stir Haunting Memories
Gloria Feldt for Womens eNews gives her personal response to protesters this week targeting a Birmingham, Alabama, clinic that provides abortion.

Women in Government, Merck's Trojan Horse
In the third part of her series on the Politics and PR of HPV, Judith Siers-Poisson reports for the Center for Media and Democracy on the push for mandated HPV vaccination of adolescent girls, and the use by Merck of the nonprofit Women in Government to reach state-level legislators who are key to enacting mandates.

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