We seek no special favors. . . simply JUSTICE
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NAAV VA Medical Facility Representatives

National Association of Atomic Veterans, Inc.

Mission Statement

The National Association of Atomic Veterans, Inc.
is a nonprofit veterans service corporation dedicated to assisting an estimated one million U. S. veterans, from all service branches, who were first hand participants in atomic weapons test detonations, from July 16, 1945 to Nov. 23, 1992.

Their exposure to ionizing radiation particles has caused severe health anomalies to themselves, and in many cases by genetic mutations of the reproductive process, to their children. N.A.A.V., Inc. is also dedicated to assisting all military personnel who were assigned to participate in, or to monitor, nuclear weapons test detonations sponsored by other nations, or those nuclear technicians responsible for the operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants on Aircraft Carriers or Submarines, and veterans who were exposed to Depleted Uranium munitions during and after the Gulf War.

NOTE: If you are a veteran who has participated
in any of the above activities, we would like to invite you to join our organization, so as to strengthen our voice with Congress on behalf of our Mission Statement, and fellow Atomic Veterans in need.

R J Ritter
National Commander

We seek no special favors. . . simply JUSTICE.

The “Ionizing Radiation Review” is written by VA’s Environmental Agents Service to provide information to former military service members who may have been exposed to ionizing radiation during their military service. The “Review” describes the possible long-term health consequences of such exposure and VA’s program to respond to these health risks .
Click to Download the PDF Vol 2, No1. Dec 2004

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