The Edomites
Edomites Israelite governors or prefects
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Edomites Israelite governors or prefects


The Edomites

The Bible refers to Esau's descendents as "Edomim" or "Edomites". The Edomite people are known from history to have been a Semitic-speaking tribal group inhabiting the Negev Desert and the Aravah valley of what is now southern Israel and Jordan. According to Genesis, Esau's descendents were said to have settled in this land after displacing the Horites. The reddish sandstone of the region may be an alternative explanation for the nation's name to that found in Genesis. Their homeland was also called the land of Seir; Mount Seir appears to have been strongly identified with them and may have been a cultic site. The Edomites may have been connected with the Shasu and Shutu, nomadic raiders mentioned in Egyptian sources. Indeed, a letter from an Egyptian scribe at a border fortress in the Wadi Tumilat during the reign of Merneptah reports movement of nomadic "shasu-tribes of Edom" to watering holes in Egyptian territory

Since their formation in 1948, the Israeli Defence Forces are using, to denote the ranks of their senior officers, the above-mentioned Edomite title "Aluf" (plural "Alufim"). As noted, in its original context the term has been variously translated as "clans", "chiefs", "generals" or "dukes". See Aluf.

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Recently, some critics of the LDS church have alleged that DNA data demonstrating ... Palestinians, Edomites, Moabites, Ammonites, Syrians, Assyrians, ...

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In the biblical narrative, the Edomites are the descendents of Esau, whose blessing ... of the authorities, according to the pioneer of DNA fingerprinting. ...

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God hates Esau and Edomites, not Syrians, because God's holy people are descendants of Jacob ... DNA proved conclusively that there were complete families ...

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identical to the central two cells of the gun. This booster can ... The dipoles in the DNA will feel the. same torques when exposed to laser light. ...

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