israel MUST BE punished........
Thu Jul 20, 2006 06:52

"its support for a free and fair presidential election in Lebanon conducted according to Lebanese constitutional rules devised without foreign interference or influence and, in that connection, called upon all remaining foreign forces to withdraw from Lebanon." ( [IMPOSSIBLE, with the Bushonians stepping into every so called free election in the world. Last one, Mexico.]

Such is the fate of so many UN Resolutions. Nothing happens! [especially when it comes to the dozens of resolutions against israel]

We saw the same thing with Iraq. Resolution after resolution called on Saddam to disarm and respect the cease fire. Saddam mocked the UN time after time. [we KNOW there was nothing against Saddam, really, but against HERBER WALKER THE BUSHIT]

Why? Because terrorists and bullies see resolutions as a sign of our weakness rather than our strength. Terrorists see resolutions as a sign that we do not want to fight and would rather talk. [just ask israel...]

In the case of Iraq, Pres. Bush and PM Blair had the courage to enforce a resolution and Saddam is now sitting in jail. In the case of Lebanon, no one had the courage to enforce it so Hezbollah is firing missiles at Israel. [DECLARED! this writer is just one of more BUSH A**KISSER]

Israel should finish what they started. After that, we should call on the world to "put up or shut up" and enforce Res. 1559. [what should happen? Hezbollah should target the criminal junk yard called israel, and let the rats feel the taste of their own terror.]

First, we need a multinational force with the authority to clean out Hezbollah. In other words, they are not peacekeepers. They are soldiers. [Replace Hezbollah for israel, and you got it RIGHT]

Second, the US should advise Syria that we will annihilate them if they stick their fingers in Lebanon. [and advise the US warmonkeys, that Russia and China will annihilate the US should their puppeteers in israel start WW3]


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