Just Another Week, of Collective Punishment
Thu Jul 20, 2006 16:36

Just Another Week!

Jim Kirwan

The President of the United States gave Israel another week to continue to turn Lebanon into a wasteland of blood, while he callously continues to block calls for a cease fire. Lebanon is a country with a long history that does not include being ruled by the USA – so where was the authority for Bush to issue his decree – of unchecked power? It’s been just ten days now, and Bush is saying that he will give Israel another week to prepare for an intervention by those who still believe in sanity (3).

Arrogance here seems to know no boundaries. But there is some certainty in this glimpse into the Vestibule of Hell, brought to the world by Israel and the United States of Corporate-Excess: Bush is a traitor to the Constitution, to the people of the United States that he supposedly is sworn to protect and defend. He should be called before the world to answer for his dereliction of duty, in the face of the enemy. When these attacks on Lebanon began there were 25,000 American citizens in the gun sights of Israeli warplanes; that would come from the over 500 American F-15’s and F-16’s to be exact, that we provided to Israel for use only in defensive actions. Invading another country by air, does not come under the heading of a “defensive position.” But it doesn’t stop there – armed aerial drones, artillery, mortars and missiles are also being used to kill as many people as possible, regardless of their nationality, their culpability, or indeed for any reason at all. This is hardly anything that any American should stand for, much less be subject to. And the kicker is that those Americans were put “in harm’s way” in large part because their president refused to come to their aid!

There are now over a million displaced people. Over 300 people that had nothing to do with this conflict have already died – and the man who says he represents this nation is doing the bidding of a backward and belligerent state that has destroyed the last fifteen years of renewal and promise that, until ten days ago, was Lebanon! Israel has fomented two wars by its criminal treatment of the ‘other’ peoples it is supposed to be living with – that would be the Palestinians and the Lebanese. Israel and Bush now want to find ways to “legitimately” attack both Syria and Iran, in addition to Hamas and Hezbollah. This after having laid waste to Iraq and Afghanistan which are no longer nations but crime scenes that begin to look like the darkest days of that war to which they owe their birth, back in WWII.

Any nation that shows the world such barbarity and such callous hatred for other human beings does not deserve to be called “human.” Israel’s charges against Hamas and Hezbollah are only the latest in the third rate propaganda that Bush & the Bandits are trying to use to cover this massive crime against humanity. But this tyranny is not reserved for our imitation president alone! Where exactly has Congress been in all of this ‘Great Washing of the Hands’ – hands that are now dripping with the gore and blood of innocence intermixed with happenstance – this has added up to something never before contemplated by US citizens! The President and the Congress of the United States, along with the truly influential powers-that-be in this country, just stood by while 25,000 Americans were left for nine days to the whims of chance: Because American office holders were and are executing Israeli polices with US money, power and influence!

Any member of Congress or the Executive branch that cannot distinguish the difference between Israeli and American policies – needs to pack his or her bags, leave all their assets here and move directly to Israel, within 30 days. (That’s 20 days more than the potential death sentence they gave to those 25,000 American hostages that they were so willing to place in death’s hands). Those who fail to do this, should be summarily arrested, held without charges, without the right to lawyers, or contact with any family members or outsiders – while the public decides what should be done with these people who accepted their US government salaries and perks, while they sold out this country to those bestial dreams of conquest, that passes for Israeli policy in the world today!

Not only that: Each US citizen that is evacuated has had to sign an agreement to repay the US government for being rescued from Lebanon! If “Money Talks” then Israeli policies are adding insult to injury while making a complete mockery out of what little the US is actually doing in Lebanon! The Pentagon began by ending all their press conferences on Lebanon, by saying that Americans must repay the government for being freed from Lebanon (no doubt another of Olmert’s ‘brilliant ideas’) – but when some Americans began to complain that policy supposedly has now being changed. (1)

Those American evacuees that have gotten out have expressed a very strong desire to just go home – back to the US, and back to their lives, which is understandable. However they will be leaving behind hundreds, maybe thousands of people who will never return to anything in this world – because the dead do not just get up and walk away once the shelling stops. Most of the American evacuees may get home again – but what happens to the million or more Lebanese whose homes have been destroyed or the huge number that will die because of the arrogance of politicians that refuse to represent their own people: and who will defend a policy of outright murder in the name of some kind of puritanical racial superiority, that is as ridiculous as it is immoral!

“Another week!” of this suspension of the rights of millions of people because Israel decided that they need to kill more of their enemies, before they will even discuss what happens—with anyone. Who will pay for all of this, plus the destruction of fifteen years worth of the rebuilding that led to the rebirth of Lebanon; before Olmert’s Israel put an end to all of that! You and I will pay – of course – because much of what was built in Israel, in Palestine and in Lebanon was created by US tax dollars. The damages will also come from our pockets as well! So go ahead America just continue to sit there, and rubber-neck these crimes like you’re watching a traffic accident unfold. If we were men and women, with even a sliver of spine – we would demand the resignations of all those who brought these events into being by using the offices of the United States to prop up something that makes Hitler’s Germany look like a walk-in-the-park!

In case you missed it - these crimes of which I’m speaking - are these: The Israeli policies that created the backlash that has taken the form of Hamas and Hezbollah, because the Israeli policies of occupation exceeded all the bounds of human decency for sixty very long years. And just when these reactive forces had begun to actually defend those they were formed to protect – Israel decided to break with all the international conventions and agreements that were created to prevent just this kind of situation from ever happening again – in the civilized world. The price that Israel is inflicting on the world is the peace and order in Palestine, in Lebanon, in Syria and in Iran – as well as in Iraq which was always their war, not ours, from the very beginning (going back to 1991). Israel’s arrogance and hubris is costing the world, the safety and security of millions upon millions of people whose only crime is that they resisted the New World Order in general, and Israel’s practices in particular!

ps: We claim that all of this was due to 911 - nothing could be further from the truth! 911 did indeed happen but it was not what the US government claims that it was!

There - this is the newly minted untouchable topic in world politics today. The ultimate taboo is the truth about the unmentionable policies of a tiny country that is trying to hold the world hostage to that fractured and totally self-absorbed view of themselves as the ONLY chosen people. Olmert’s Israel is an affront to all of humanity, a crime against nature and all free people everywhere. So what will America do about this? What will you do about it – will you finally come out of hiding and stand up? Will you call your congressperson’s office and tell them to resign or face possible jail and or deportation?

When Iraq was clearly revealed to have been a false flag war, and we did nothing – things got worse. When the crimes of Abu Ghraib and Guantanemo came out, and we did nothing, we got Fallujah. When we again did nothing we got Fallujah ten-fold throughout Iraq, on a daily basis: Not as one city destroyed, but as dozens of cites being turned into shooting galleries that double as death camps. Now for the ultimate insult – US politicians leaving Americans inside another one of Israel’s fantasies – designed to create the “Greater State of Israel.” This outrage is personal, and should be the clarion call to active American opposition, to everything that Bush and his collection of failed beings are proposing!

This really is up to us now. If we do nothing now – then there will be no need for the camps, because the public is doing exactly what we've been programmed to do - without the need for anything as archaic as the camps’ that we’ve already paid for. Are you willing to cooperate in the psychological murder of those Americans that will have been permanently silenced by Bush-merica and Olmert’s Israel – or will you stand up and fight all the politicians, over this more than contentious point, in our long fall from anything like human decency (4)!

What’s here and now is a dark carnival of seriously insane characters that this would-be-world is trying to emulate. These individuals, on all sides, are masquerading as leaders on several continents; as well as all those sell-out Arab countries on the US payroll, like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Kuwait, along with others. These creatures are the would-be larger than life 'masters,' of this murderous and contagious cancer which they seek to create from the current quagmire. This is what is trying to hold the six billion people of the earth as hostages to their private dreams of conquest. But it gets worse: All of the above is about to be used as cover for yet another of those ‘events’- which will no doubt happen if and when the world finally says: ENOUGH! This chance however - must be taken - or the world will need to learn how to begin living exactly like the Palestinians are ‘existing now’! (2)

Think about this America - until you can no longer just go back to business as usual!



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