Fri Jul 21, 2006 03:05

Congratulations for writing a great and truthful article.
Israel is without doubt the most dangerous nation on earth and the nation that is responsible for the majority of the trouble in the world along with its puppet the United States.

Israel is like cancer on the American Government and the American people - and like cancer America sooner than later had better KILL off its cancer or it will go down with it. And at the moment there is not much further to fall. America has lost the way and unfortunately has succumbed to Israelis manipulations of evil.

America and Israel combined are the killing machine in the world, killing countless hundreds of thousand innocent civilian, and also are responsible for the unnecessary deaths and maiming of its own soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Taliban are regaining control in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq was lost ages ago - as predicted from day one by myself and others, who could see the stupidity of Americas attacks. The United States military has a history of fighting wars before they are thought out properly, and subsequently end up losing.

Unless the American people rise up and remove Bush and his neocon masters, and remove the US support for Israel, then you are lost.

So you may be stupid enough to attack Syria and Iran ? That would be an even bigger mistake than Iraq.

Most people in the world are disgusted with America and Israel, including the Europeans, British and most Australians that I talk to. You have lost your friends and just continue to make more enemies around the world.

Surprisingly Australia has nearly 25,000 citizens and dual citizens trapped in Lebanon. Australia (wrongfully in my opinion) has always supported Israel - but when the chips are down and Australia asked Israel to agree to a short ceasefire to allow the evacuation of our citizens - Israel said basically "get lost - we need to kill more Lebanese before we stop". So much for our support for the Ass_____s!!

History shows us what happens to empires that get out of control and commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Hopefully you will fall upon your sword somehow or other or someone will do it for you, and the world can get back to peace.!!

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