Warrantless spying in the war on terror monitoring peoples t
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Warrantless Spy Program Monitoring Peoples Thoughts

From President Richard M. Nixon To George W. Bush

The CIA, obviously, was not afraid of the oversight committees (a dog and pony show for the American people) that were set up to watch over the intelligence community in the 70's when their CEPO program appears to have first come online. From what I've been able to gather, the CIA's, CEPO program, was a program to detect if a person is lying and/or telling the truth, monitoring peoples thoughts, appears to have started in the early 70's, shorty before a land development in Arkansas called Holiday Island came into being.

When Geraldo Rivera was at ABC News, 20/20 back in the 70's he interviewed some people that went to a land development in northwest Arkansas, called Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District (appears to have been connected with, MCO Properties, MCO Resorts, MCO Holdings). The people Geraldo interviewed on 20/20 claimed they signed some papers at Holiday Island that they had not read, lost everything they had including homes if they owned homes, cars, businesses, they even lost their identity, as they had no records in government, such as drivers licences, birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc., after having signed papers at Holiday Island, and never got their day in court, and all they were left with was their Bibles. They also claimed they could work but didn't get to keep their pay if they were paid by check, and those people from Holiday Island kept doing things to them that made them paranoid. Bagabonds without a home is what I think Geraldo called them. Geraldo tried to confront someone that was connected with Holiday Island, about all this, their comment was, no comment.

It appears at one time Holiday Island had a fair amount of people touring their property, from all over the country. One would naturally assume that the people Geraldo was interviewing on 20/20, came from various parts of the country, which means that whoever it was, doing things to these people, as they claimed, had a large network of people working with them and/or for them.

Whatever Holiday Island was at the time, or the companies that owned or controlled it, they were not afraid of the Arkansas government or the Federal government coming after them, even after having been exposed on national television by ABC News 20/20 when they stumbled on to them and documented Holiday Island back in the 70's.

In 1981, they were still presenting papers at Holiday Island for those people that they singled out, that appeared to have been written in a secret code or foreign language, (note the people Geraldo interviewed claimed they signed papers at Holiday Island that they had not read) and they told people, something along the lines that implied it was to verify who you are. No one said, if you sign this your giving up your rights, freedoms, liberties, access to the courts, property or volunteering into a black-op experiment to monitor your thoughts, etc., etc.

People would naturally be very suspicious and think it very odd to say the least, if they were signing papers written in english, to buy property, and then someone came up with a paper for them to sign that was written in some sort of secret code or foreign language, that they could not make out, by reading it. There would be very few people that would ever sign such a paper, under those circumstances, of their own free will and accord and no reasonable person would expect, under normal conditions, that anyone presented with such a paper or document, would sign it.

At one time Holiday Island would give you $50.00 and a nights lodging in a motel if you agreed to take a tour of their property.
What happened, appears to have gone something like this, for those that were singled out, that is. The paid for motel, office was not opened for the most part, as if they didn't want any other guests or business. The motel didn't appear to have anyone else staying there or very few people, if any, even during the middle of tourist season.

So it appears, they isolated their patsy, that they singled out, for a reason. More than likely, so they could implant them, then continued their fraud and conspiracy to cover that up, in case they were ever exposed, by hypnotizing, tricking their patsy, so they would sign a paper the next day at Holiday Island that was written in a foreign language or some sort of secret code that I referred to above, and was documented somewhat on 20/20, giving up their rights, freedoms, liberties, property, access to the courts, etc.

What Holiday Island is today, the companies that owned it, or who owns it today, etc., I don't know, but when that story first broke on 20/20, in the 70's, as you can imagine, it must of been the buzz, in the political circles in Arkansas.
In order to legitimize their, COVERT CEPO OPERATION, they (the secret network within the Government and their comrades) staged and/or let 911 happen, and started a Global Never Ending War on Terror, via Iraq, that in truth, in fact, in reality, rests and is based on a foundation of LIES and FRAUD, as many people are beginning to realize and empowered the very people in the conspirators network, that concocked this ongoing FRAUD and CONSPIRACY, to bring online their technology to monitor peoples thoughts, by claiming war powers, conduct warrantless spying, operate in secret, etc., etc., in a attempt to enslave America and the ultimately the world.

Now you have a good idea what George W. Bush really meant shortly after 911, and before the invasion of Iraq, when he said "either your with us or your against us." You should also have a good idea why congress has refused to hold any meaningful, open investigation of the Able Danger Program, that identified some of the alleged terrorist before they struck, why the congress has refused to hold hearings on Bush's warrantless spying and why congress gave Bush war powers, etc., etc..

Considering what is going on in the middle east lately, and how the media and politicians are trying to spin that, I find the timely, June 21 assertions made by Sen. Rick Santorum and Rep. Peter Hoekstra, and others, that weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq, as being very disingenuous and revealing, for the following reasons.

The Iraq Survey Group's September 2004 final report (also known as the Duelfer report) had already noted that "a small number of old, abandoned chemical munitions" were discovered after the invasion, and such chemical munitions would probably still be found.

Former chief United States weapons inspector in Iraq David Kay testified that, while the discovered weapons are technically chemical weapons, categorized as WMDs, they are probably no more toxic than some household products.

Intelligence officials told journalists the weapons predated the 1991 Gulf War, were too degraded to be used as originally intended and posed no threat to U.S. forces deployed in the region during the run-up to the 2003 invasion.

DIA analyst Col. John Chiu, is quoted as saying "Some were deliberately dismantled, if you will, to prevent them from being used." "These munitions that were found were badly corroded in most cases,"

According to various sources the sanctions against Iraq were working. As an example, here is what Colin Powell said, "He (Saddam Hussein) has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors." Secretary Colin L. Powell - Cairo, Egypt (Ittihadiya Palace) - February 24, 2001

The pre-1991 shells were not the WMDs that the Bush administration cited in its argument for war. The Bush administration argument for war, relied heavily on what was known as The Niger Documents, which were proven to be bogus, forgeries

Rick Santorum, Peter Hoekstra and others that promote such propaganda appear to be putting out such spin in the hopes that they can convince their dwindling ranks, that the war with Iraq was justified, giving Bush war powers was justified and therefore Bush's warrantless spying is justified, in their attempt to get people to go along with them as they try to legitimize what they have been doing for many years, and that is spying on the American people

Perhaps they should have used this 25 + years old technology, on their clever, elusive, escape artist, comrades, such as al-Qaeda. Most, if not all top al-Qaeda have been documented to have worked for and were CIA assets in Afganistan, Bosnia, etc., rather than on the American people, all these years, that aren't a real, true threat, to the government.

Ex-Washington Investigative Producer for ABC's World News Tonight James Bamford wrote two books on the National Security Agency.

Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, convened a Jan. 20 hearing on the warrantless spying. Among those called as witnesses was James Bamford. Bamford is quoted as telling the committee "Today, the NSA is the largest intelligence agency on earth and by far the most dangerous if not subjected to strict laws and oversight. It has the ability to virtually get into someone's mind."

Morton H. Halperin, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC was quoted in the AP News wire story, titled - National security takes precedence over personal liberties, rights in time of crisis, September 17th 2001, "The intelligence agencies have a long list of things they want done. They've been waiting for an event to justify them.''

In the official government document; Volume 3 of Air Force 2025, it is stated [By the year 2025:] "The civilian populace will likely accept implanted microscopic chips that allow military members to defend vital national interests." --Chapter 4 of Information Operations: A New War-Fighting Capability: Final Report by the U.S. Department of Defense.

American journalist, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Arthur Krock wrote in The New York Times on October 3, 1963, (40 some days before they murdered President Kennedy, in what The House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1979, concluded when they stated "there was a probable conspiracy in the assassination of President Kennedy.) in a article titled, The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam, The C.I.A.'s growth was "likened to a malignancy" which the "very high official was not sure even the White House ("I will smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds." -- John F. Kennedy) could control ... any longer." "If the United States ever experiences [an attempt at a coup to overthrow the Government] it will come from the C.I.A. and not the Pentagon." The agency "represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone."

President Woodrow Wilson said in The New Freedom (1913) "Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

The illegal Iran Contra affair, the secret government within the government, (enter John Poindexter of Iran Contra fame, Director, Information Awareness Office of DARPA, for Bush administration... Total Information Awareness - a prototype system -- is our answer) was trading guns for drugs and went on for five years before it became known and it involved 1000's of participants. Don't tell me that a large group of people can't keep things like this quiet for a long time, especially with the technology they have, with the help of their comrades in the press and others connected with their network.

Rhodes Scholar, Carroll Quigley, professor of history at the foreign service School of Georgetown University (1910-1977) (William Jefferson Clinton's admitted mentor) wrote in The Anglo-American Establishment, From Rhodes to Cliveden, 1981, Books In Focus, NY, NY on pg. 49; Of the Secret Societies goals, and methods of operation, Quigley writes, "The goals which Rhodes, and Milner sought, and the methods by which they hoped to achieve them were so similar by 1902 that the two are almost indistinguishable. Both sought to unite the world, and above all the English-speaking world, in a federal structure around Britain. Both felt that this goal could best be achieved by a secret band of men united to one another by devotion to the common cause, and by personal loyalty to one another. Both felt that this band should pursue its goal by secret political, and economic influence behind the scenes, and by the control of journalistic, educational, and propaganda agencies..."

Cecil Rhodes, (1877) wrote "The Society should inspire and even own portions of the press, for the press rules the mind of the people."

Personally, I believe the secret band of men united to one another by devotion to the common cause, Quigley referred to, could best be described as evil, greedy, hateful, selfish, lustful individuals throughout society, parading around as good, honest, individuals, God loving, patriots, but are really wolves in sheep's clothing and to a degree those they control and manipulate through blackmail, terrorism, fear and intimidation, through technological and propaganda means.

What would be the next step going forward in this 25 + year old technology of monitoring peoples thoughts? It would be to take over a persons mind and have virtual human slaves. That way they could send their virtual human robot slaves, your husbands, lovers, and sons off in their never ending global wars, that they tell us may last are life time, reduce the population, etc., and create a worldwide utopia for themselves.

I believe what I have said to be true based on documentation that was aired by ABC News 20/20, information that was told to me years ago by someone claiming to be with CEPO, first hand experience, and other sources. I will leave the popular, unfounded, outrageous, undocumented conspiracy theories such as what led up to and really happened on 911, to their whoring comrades in the main stream press, to their trojan horse conservative shills on talk radio, graduates of The Joseph Goebblels School of Propaganda and Broadcasting, and to the politicians, that promote such made for tv fairy tales.

I realize that some of what I have written here, by it's very nature and because of circumstance, is not easy to prove. If some of you don't want to believe what I or others have to say about this, right now, that's fine with me, because I believe one day, truth will win out

I write this, mainly so that other truth seeks, real reporters and investigators, may have access to this information, do their own research and come to their own conclusions during this very dangerous time in the history of our beloved country.

I am writing this in part because I believe in freedom, liberty, the Republic, and for future generations yet to come, in the hope they may be truly free.

I also write this in the hopes this article will shed more light on what is presently going on in the middle east, as the New World Order stages another event, in their attempt to energize their Never Ending War On Terrorism, in order to enslave of the planet.

Considering their crimes against humanity and their sins against humanity, I believe anyone working to expose these phonies and cowards, that think they are above the Law, are working with the positive forces of nature and because I don't agree to be part of their evil, rotten, filthy, conspiracy against mankind or against myself.

Know, realize, bury the illusion, break the chains that bind you, and remember to choose to believe, in the coming days, weeks, and months, as best you can, that when all is said and done, they will never truly win, (not in this lifetime) and the good people will end up with all the gold, all the silver, all the technology, and will truly have freedom, liberty, peace and good, honest government.

Like the saying goes, stay informed, because there truly is a war on for your mind.

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