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Voice of the White House July 14, 2006
Mon Jul 17, 2006 14:13

Voice of the White House July 14, 2006
TBR News.org – July 14, 2006

“It is just now getting out that certain hackers broke into the Department of State’s most confidential computer files, downloaded much material and put cookies into the system so as to get more material. What did the hackers, as yet unidentified…15 year old kids or foreign intelligence operatives?….get? Well, DoS isn’t talking because it appears from what my friends here have been telling me, they got highly confidential reports sent to them from various embassies in Cairo, Damascus and other countries plus our people in Tel Aviv.

All of this points to a project, now in train, wherein Israel was determined to negate the elevation of Hamas in Palestine by goading the Palestinians into committing acts of violence against them so they could retaliate, retake Gaza, reinstall the settlers, get Hezbollah in Lebanon to do damage so they could nail them and then go after Syria.

What most people do not know is that Mossad and Israeli diplomats meet regularly at Langley with the CIA to exchange information and find ways to assist each other. Also, we share our satellite pictures with them thus saving them the money to put up their own satellites.

This business of provocation, attack and destruction is all very well and good but now they expect, nay, demand, that the Bush people support this. Of course, we cannot because the American public would lynch Bush if he embarked on another, much more serious, war over there but the Israelis will not believe his reluctance. So, they have forced his hand as well as those of the various enemy Arab states and are positive that America will back them.

Mind you, Bush and Cheney have no problems if Israel were to butcher every living Arab in Palestine, Lebanon and especially Syria but we cannot support the resulting war with ground troops.

Also, our military people have told Those in Power, that if the Jews stir up trouble over there to the point of a war, Iran will certainly join in and they do have at least one atomic weapon (obtained from outside the country.) None of this seems to penetrate the Bushites tiny brains and now, their attitude is to take a passive pose whilst mildly suggesting that Israel mind its manners but accusing the Arab states of “wanton provocations.”

Of course, the Israelis started this by deliberately shelling a Gaza beach and killing harmless people having a fun time there but Bush does not seem to realize that he is being used. The upshot of this is that if war comes, as it appears to be doing, we will be in a terrible position because if we rush to aid Israel, we will continue to be condemned by the rest of the world and the war may easily turn into a nuclear slug fest. Israel does have atomic weaponry, thanks to our unofficial assistance in obtaining the raw material from our facilities some years ago. They will use it, probably on their main enemy, Iran, and then the resulting war will cut off much of the world’s oil supply for which Bush and Tel Aviv will be correctly blamed.

And the U.S. military is in a sorry mess now. They have lost at least ten thousand dead and over twenty five thousand seriously enough wounded to preclude further participation in the anti-guerrilla campaign. They lust for a draft but that is not to be because the announcement of a general draft before the mid-term elections would be political suicide for the Republicans.

Instead of a draft, the Bush people have now so lowered the entrance standards for the military that a huge influx of juvenile delinquents, rabid racists, gang members, social misfits of every kind are swelling the ranks and we see the results in the sharp escalation of drug use, sexual violence, disobedience to authority and a serious morale problem with the relatively “normal” troops. American has no control anymore in Iraq which is engaged in a terrible civil war that the puppets in power there have no ability to deal with. This civil unrest has reached such a level that even a serious backer of American occupation in the Pentagon, a personal friend, now tells me, and others, that we have to get out asap.

If a regional war does break out, our troops will then have to fight Syrians and Iranians as well as thousands of very successful guerrillas and the losses would oust the Bush people without fail.

Well, at the risk of being called a cynic, many have said this would happen but until it does, no one listens or cares.

When your sons come back in rubber bags in increasing numbers and gas goes to $6 a gallon, what will you do then?

None of this pending horror is necessary and all of it, all of the suffering, deaths and economic disasters could easily have been avoided. The first thing America should do is to cut Israel completely loose and the second, is to get out of a totally untenable military/political quagmire.”

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