Physically impossible:TWA 800 from 13,800 feet to 17,000 feet.
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[TWA 800] Open Letter to the NTSB
Sun Aug 5 22:39:03 2001

August 4, 2001

Captain Ray Lahr (ret)

Malibu, CA 90265

Mr. Ronald S. Battocchi
General Council
National Transportation Safety Board
490 L'Enfant Plaza East, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20594-2001

Dear Mr. Battocchi:

Thank you for your response of July 27, 2001.

You may wonder why I persist in seeking the NTSB calculations for
the climb of TWA 800 from 13,800 feet to 17,000 feet. The reason is quite
simple. It was physically impossible for TWA 800 to make that climb. When the NTSB made a computer simulation showing such a climb, there was an error made in entering data into the computer, or the computer program was in error.

Anyone familiar with this type of aircraft knows intuitively that
when a third of the fuselage is blown away, the aircraft will be so out of
balance that it will immediately stall and fall out of the sky. But we don't need intuition here. We have the Boeing data. The aircraft weighed 574,000 lbs before nose separation. The nose weighed 79,394 lbs. The center-of-gravity (C.G.) was at 21.1% MAC before nose separation. After nose separation it was at 57.8% MAC. That means the C.G. moved from about 1 ft in front of the center-of-lift (C.L.) to about 11ft behind the C.L. This created a huge nose-up torque of about 6,000,000 ft-lbs. The angular moment of inertia was 15,780,000 slug-ft^2. The angular acceleration was .39 radians/sec^2. The aircraft pitched through 45 degrees in two seconds and it kept right on going. The aircraft was stalled at about 25 degrees and was in free fall. The most it could have climbed before the stall was about 200 feet.

In all of that long list of communications that you cited in your
letter, the NTSB has never contested these numbers. Instead, the NTSB hides behind a computer simulation which has never been verified. The NTSB piously pleads that they canā€™t reveal their calculations because Boeing won't let them. We don't even know if Boeing issued sucha dictum. The NTSB has never revealed a document from Boeing stating such a dictum, or even the identity of anyone within Boeing who might have issued such a dictum.

As a lawyer, you are aware that such evidence is not admissible in court. If your opposing attorney tried to submit such evidence, you would
have it thrown out, and the judge would admonish the jury to completely
disregard that evidence in their deliberations.

A remedy that is still available is to actually take this to court, and I suppose it could come to that. But there is no need to make this a court case. The answer is so simple. Letā€™s get all of the interested parties, including Boeing, around a conference table, and let's hash this
thing out.


Ray Lahr
Open letter

Carol J. Carmody
National Transportation Safety Board

Joseph F. Manno
Federal Aviation Administration

Linda Kuhns
Trans World Airlines, Inc.

Gary R. Graham
International Association of Machinists

Raymond W. Boushie
Crane Company, Hydro-Aire

National Air Traffic Controllers Association

J. Dennis Rodrigues
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

Michael Cerano
Airline Pilots Association

Richard Parker
Pratt & Whitney

Low Taylor
Honeywell, Inc.


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