t r u t h o u t | 07.18
Dahr Jamail | "Open War" in the Middle East
Tue Jul 18, 2006 16:18

t r u t h o u t | 07.18

Dahr Jamail | "Open War" in the Middle East
"There is a frightening undercurrent of rage among the people in the Middle East toward their governments: The Arab world is on fire over the injustice meted out against the Palestinian people, as well as to the Lebanese. The Israeli people are deeply angered at their government for failing to provide security (of course our corporate media would never report on the fact that hundreds of thousands of Israelis oppose their government's actions in Gaza and beyond) - instead, preferring peaceful resolutions rather than brutal, unjust, failed occupation and ongoing acts of aggression," writes Dahr Jamail.

Car Bomb Kills Dozens Near Shiite Shrine in Iraq
A bomb killed 53 people and wounded more than 100 in the Shiite city of Kufa today, a day after at least 48 people died when dozens of gunmen suspected of being Sunni Arabs went on a rampage through a mostly Shiite market area in the town of Mahmudiya.

Thousands of Lebanese Flee to Beirut From Unstable South
As foreign powers mobilized to evacuate their citizens, tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians were fleeing the country's southern areas last night, following six days of near-continual bombardment by Israeli artillery and air power.

Big Pharma Reaps Windfall From Shifts to Medicare
The pharmaceutical industry is beginning to reap a windfall from a surprisingly lucrative niche market: drugs for poor people.

UN Human Rights Experts Chastise US
The United States must set a better example for the world in areas ranging from its treatment of Latin American migrants to its handling of detainees in the war on terror, UN human rights experts said Monday.

IRS Warns Churches to Stay Neutral on Politics
The Internal Revenue Service is warning churches and nonprofits that improper campaigning in the upcoming political season could endanger their tax-exempt status.

William Greider | Born-Again Rubinomics
"It's a big deal when Robert Rubin changes the subject and begins to talk about income inequality as 'a deeply troubling fact of American economic life' that threatens the trading system, even the stability of 'capitalist, democratic society,'" writes William Greider. "More startling, Rubin now freely acknowledges what the American establishment for many years denied or dismissed as inconsequential - globalization's role in generating the thirty-year stagnation of US wages, squeezing middle-class families and below, while directing income growth mainly to the upper brackets."

VIDEO | Operation House Call
A Report by Geoffrey Millard and Scott Galindez
On June 15th, Congress voted to stay the course in Iraq. Members of Military Families Speak Out, an organization of family members of those serving in Iraq, were outraged and decided to make a "house call." They will be in Washington, D...il Congress goes into recess. Truthout's Geoffrey Millard reports from Washington.


Muslim leaders urge calm in Middle East crisis



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