[Air America] Six Questions For President Bush

[Air_America] Six Questions For President Bush
Sun Jul 24, 2005 03:56

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Subject: [Air_America] Six Questions For President Bush
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 05:32:49 -0000
From: J. Nayer Hardin nayer@compurest.com
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There is a linkable edition (plus updates if any) of this piece on
my blog http://www.nayer.blogspot.com 

President Bush:

1. Given the 9/11 photographic evidence available regarding the
Pentagon and that the World Trade Center buildings fell as a result
of controlled demolitions, do you have any comment?

2. Many people are sick with World Trade Center Illness. Why did the
White House "mold" the EPA report about the dangers from the
pulverization of the world trade center? What compensation should be

3. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Millions of people
around the world marched as members of your own staff told you the
truth, yet were ignored or worse. Is the Downing Street Memo true
and if so, do you feel it was right to take the country to war over

4. Factoring in the soldiers who died in the air and in the hospital
in Germany as the result of injuries sustained in Iraq, how many
Americans have been killed as a result of the Iraq war? How many
citizens in Iraq were killed for crimes they did not commit?

5. With all we learned from 3 mile island, and the massive problem
we are having finding housing for nuclear waste, i.e. Yucca
Mountain, why do you think that nuclear energy is a good idea?

6. Have you read Congressman Conyer's committee report: Preserving
Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio? What is your response to the
charges that you did not win the last election, either?

Please add to the questions list and share any constructive response
in the comments section.

We are overcoming now.

my blog http://www.nayer.blogspot.com 

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